Teacher training lessons in personal summary Pham Van

Very honored to participate in the the XX years xx District primary and secondary teacher training courses training learning, very grateful to the District Education Bureau to build such a good learning platform for us, so I was able to have such a precious opportunity to enhance all aspects of their own. Overall, the training content rich, in various forms, a special report of the experts in education, students around topics observe the class, students interactive discussion through this round of training, both conceptual baptism , there are theoretical level, both the accumulation of knowledge, also teaching skills growth. Below is my points in the training and experience:
An optimistic look back on this six-month teacher training to treat the cause of education, really rich in content, forms expert education teaching philosophy, charisma and research spirit deeply imprinted in my heart, especially Professor xx << looking for teachers professional happiness >> seminars, it's just raw emotion, let me greatly benefit from, let me know how to experience happiness from the usual work our teacher is facing pressure from various aspects of their own, schools, families, parents, face that such a substantial pressure, we must first learn to love yourself, to learn to adjust their mentality. because of a person's psychological factors not only affect the health and life of the people, but also related to the success or failure of the person as a teacher to learn to debug their own psychological , but also learn to communicate with their students, with the sun like a positive attitude to face the students, in order to have good teaching effect.
Second, keep reading, to enrich their own connotations.
Anyone who wants to development are inseparable from the book, reading the boundary is the boundary of life. Books can let the spirit of dialogue across time and space and sage to the training of teachers, almost all of it comes to this problem as a teacher, we not only To read the teaching aspects of the book, but also read books without reading, how to more in-depth teaching, how to engage in dialogue with the students and the text in the classroom? times to master the skills of teaching? training, I am their gaps and weaknesses as a teacher, to continue to own "charge." I am constantly enrich themselves, read, teaching can do to cope, rather than scripted, uninteresting. teaching requires teachers to constantly refresh instead of copying. especially now that the new materials and new concept to provide a broader stage for our teachers, but also a higher demand on our every teacher, we need innovative ideas innovation theory. later to keep reading to enrich their content so that they are better development.
Do innovative, research-based teacher through this training, I was able to self-reflection to find the distance between their own and "teachers" I often think about: what to do to be regarded as a specific education good teacher? How to become a good student guide? usually struggling to cope with the day-to-day teaching, many problems can not seriously to explore and think, I feel there are many deficiencies:
1. Teach - research separation. "Teachers in action research growth, an education and scientific research expertise in order to become the backbone of teachers, light will teach does not work, have to research. Toward education expertise development, which calls for certain norms of behavior on the basis of self-regulation mechanisms on the the control execution aspects of the educational activities in the usual teaching activities to do more innovative attempt to study the theory of education and teaching, in order to accumulation, precipitation and gain experience through The training that I recognize a teacher must not only have a certain amount of teaching experience, from experience should gradually shift to the research, education and scientific research is an important way for teachers' professional development, but also the development of education is an important trend.
2, the lack of passion and innovation.
Through this training, by listening to the experts of the wonderful lectures, interaction with students, I become more conscious of their own poor and I think he had been too complacent, self-satisfied, a sense of urgency, a sense of crisis, work Sunian bound, inert and less aggressive, to showcase their talent in the classroom, give students the opportunity to participate through training, I clearly recognize: passion and innovation achievements to the teacher.
Teachers can not survive without their own literacy, the charm of personality, can not be separated from a broad range of knowledge, can not be separated from the state-of-the-art modern education teaching theory and teaching technology has been dramatically transformed by learning my thoughts, educational theory more systematic grasp the expert lectures can be described as: a profoundly unique, thought-provoking, as teachers, must have profound knowledge of the subject, a good idea of ​​quality, especially teachers, should have modern educational theory and teaching technology. teaching training I want to learn new ideas, new methods, applied to the teaching, teaching philosophy, I have learned to chew, digest, and treat their own teaching ideas, guide their teaching practice to continue to collect information of education, study and education theory, the growth of professional knowledge.
I believe, assiduous, unremitting the theoretical deposition, will be able to continue to improve their business literacy.

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