School junior high school internship teacher Pham Van summary of the work

Experienced a one-month internship, I have begun to taste the ups and downs. Review with students through the day as a teacher, can not help but think of your middle school, because we feel that today's students more than our past parts naughty, a flexible and a bold ability of students each generation, are increasingly high requirements. Therefore, in order to establish the image of the good teacher students need to go for some unusual exploration of the road .

During the internship, my main task is to class work and teaching English.

The teacher is class work organizers, managers and planners, in the middle of the school management strength and backbone molecules play a decisive role in the formation of a good class atmosphere and ethos as a teacher and how to make their own work steps, on the level, on the level? during the internship as a teacher work, I have such an understanding, the ideological education of the students, the class teacher is essentially a student implementation of mental communication process, only genuine understanding of the inner world of students, so that targeted the right way, in order to achieve the teachers to help guide the growth of students, students given the purpose of coordination and support the work of the teachers, which received a good education effect. Turning next to meet students' psychological actual ideological education try Here to talk about a little taste of my internship class work.

First, the appropriate rewards and punishments.

I know a good teacher, moments should use "love" to go open the hearts of the students, a lot of the time of a smile, a after school and sincere conversation, sometimes is a look, a word of encouragement, will the students produce a lasting impact, you love and dedication will be loved in return, but we think of it, the number of such students, really love the students came to realize that your teacher absolute 孺子可教也 often you increased his indulgence of his tolerance weak discipline, this internship, I also have experience we face today, not a few students, but of 65 classes have no strict discipline, how to have a good class atmosphere? education, education as a means of punishment.

Of course, the punishment particularly be careful, I think that when we punish students should pay attention to the following aspects:

① First, we must pay attention to respect students' independent personality, to protect students self-confidence, self-esteem, good is good, wrong is wrong, do not be wrong 100 wrong, total negation;

The ② The purpose of punishment is to alert students what not to do, what will happen, not to punish punish students, but to punish students for education students, in other words, punishment is a means of education is the purpose;

(3) who all make mistakes, but not who will correct the error, the punishment does not matter, what matters is to correct the error, the key is not to punish, the key is to accept the lesson, correct the error.

Second, the organization to carry out the activities of charm.

Good class collective construction must rely on the activities, the activities can generate cohesion, the close relationship between teachers and students, allowing each student to play the enthusiasm of the subject, then collectivism education, healthy competition psychological education is effective; classes, all activities organized by the school, the class teacher and I have given a high degree of attention, such as the campus Paralanguage Choral Competition, the class teacher and I have personally participated in them, open mobilization meeting, together with the training of students. told they do not have a good ranking bad, first, as long as we tried our best on the line. the psychology theory tells us that: in the contest, a person's target desired level is not too high nor too low, only a moderate level of expectations in order to make the competition those who maintain the best competitive state, for each of us in terms of the students, the purpose of the event is not to take the ranking, but by how we treat the competition, whether there is a sense of participation, dedicated, whether to have a clear conscience in activities in education, the students easily accepted quickly into action. seize the "activities" the best educational opportunity, well-designed educational content, will be able to receive an unexpected effect of education.

Third, the class meeting

After a week of preparation, on the Wednesday of the first week I chaired the first class meeting of the new semester, and this is the first class meeting I chaired this class theme is "safety education and new semester new plan in class meeting, the students were actively speak, I deeply appreciate the high school students now has been very rich safety knowledge. considerations, physical education, traffic safety, earthquake, typhoon struck the need to pay attention to what they are answered clearly and logically. classes will Another important point is the new semester new plan, for some students to the podium to say the inadequacies of their last semester and this semester plan which will not only allow students to identify their shortcomings in order to correct , but also the general plan of the new semester at the beginning of the semester, the students set more destinations to learn. train the students to the podium mentality Although not every student in the class meeting to speak, but I firmly believe that every student have their new plans, new plans. every student students took the floor to have strong feelings.

Teaching internship, my internship experience.

The first preparatory stage and be familiar with the internship class, recognizing that each student in the class and learn from them (by the class teacher or the class leadership or direct exchange) and then listen to the instructor in class lectures feel and completely different: previous lectures in order to acquire knowledge; lectures to learn teaching methods. purpose is not the same as the class's attention is not the same, now is the instructor of the class, the class thought. then, according to the University of school educational knowledge and practical lectures in secondary schools have learned their lesson planning on the basis of existing lecture. spared the preparation of the podium.

After the first two weeks of lectures, lecture, the third week I officially took to the podium, the first time I felt their learned knowledge come in handy as a teacher, as well as a vocation is teaching, selfless the dissemination of knowledge to the students. This is why we practice - teaching my first experience hard to be a teacher a lesson, to go through the "preparation (write lesson plans) - class - correcting homework - to accept feedback from students - A Review, the consolidation of practicing "a pipeline looks simple, each link there are many small details, the most important is the" class "of this link, which is what we have been exploring the classroom teaching . "

Internship, I just take the traditional lecture method, 7-8 classes practice sessions, feel or 8 classes effect class students react to my question, then, is for me the greatest return Thus, in the classroom must pay attention to the reaction of the students to answer their questions immediately, so that the class time.

Each teacher, and hope that all their students academic excellence, but this is always the teacher's wishful thinking, I think, to keep abreast of student learning, analyze the reasons, in order to improve their teaching methods and to establish the teaching content.

Stage of the first two days of rural students' academic performance polarization showing a very serious trend underachiever proportion, especially in the second year of junior high school has been particularly evident this situation directly affects the large area to improve the quality of English teaching. lead to polarization, more serious reason? seriously divided on how to prevent?

The cause of the differentiation

(A) lack of interest in learning English and learning will weak the divisive internal psychological prime.

For junior high school students, the motivation to learn depends on the interest in learning and overcome learning difficulties perseverance.

(B) acquire knowledge, skills, not the system, there is no better English cognitive structure can not provide the necessary cognitive basis for continuous learning.

(C) ways of thinking and learning methods suited to English learning requirements. Stage the first two days of the most obvious differentiation stage of learning English is an important reason is the junior secondary level English courses has been significantly improved students' ability requirements. Eighth Graders individual differences , learn to accept the differences in the ability In addition to the age characteristics of other, more important is that teachers are not well based on students 'actual and teaching requirements to organize teaching activities, guide students to master effective learning methods, to promote the development of students' abilities, improve learning ability and learning adaptability

Reduce the learning differentiation Teaching Countermeasures

(A) develop students' interest in learning English

(B) to teach students to learn

(C) strengthen the ability to train and develop in the process of teaching English.

(D) to establish a harmonious relationship between teachers and students

In short, the teacher is a noble and sacred profession, when a good teacher is not easy. In this internship, I also see their own inadequacies. Progress of society to make the school more demands on teachers to the higher normal school students will face even greater challenges also continue to deepen the connotation of high school as a teacher, who is the norm "This requires us to constantly improve themselves and prepare threw himself into the future of education .

Class Work Summary