The semester teaching summary of the work on the third grade

Tension semester has ended, in order to better carry out the work of the next semester, to improve bumban achievements in teaching this semester will now work are summarized as follows:

, The completion of the task of teaching students to grasp the situation

The successful completion of this semester This volume of teaching content, students grasp the situation as follows:

1, recognizing that the unit of length kilometers, initially established a 1 km length of concepts, know that 1 km = 1000 m, recognize quality metric tonnes, the initial establishment of the concept of quality of one t know 1 ton = 1000 kg to know the time units of seconds, the initial establishment of the minutes, seconds concepts, know 1 = 60 seconds, some simple time calculation.

2, learn the written calculation three-digit addition and subtraction, the corresponding estimates and checking.

3, an initial understanding of the parallelogram, mastered the characteristics of rectangles and squares, graph paper draw rectangles and squares, parallelograms, know the meaning of the perimeter, will calculate the rectangular perimeter of the square, some objects can be estimated the length and will be measured.

4 learned port operator a multiplication entire ten, the entire 100 number will be written calculation a number by two, three-digit, and estimated to be able to calculate the divisor and quotient digit division with remainder.

5, an initial understanding of simple fractions, can read and write scores, and know the names of each part, an initial understanding of the size of the fraction, calculate the simple addition and subtraction of the denominator of the fraction.

Preliminary experience is to determine the occurrence of some things, some are not sure, be able to list a simple experiment that may occur, know the possibility of the incident size, some simple event may occur a description of sexual.

7 to grow the number of permutations of simple things and the number of combinations, formed found living in mathematics consciousness and full awareness of thinking, the initial formation was observed, and the ability to reason.

8, to appreciate the fun of learning mathematics, increased interest in mathematics, to establish the confidence to learn mathematics.

9, Mathematics and everyday life experience close contact, the initial formation of the integrated use of mathematics to know the ability to solve problems.

Second, the main achievements and experience

In the work of the semester, I always strict management students, pay attention to cultivating students to develop good study habits. Really good job in teaching all teaching routine work, especially in the preparation, the batch, secondary, knot, conscientious, never perfunctory, and adhere to good training and excellent auxiliary differential work, be sure each phase of the routine examination.

1, the differences between students and age characteristics of students in all aspects of education, the students' knowledge, capacity has been greatly improved.

2 seriously study materials, careful preparation, and take full advantage of intuitive, electronic teaching, difficulty assigned to each level, mobilizing students enthusiasm.

3, this semester students pay attention to strengthen the ideological education, develop good study habits, develop the ability to self-examination.

4, to strengthen the counseling of students with learning difficulties, most of the semester students have mastered the knowledge, skills, with varying degrees of progress and improve their learning.

5, so that students learn mathematical knowledge to do succinctly and training, emphasis on the use of teaching aids in teaching focus, learning tools. Carefully prepare each lesson.

6, through careful design of the practice sessions, so that students acquire knowledge and skills, intellectual development so I seriously good practice lessons, pay attention to the way to practice, practice efficiency.

And actively participate in teaching and research activities organized by the school, carefully organize the practice and review, efforts to improve the quality of education and teaching.

8, emphasis on family education matched by close contact with parents, the education of individual students focused on the mining of student non-intellectual factors, has been significant progress and improve.

9, focus on training students habits of the students this regard, the semester focusing on the students, each doing one thing, each doing a question, ask students to be patient, culture do a good job of everything habits.

Third, there is the inadequacy of

Part of students learning purposes is not clear enough, learning attitude is not correct enough. Attending a lecture is not serious, the homework often able to fulfill.

2, some parents are not paid enough attention to the child's learning, mainly in: students' families do not match, resulting in a poor learning.

3, part of the problem slow on very poor, resulting in the phenomenon of failing.

4, class development is uneven, the study method of work remains to be further strengthened still owed outstanding achievements in teaching, needs to improve.

5, teaching the traditional method mainly the lack of awareness of innovation, education is less successful students learning habits. Pei excellent auxiliary differential is not doing enough solid training and excellent goals are not clear.

6, bad study habits of individual students be further guide to correct the class students endogenous lively, including some of the students there are problems in terms of habits - Calculation not serious, writing posture is not correct, you can not consciously complete the job, There are also individual students scribbled some student work can not be submitted on time. problems encountered strong will, will not take the initiative to overcome resolved.

7, computing power are too different classes most students like to calculate, but there are majority of students are not serious, carelessness, resulting in the development of the students in the class of computing power is not balanced enough and should be overcome in the future teaching.

Fourth, the specific measures improved

This semester existing problems and shortcomings in the teaching work, work in the future concentrate on the following points:

1, combined with the contents of the textbook, the teacher should carefully prepare lessons, teaching for all students grasp the basics, do a good job of ideological education. Well a good not a lesson, an open mind to the old teacher learning, and constantly improve their own level of business focus on students of various abilities and knowledge application flexibility. particularly focus on the habit of learning in order to stimulate students' interest in learning, improve their academic performance, they also continue to learn and improve their professional quality.

Timely Counseling poor students to seize their glittering encourage its progress. Focusing on students of all abilities and habit of.

3, take full advantage of the intuitive, electronic teaching, difficulty assigned to all levels to mobilize the enthusiasm of the students. Intensive training for students, strive to teach better results.

4, take full advantage of the mathematical teaching materials, mining of interesting materials to attract students' mathematical knowledge charm of its own, infected students.

5 math class to carry out should be open to the whole case, the implementation of individualized and fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of students.

6, timely home visits, parents do a good job in conjunction student learning.

The total one semester, mixed work, work in the future, I will work harder, strive to do better.

Class Work Summary