2012 individual annual summary of the work plan

About 2012 personal summary of the work and planning, in 2012 immediately become a thing of the past, in 2013 around the corner, in the past year, you work on your kind of summary of the work plan, in the next year, how about this all need to think about a problem. summary and plans to carry out the work to the next very helpful. following Xiaobian to provide a 2012 personal summary of the work and plan for your reference.

Personal annual summary plan

Unconsciously, witnessed over the development in 2012 has been in the past, full of hope in 2013 has finally arrived. Looking back at the work of 2012, there is the joy of fruitful collaborative research with colleagues, working overtime to prepare for the hardships encountered difficulties and setbacks melancholy. now be a year of major work are summarized as follows:

A management practice

September 7, 2012, that I can say is a bear in mind a few days of life, on this day, I shoulder the leadership of the company and all employees of love and expectation, the company officially appointed Head of the Department of Design, in charge of the department daily work management, has overall responsibility for attendance, health, regular meeting, summarize, work assignments, inter-ministerial coordination of the day-to-day departmental management, to assist in the design director to enhance the level of sector operations, the implementation of the business work. indulgence of both companies up and down on my colleagues, the company is also high degree of recognition of my work in 2008. expect flattered at the same time, it is filled with emotion, in perpetuity just two years, from the ordinary post rapid growth for the company to manage grassroots, which led to my theoretical knowledge lack of lack of practical experience with various problems and how to quickly improve their management knowledge and update their knowledge structure and depth to the actual work will be particularly important in the newly appointed head of design at this time, I have an open mind to the company leadership and colleagues to learn from each other, and constantly improve their own quality cultivation and business skills and clear management functions in the care and support of the company's leadership and colleagues to quickly improve their management skills, but also delve into their own set of management and resolutely set a good example of the style of management has been agreed with the company's leadership and colleagues.
Second, the main achievements in the management and departmental collaboration: (1) led the preparation of the entry process and the responsibilities of the Department of Design, model room management processes, buy hand job responsibilities, workflow technology department board division. (2) to add new employees induction and led training (3), and the establishment of the Department of Design Data Management library, were established: the design database, face accessories sample library, master, and large cargo cardboard library. (4) on behalf collar team to complete the monthly requirements tasks, October, November, December exceeded the design task. (5) to strengthen the Office of Management and lead by example, the staff played a good role model. (6) in the company's major projects, such as shooting pictures, the order will be processes such as full members of the organizational design can actively be completed in the time of the order will be able to actively cooperate with the sales department to do Affiliate Sales, efforts to strengthen coordination among various departments. (7) efforts to cooperate with the work of the director, and active Director Fenyou. (8) efforts to cooperate with the instructions of the company, and to actively share those concerns for the company.

Third, the deficiencies

Personal accomplishment, basic qualities need to be further strengthened.

The management of the company need to be further strengthened., Rigorous and comprehensive modern sector management due to historical reasons, there is a long and arduous process this year, I made some attempts, but the depth, intensity also significant enough.

Building efforts of the staff shortage. Few employees old ideas, false work, the technology is not fine, weak sense of quality, according to Lai Xinjiang are urgent changes to improve and enhance further improve the the workforce overall quality of a lot of work to be do.

Work in the future, I will try to learn a new culture of knowledge, and continuously improve their business and management level, to do their own work, and make a greater contribution to fight again across the take-off of the design department as well as the company's active maintenance the interests of the company, to create higher value for the company, and strive for greater achievements!

2012 personal summary of the work and plans of the above, the summary of the annual personal work and plans to work on next year a very valuable reference, I hope you make good use of.

Annual Work Summary