TV reporter in 2012 annual summary of the work of Pham Van

Time goes by, Riyuerusuo, the instant year's time on hurriedly passed a short year, due to the help of leaders and colleagues, the successful completion of their own own work order in the new year better fulfill its mandate, the annual work are summarized as follows:
First, strive to improve their quality and training.
Macro sense as a reporter, have to mind the overall situation, to understand new spirit and new requirements in the work of the party and the government, good through things phenomenon foreseen by its very nature and the future, which excavated the social value of news stories but to do this, we must continue to improve their own literacy.
In order to improve the political quality, I claim themselves to do: be consistent with the Party Central Committee on ideological and political, adhere to the socialist direction, I think that the reporters about politics is the most important and most fundamental is to adhere to the socialist direction, but also to achieve the right publicity The party's program, line, principles, policies, strengthening the view of the masses, to implement the mass line, attach importance to the study of political theory.
Reporters including psychological qualities: curiosity psychology, the sense of competition, the spirit of adventure and a strong will. These psychological quality is a prerequisite to become a reporter, I always forget to improve their own psychological qualities.
Light has a strong political and psychological qualities as a camera reporter not go far enough, and more importantly, the excellent quality of the business, I often use the spare time to look for a variety of business-related information, such as << Journalism > theory, methods and techniques >> << interviewed writing professional books and continue analysis of these materials, its essence, to its dregs. every day carefully watched the news section of the major television stations, learning The simultaneous practice, own learned every advanced technology to implement.
Improve their own quality at the same time, I also continue to strengthen our self, to make their own efforts to do: heavy facts, speak the truth and justice, to uphold the truth, the news was healthy, beneficial social progress, pay attention to the Bonaventure oppose a draft of seeking personal gain, consciously resist money worship, hedonism, individualism ideological erosion, good relationship with colleagues.
Second, the courage to endure hardship, courage to practice.
Journalism is a very practical work, and the lack of basic understanding of human society is not qualified to do a good news, the reporter must go deep into the realities of the masses, in-depth life. Similarly a news story, the reporter looks very impressive, some reporters did shoot the boring, the fundamental reason is that the really deep into reality life among the masses. "practice makes perfect", "wade in shallow water fish, were involved in the deep-water bidder dragon" , is the truth, some of the effects of surface, news reports, are of far-reaching historical significance involved in fiery social life practice, has accumulated a wealth of news material, completed painstaking research and analytical thinking. Therefore, I request that the to own to do Sanqin "," not afraid ", ie the" brain Qin, Tuiqin ear Qin and not afraid of hardship, afraid of tired, "separate the wheat from the chaff of the news footage, Quweicunzhen until capture until the value of news content.
Third, no pain, no gain.
XX In the spring, our station management mechanism to improve in the spring, changing my desk in the past, such as news, sent news of the passive situation created one after another to compete on an equal footing to all, equal opportunity to improve the well in August of this year, on behalf of the town Municipal Women's Federation to participate in the Women's Federation, City Construction Bureau jointly organized "a cup of Construction seniors Xia era of women speech contest, and finished second to win the honor for my town and station, but also improve the my mental quality and adaptability. learning Ren Changxia, I recognize only foster a good work ethic and professionalism, in order to do a competent reporter Ren Changxia spirit not only as a slogan, but also penetrate into my mind as a belief , XX years I have gained the most.
In May this year, I go through shooting, a large collection of lenses and information, orchestrated a series of reports of very impressive >> << my town, non-public enterprise unions work for my town, the development of non-public enterprises to provide informative material obtained the praise of many businesses, but also to play a good role in promoting economic construction for my town.
Dragon Boat Festival on the eve of a zongzi competition is expected to be held in Taiwan, where to seek appropriate venue and sponsor to the rich cultural life of the broad masses of the people., I have repeatedly braved the scorching heat to Huaxing Hotel Contact relevant matters work pays off , the contest was finally scheduled to be held in a festive atmosphere of joy and the successful conclusion of the this event has not only been the praise of the broad masses and Huaxing Hotel staff also fight for Taiwan XX $ feature film production costs, but also for me The station played the louder a good reputation. Earlier this summer, the receipt of the masses, Pavilion Street corporate sections of my town deep rain water, a serious impact on nearby residents travel Thus, we do not hesitate to braving the rain arrived in time the scene photographed precious lens, and nearby residents were interviewed. Subsequently << sunny sky difficulties in traveling >> true, objective reports, with the voices of residents who broadcast out people a pleasure to not long before, Enterprise Road roadbed elevate the the flow unimpeded, the road flat good to go, residents are happy laugh.
Through unremitting efforts, although this year I achieved a little success at work, but the results only belong to the past, the future need to continue to work hard, learning is endless endless work, I will always remember Qu Yuan sentence "Long Way Xi, Wu Jiang search up and down, and make greater contributions to journalism in my desk.

Annual Work Summary