2012 teachers discipline lesson preparation program

2012 teachers discipline lesson preparation program

Based on the main front of the classroom teaching, and strive to improve classroom teaching effectiveness, and comprehensively improve the quality of teaching, quality education, to integrate the school's actual system is formulated to give full play to the role of the lesson planning group.:

Once a week for at least the activities of the various disciplines lesson preparation group, teaching and research units. At least 40 minutes each to do to implement (ie, personnel, time, content to implement)

Required to teaching and research, for some reason can not participate in a long leave of absence, every teacher must participate in the lesson planning group activities on time each school the number of period of leave shall not exceed three.

Teaching for the next stage to be a collective, each lesson planning group activities. The goal of reunification, the reunification of the key and difficult, unified in the form of operation and the number of bold exploration of the science teaching methods, and strive in the teaching process, teaching methods seek unity, to promote common progress.

On a rotating basis by a teacher on the basis of Article IV requirements ahead of design and layout activities be put forward their own ideas, each lesson preparation group prior to the event. Other teachers to express their views depending on the circumstances, the conditions by which a teacher on a class first, and then discuss, in order to achieve better results.

By teaching and research long-seriously make a record each lesson planning group activities. Guidance offices appraisal inspection. Teachers in preparing lessons, the class must be determined by the lesson planning group, guidance offices to check teachers' lesson planning, class, job scheduling, marking, as teachers in seven seriously check the content of the work.

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