Secondary school education work plan

Secondary school education work plan

First, the objectives of

Journal of the CPC Central Committee and State Council on deepening education reform and fully promoting quality education decision >> pointer >> << new curriculum standards and reform from the classroom teaching, faculty development, student legal education and mental health education, features aspects of education and research to improve teaching methods, give full play to the function of classroom teaching for the overall objective, multi-disciplinary teaching experiments and research, the formation of classroom teaching as the primary means of extra-curricular activities as a secondary way, the combination of curricular Foreign Minister education and teaching system, in order to promote the harmonious development of students' personality, active, lively all-round development of all students, in order to promote quality education, strive to improve the quality of school.

Second, the basic content

According to the quality requirements of social development, proceeding from the reality of the conditions and needs, the needs of China's social development, the objective laws of the students' physical and mental development, to arrange the basic content of the quality of school education:

Organize the majority of teachers to seriously study issued by the Ministry of Education << new curriculum standards, contact the actual thinking and the actual work, discussions, and fully recognize and promote quality education is a major change in our educational thinking and Training Mode is a contemporary society development and human development, a necessary requirement is also to improve the quality of the inevitable requirement for developing cross-century talents, correct each teacher education ideas and concepts of education.

To further strengthen the Teachers' Ethics, and as the focus of the construction of teachers work firmly and realistically the one hand, the school political learning time after school on Friday afternoon, to arrange a certain amount of ethics education content, and focus on education work ethics education to write the study notes, regular exchange of learning experiences to help teachers to form the soul of "Love Business", "Love School", "love students," the division, guide teachers to establish the correct values ​​of education, quality and talent. to enhance teachers' teaching, Rikkyo sense of social mission to the body.

3, to enhance students' ideological and moral education, safety education and discipline of legal education. "Moral Education Planning >>, to co-ordinate arrangements for the moral education activities developed by the Church and State Department, to mobilize the moral forces. Clearly stated," the school is no small matter, everything education; school no idlers, everyone is educating people "slogan, to develop teaching, activities of educating people, Management and Education, Fuwuyuren Huanjingyuren various measures to establish a" monthly theme " , "a quarter of an hour a day" Moral Education system, improve moral education, radio stations, blackboard, promotional window principals mailbox moral education facilities, the sound of Church and State Department, Dean 's Office, General Services, the class teacher, team, the Young Pioneers, students and other departments with each other with the moral education management system and to enhance students' mental health education, and continuously enhance the ability of students to adapt to social life.

Effectively improve the classroom teaching, to improve the efficiency of education. Classroom teaching is the key to "burden", according to the requirements of quality education, on the basis of the new curriculum theory to construct a new classroom teaching model, its basic contents are: teacher-centered, student to the main line of the new curriculum standards, efforts to achieve the best combination of accepted learning and inquiry-based learning to achieve learning, thinking, learning, the overall optimization of the line and the quality of students overall improvement in requiring teachers to improve teaching methods, efforts to master the modern educational technology to improve the professional quality, so that students learn a solid, happy.

5, to improve teaching and research efforts, the backbone of teachers to participate in school teaching and research, to fight for each teaching and research have a school-based subject, 1-2 topics flag Department project.

6, the selection of classroom teaching "limited system", that is, teachers in the classroom to do succinctly and training teachers lecture less than 20, student activities, student practice time control in about 20 minutes. Knowledge of key and difficult to digest, student jobs do detract from the clear ", and try to be as surface approved to improve practice effectiveness.

7, to strengthen the close cooperation of the family, social, and create a good environment for students to grow, offering parents school on a regular basis from time to time parents will be held to publicize the party's education policy to publicize the correct educational ideas and methods, publicity personnel growth path. promote school education reform path.

8, the guidance offices to strengthen the routine management of teaching teachers to use teaching materials so that the three quasi-live ": knowledge point, the focus of grasp, the training program to master to be quasi-organization of teaching material and methods to select to live, lesson planning to do the "three clear": general cognitive level of teachers to students to understand the individual differences of students, and predict problems in student learning must be pure, to write lesson plans to achieve clarity of purpose, clear and difficult steps to clear, the method clear class to be vivid, tight, accurate and coherent. guidance offices for teachers preparing lessons, classes, and for occasional spot checks and guidance to improve the effectiveness of various aspects of the work.

9, guide students to actively participate in the activities of interest groups. Elastic form of course interested in activity classes, so that given time, the elements specified in statutory requirements, and personnel, the Division, lesson plans, times record, everyone has the summary, so that should be broad and wide a participation voluntarily choose to learn, new forms, the effect is real and strictly organized program of activities to be guaranteed in terms of equipment, time, venue, teachers, in order to improve the teaching quality of the holiday activities, and promote characteristics of education. "

10, environmental programs, and strengthen the positive role of the environmental curriculum. School education to increase investment to continue to improve school conditions, make full use of distance education resources and multimedia classrooms, and optimize the natural environment while strengthening the construction of campus culture, to cultivate students' sentiments, optimized schools layout, cleaning, greening and beautification of the campus, and strive to create a harmonious living environment, improve interpersonal relationships.

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