Primary school teaching program

Primary school teaching programs Description:

Guiding ideology: around the county Research and Training Center and the town center at the school term focus of work to fully implement the education policy, continue to regulate the teaching of conventional tube

Start >> text >>, << primary school teaching program, the guiding ideology:

Around the county Research and Training Center and the town center at the school term focus of work to fully implement the education policy, continue to regulate the teaching of conventional management, deepen the reform of classroom instruction, strictly control the quality of teaching concept, comprehensively push forward the process of curriculum reform.

Second, the idea:

Regulate the teaching behavior, and improve the education system, the implementation of the teaching process, improve the quality of teaching; humane care, focusing on individual differences, and to improve the quality of educating people. Conscientiously implement the town center at schools to develop << teaching norms >> and the County Board of Education issued < <carry out the implementation of the views of >> the spirit of excellence classroom teaching activities, depth discussion and practice of innovative teaching methods and learning styles, the real update the teachers' ideas, promote the growth of key teachers to enhance the overall quality of teachers, strengthening education and scientific research, promote teaching and research integration, standardization of school teaching, teaching seminars regular, comprehensive educating people personalized.

Three priorities:

(A school-based training, and effectively improve the quality of teachers.

A. Take many forms, strengthen teachers' self-learning, self-improvement of consciousness and initiative.

① consciously, actively and school-based training mission. Do Speaker task to people, personal training mission to the moon.

② organized by the school all the teachers dedicated time for business learning (Sunday 18:30 to 19:00.

(3) to carry out "activities, read masterpiece of Education, for outstanding teachers" and school level injected 50 yuan of special funds for the purchase of educational classics, to meet everyone's spiritual needs.

4 KU band network resources such as the organization to watch the video lessons of excellent teachers;

⑤ The teachers' teaching practice, written teaching reflection, teaching notes, business communication (teacher study notes, papers, etc. - teachers write learning notes monthly 2. Outstanding preferred communication on our website.

⑥ the implementation of teaching and research work: directly responsible for teaching and research long, so, activity log (time, location, participants, activities, summary of seriously implement to listen Pingke activities, lectures to achieve timely feedback, each section of the open class lectures teacher random questions to check students' learning.

Two. Strengthen the backbone of teachers, team building and management of the young teachers, in order to point to promote the formation of good teaching style. To strengthen the backbone of teacher training, management, system development and implementation, and effectively play its role of radiation and really play the leading role of the school teaching the backbone:

(B strengthen the teaching of conventional management, the improvement of the various teaching system, standardize the teaching behavior.

A. Revise and improve the teaching of conventional management system, focusing on promoting, one by one to implement.

Strengthen teachers' classroom teaching practices implement, implementation and inspection to strengthen the management of conventional classroom teaching to do this work, a regular, institutionalized, rewards and punishments.

Two. Strengthening teacher preparation classes, jobs, counseling, general management, and counseling, examination, appraised the combination.

Lesson planning: survey, sampling and review to the beginning of the school census, teachers lesson plans focus on review within two weeks, the interim spot checks of some teachers lesson plans, the end of the lesson plans integrated appraised.

Class: The class is strictly prohibited teachers prepared lesson plans, to overcome the arbitrariness of the classroom teaching, a fundamental principle, scientific error to put an end to teaching. Targeted classroom instruction, training of scientific rigor, moderate density, not Tuotang. To promote the teachers to do lesson before familiar with the review lesson plans, adjustment in the class, after-school reflection. school guidance offices to strengthen inspection and monitoring efforts.

Amount of operations: classwork, homework and marking in a timely manner, standardize, correct, have multiplexing approved. To promote forms of disciplines job, job writing marking standardization The reunification of the work teachers do at any time self-examination group. guidance offices of periodic inspection and sampling, mid-term student work exhibition.

Counseling: To advocate for all students, taking into account the two scientific guidance principle to strengthen the focus on training the students' academic strengths, attention to individual counseling for students with learning difficulties, and to enhance students' free development of personality. A comprehensive understanding of the subject teachers on students' learning conditions, take specific methods of cultivation to help conversion, there must be effective.

To enhance classroom teaching, improve the quality of teaching

In the new situation, all teachers must be solid on the ground of each lesson, 40 minutes to the quality of teaching must use Putonghua education students use Mandarin exchange.

① each class must be strictly according to the curriculum ranked courses Shanghao lessons are not free to change. Three to five minutes to speak in the language class training, three to five minutes before the port operator training in math and English classes three to five minutes before the word training. Summary of the work Pham Van Network ( you organize, view << teaching programs >> other articles.

Lectures (2) adhere to push the door system to understand the real situation of the teachers teaching the guidance of the teaching work.

③ serious examination discipline, rigorous scholarship.

⑤ The subjects contest.

(C strengthen the sense of quality, rigorous, scientific, step-by-step quality control, and ensure the level of school teaching, students' learning quality improved steadily.

A. Strict examination of a variety of testing, test management to ensure that effective measures to implement in place to improve teachers' quality awareness, to promote the development of teachers and students co-ordination.

Two. Continue to do unit testing checks, unit exercises with the progress of teaching, unified time for testing. Serious and timely marking and paper analysis, revised student error. Scientific test results, the timely adjustment of teaching strategies to remedy the leak filled to make up for lack of teaching.

3. The disciplines of language, mathematics, English monthly exam the last week of each month. Excellent rates, the passing rate of the tracking research, guidance offices to keep abreast of the quality of school teaching situation, to take measures for macroeconomic regulation and control.

4. A single training pass: the acceptance of individual training to strengthen students' language, the number of England three knowledge and capabilities of individual training and synchronization acceptance. Language: words, reading aloud, dictionary, math: oral calculation, calculation, application problems, English: the words, recite the main.

5 To create an English learning environment, and mobilize students to learn English actively, improve the quality of English teaching.

The daily English ten minutes, students' English memory exercises, cultivate an interest and intensive training.

English single pass: words, sentences, recite.

(D emphasis on disciplinary teaching and research building, to carry out a variety of school-based teaching and research, and tap the potential of individual teachers, play groups, advantages and improve the effectiveness of teaching and research.

1, improve the construction of low-grade, high grade, large group of subject disciplines, strengthen Teacher interdisciplinary communication and discussion. Subject group teaching and research activities every week to enrich content, forms, full participation, focused on achieving results.

2, the teachers on time to participate in all levels of teaching and research, development activities, make a record, and conscientiously implement the learning return reporting.

3, give full play to the teacher unity within the group, the spirit of collaboration to strengthen the team awareness, strengthen the cohesion of teaching and research.

(E attention to student differences, earnestly Bangdai work:

The ① concerned about students with learning difficulties, patience with the help of students with learning difficulties, transforming each class to do the "one to one" Bangdai.

② Language, Mathematics, English and other master teachers to adhere to individual counseling, to take varies from person to person, the individualized, making the development of each student.

(Six other

Service class to do the following aspects:

The ① safe talking about every day, and always talk about.

(2) Every day I teach to the children a reason to write on the blackboard, the teacher to explain.

Fourth, each month working arrangements:


1 student to register,

2, the class of regular education, student safety education;

Curriculum standards of the study << >> draw all types of plans.

Finishing compulsory education information to meet the compulsory education and acceptance.

5, classroom teaching and research


1, the convening of the student leaders will, understand the teaching situation;

2, Shouchao Bao game

Reading activities - read the essay of Mr. Lin] Zhang Yong memoirs >> felt


1, all the students job to check to carry out the exhibitions of student work.

2, mid-term exam, review and commend

3, the teachers' checks

4 Games (to be determined.


1, I count race

2, calligraphy contest

Comprehensive Quality Assessment Manual, check << pupils >> usage

4, word dictation contest


1, Student Portfolio finishing

2, the word contest

3, the development plan for the review

4, the final exam.

Comprehensive Quality Assessment Manual, check << pupils >> usage

6, the final exam.

7, teaching summary of the work

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