08-09 the first semester junior ethics teaching programs

A general guiding principle

Deng Xiaoping Theory as the guidance, and actively practice the "Three Represents", fully implement the Party's education policy, deepen the reform of education and research, practical implementation of quality education, oriented toward modernization, the world's future, for all students, for overall development of students and improve the overall quality, and actively develop students' innovative spirit and practical ability, professionalism and team spirit, vigorously promote the modernization of education projects, earnestly implement the state's education policy, contact the real life, strengthen the social practice, efforts to improve the quality of teaching .

Second, the teaching objectives: 1, to further develop students the spirit of patriotism and inspire students to love the motherland and the feelings, develop socialist ideological and ethical quality, and strive to open their horizons, focusing on foster innovation, improve the cultural taste and aesthetic taste, the development of health personality, and gradually form a healthy personality.

2, the emphasis on students practical ability to guide students to leave school, took to the community, to focus on cooperation around us, integrity issues, opportunities and ideal issues, the contact with the community to better understand the community.

3, to complete the school semester and the beginning of the development over the political indicators.

Third, the students analyze

This temple, the end of last year, pretty good two days of political achievement, class atmosphere of the classes can also be, partly the basis of poor students, learning culture is not strong, there is also weary of individual students, especially poor foundation, these factors must school classes as well as affect the overall results.

Fourth, the specific measures

1, pay close attention to books, to this as the key link, put on the books as the most familiar to the major task, requiring students to use you can use all the time seriously reading books, appear on the usual focus on issues of classroom teaching, textbooks, fragmentary knowledge points, for arraigned, and strive to know what's what, with confidence.

2, note that the usual way of answer, methods of teaching, the students feel more difficult for analysis and explanation of the kinds of questions focus on analysis, major breakthroughs.

3, grasp the classroom 40 minutes to ask questions in class, Qi Du, a small exercise book forms complement each other well during the review of special counseling.

Teaching Work Plan