First grade class the first semester work plan

First grade class the first semester of a work plan, a student class profile bumban, including male, female, student structure less conducive to management. However, students as young, self-care capacity is weak, for a moment, can not adapt to campus life and learning to be further enhanced student interest in learning and behavior.
Second, the guiding ideology for the development of students, pleasant pattern of moral education of children, to the innovative spirit and practical ability to focus, combined with the actual situation of the students to carry out full of fun educational activities for children, students good habits and moral consciousness, enhance student self-motivation, self-education, self-management skills, and actively explore ways of personality development, team members were on collectivism and patriotism, show a new image arts students Lei, set a good class atmosphere to form a good learning atmosphere , to create a good class and work!
Third, the work thinking (a good job day to day management, organization and the class group.
1, the training of primary school classes of all subjects on the discipline, to ensure that students achieve self Zunzhangshouji as soon as possible.
2, the collective consciousness of training students to participate in all kinds of activities can do a collection of fast, strong discipline, good effect.
3, and utilization of class time with students doing morning exercises, eye exercises, the guarantor will do so, all well.
4, the establishment of the normal duty of health systems, by the hand and teach teachers to enable students to master the correct cleaning methods. To achieve health for all classes something dry, everything was tubes, students good work habits.
Culture of unity and cooperation of outstanding small cadre group, (at least once a month team training of cadres, cadres play team role models. Democratic election squad cadres, cadres of the rotation system of some classes, so that every student has the training and performance opportunities.
(B) of the ideological and moral education of students.
1, the use of morning classes for students will be "Code >>,<< primary pupils daily code of conduct>> of education, students take this as norm, guided in line.
2, students will use class collectivism, patriotism and traditional education.
3, combined with life situations, timely and moral education of students.
(C education students to study hard.
1, in close contact with the subjects the instructor, pay attention to the teaching pattern, pay attention to the diversity of teaching methods to arouse students thirst for knowledge and improve student interest in learning.
2, to enhance the students study method, students learn not only music, but will learn.
(D) concern for the health of students.
1, the students explain their daily health care knowledge to enable students to establish a correct sense of hygiene.
2, the education students to enhance physical activity, enhance physical fitness. Into the winter, by the class teacher with students between classes run every day, exercise at the same time honing the students will.
Education students develop good habits. Particularly concerned about the accommodation to student life, considerate of their well-being, to understand their psychology, to establish equal and harmonious relationship between teachers and students, a student's close friends, to the boarding students at home.
4, in class among the efforts to create a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere of psychological, educational psychology students to form healthy, student groups and individuals pay close attention to the psychological trends, timely education.
(Five to strengthen the cooperation with parents 1, the creation of school visits home phone system. Teacher left the phone number of each parent, student, or special circumstances for every progressive inform parents the first time, so that parents have "kids on the side "feeling.
2, through visits and parents are closely linked in the form of books and parents to contact. Provisional completion of the development of mid-term exam 30 students before and after the home visits work. For the support of parents on class work, trying to force the formation of home-school education.
Fourth, the specific arrangements for September 1 to develop good learning habits.
2, led the students to learn <<Students Code of Conduct>>.
3, to celebrate Teacher's Day, teaching students to each classroom teacher to say words of blessing.
4, named "Star of disciplined"
1, patriotic education of students, about our national flag emblem.
2, the consolidation of student learning habits.
3, the training class cadres.
4, named "Star of patriotism."
November 1, students of self-care ability.
2, led the commuting students into the dormitories, please stay students as school teacher, to teach them to learn from your bed, pick up materials.

Teacher Work Plan