Work plan for ninth-grade class

Nine-year work plan for a group of class

2010 The new semester has begun, as the 901 class teacher feels a heavy responsibility, because this year I will meet with the students with the first choice in life ----- in the test. To this end, establish the following work plan:
A: active work with the classroom teacher to face in the test do a good job of teaching, teaching quality has always been the core of class work and top priority. As a teacher I will do my best efforts to actively coordinate and cooperate with classroom teachers do a good job teaching, effective improve student academic achievement.
B: to carry out a civilized and healthy recreational activities of students graduating a lot of pressure, especially in some of the students there is a big psychological burden, therefore, carry out active and effective student recreational activities to alleviate the psychological pressure of great help This semester I will focus on the psychological characteristics of students in the graduating class to carry out the appropriate class activities, such as basketball match, through these activities to develop their collective consciousness, ease the pressure on their learning and let them to experience nature and feel better life.
III: home-school home visits as necessary interaction is an important factor in educational success for the overall quality of students is not high class, infrastructure is poor, not high interest in learning the realities of the home visits is an important way to solve the problem. This semester I mainly from two aspects, first, regular home visits to poor behavior of some students, if not for their supervision, the class will be affected, so cooperation and communication with parents, to change their behavior, and establish a correct outlook on life that they will play an important role. Second, the follow-up, but for better results should be further improved behavior for students who study and follow-up to awaken their awareness of a teacher's supervision, also told the parents that their study habits have improved greatly.
Four: actively cooperate with the work of the school class is important to convey various aspects of school work and implementers, as the fourth day of class this semester will undertake the important task entrusted to the school and actively cooperate with the school of the department's work is also my duty to this term lies.
V: correctly handle the fourth day the students there adolescent problem behavior of students, whether psychological or than in the past have undergone great changes, puppy love problems, phone problems and some common problems will be there. Can properly handle, on their learning and life will play a crucial impact. This semester I will be frank these issues and the exchange of students, and parents to communicate effectively, efforts to promote the healthy growth of students, build a platform for its development.

Teacher Work Plan