Taipan class term plan

Taipan class term plan 1
Large group of class term plan
A happy and relaxing summer short life is over, we are back to familiar kindergartens. The new semester new knowledge, we will continue to seriously study continuously improve and strengthen learning and research, continuously updated concepts of education and behavior change education. for young children to provide safe, healthy, rich life and activities of the environment, to meet various development needs of children, respect for children's characteristics and patterns of physical and mental development, attention to individual differences, both adhere to and teaching, so that children grow up healthy, and promote physical and intellectual German-American round development.
Kindergarten class work is part of the management of work, class work in order to effectively do a good job, this semester I will continue to <<Kindergarten Education Guidelines>> The basic spirit and in combination with the specific requirements for the work of the Garden and instructions, in a child care based services to carry out the parents of the target class management, and promote comprehensive and harmonious class physical and mental development of children.
First, the guiding ideology 1, child development goals I have always been holding the same attitude and care for each child, the child to do a kernel, with wholehearted enthusiasm, respect and attitude to treat every child as your child activities The supporters, collaborators, guides. In order for the class can be smoothly carried out, every day my class teacher to maintain a good working state, without distinction as to help each other teaching the class, and sanitation and disinfection bit of work to do .. our efforts is to help children in a warm and comfortable happy through the day.
Intermediate school year after education, child care for science, language, mathematics, and so subjects had a strong interest. In language: children can be aggressive to peers or teachers express their own wishes, or simple things, can recite poetry, repeat simple stories, etc., in terms of health: know a lot of knowledge of health, like physical activity, particularly in running, jumping, drilling, rolling and other body movements, there was progress. in math, science has greatly improved. But there are some problems: (1 conventional unstable, most children like to talk too loudly, interrupting a serious problem, less self-control, improper storage of their goods, not a good learning habits. (2 most children can actively participate in focus activities, but the lack of initiative, such as the brain does not like a show of hands, or not to take the initiative to explore such issues. Many children lack self-confidence.
2. Creative development
After a semester of training and planned growth of children their own age, children's creative development in particularly fast, whether in art or language, the development of creative children have a qualitative leap in teaching subjects in their brains , stretch of the imagination to play out in various fields unique creativity. creative activities such as playing from alone with people now able to design the original game and the circumstances of life.
3. Social development of children's lives has been greatly improved self-reliance, most children can do their own thing. Peer can be friendly, polite. To observe the rules of life day nursery, learn Be polite communication with others. have a certain ability to distinguish right from wrong, to the simple evaluation of the behavior of themselves and others. However, poor self-control students, not the collective discipline. There are several young children more withdrawn and do not like to engage in collective activities, and some young children at home with the opposite character in kindergarten, most children and companions also very lack of cooperation and problem-solving abilities, develop self-confidence, these are the focus of education this semester.
Second, the work objectives.
1, continue to seriously study and New "Outline>, combined with new materials, and continuously explore new methods, new ideas, gain experience, plans to organize children's day activities.
2 children from early childhood development needs and things of interest to proceed, through various forms, ways to carry out the activities and characteristics of education topics.
3, to strengthen early childhood safety education, close cooperation among teachers, to prevent accidents.
4, and actively explore new ways of cooperation to their homes, the use of family, community and other favorable conditions to carry out diverse activities in their homes.
5, targeted to understand the development of young children, so that children grow up happy
Third, health care 1, increase safety education efforts, put safety first, with the "heart" to observe the child, the "security" to the implementation of specific aspects of their own. Through a series of activities to enhance children's self-protection awareness and ability.
2. Daily health earnestly, so that class is no dead ends.

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