Work plan for small class teacher

Small 7 hours of class the previous work plan, the guiding ideology:
To <<school work program> "and" <Moral Education program>> as a guide and conscientiously implement the <<Code >>,<< primary pupils daily code of conduct>> to focus on habits of education, combined with first-year Student personality characteristics, people-oriented, for all students, fully implement the education policy, the full implementation of quality education. Efforts to improve the quality of education, training moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, labor-round development of innovative new generation. To actively participate in moral education at school and the activities of the organization, to create a warm home, a unique class.
Second, the basic situation of the class:
This class of 47 students in total, including 33 boys and girls 14. As younger first-year students, so they are a group of small adorable and restless spirit, in behavior and learning habits is rather lacking, so I will try to get the kids to school to learn to adapt to nearly fast life, so that every student here have been good to develop education.
Third, class goals:
(A behavioral habits, develop good foster education.
(B students love collective labor, teachers, parents and students love a good moral character.
(Three to school and class group plan as a guide to classroom teaching and educational activities as the carrier to the students, united, progressive, pragmatic as the goal, This class based on characteristics of students, students of modern civilization, All students can build up a clear learning objective, to form a good learning atmosphere, students good behavior, promote righteousness, and gradually form a disciplined, aggressive, hard-working class atmosphere, to build a united and progressive group. This is a (2 class goals.
Fourth, class management measures:
Just entered a primary school student, the school's daily life and learning is also not used to, rules and regulations for each of them is extremely strange. To enable students to early into the role, adapting to school life, it is necessary class can be ordered in daily life guidance, and content should be closer, smaller, real thing, always and everywhere to this network from the grass Pham Van targeted students in regular education. a class, in order to have a good class atmosphere, must have good discipline Caixing. Therefore, I decided to start from the following:
(A learning one, school students will be given a positive statement safflower awards.
2, come to class, students will learn to give thumbs awards.
3, the operation is written to give students a clean and tidy safflower awards.
(B discipline 1, recess before class well prepared, managed by the class leader, teacher aid management.
2, between classes to achieve three light, the team has done fast, quiet, neat, two students can be seriously speaking small red flower.
3 students in the corridor is not slapstick, the campus is not Fengpao, right line up and down stairs, walk softly into the classroom, school to school teams ranked way a good habit.
(Three aspects of a work, do the students on duty can get serious health small red flag.
2, take the initiative to pick up on the floor of the paper the students, and consciously safeguard health classes students can get health small red flag.
(D health pay attention to hygiene is important. As the saying goes, start with the mouth. Pick up a good health, both to stay healthy, but also to develop good habits, but also create a good learning environment.
1, personal hygiene: Proper attire is required, do the "three ground", the table box ground clearance, goods handling pendulum, the two speak frequently do.
2, class health: a day early, middle and late distribution of students on duty cleaning, hygiene supervision posts, inspection and supervision. For taking the initiative to clean up the student or group, be rewarded. At the same time care for the environment and the flowers of education.
(E safety education "safety always in mind the hearts of" reminding students to go to school, school, lined up, the team is not slapstick middle, upper, do not chase down the stairs, walking the road to see traffic, strangers do not get in a word, safe home.
Fifth, ban the cultivation of cadres
Classes often have a good group of competent cadres actively cooperate with the class teacher's work. Thus, in the beginning of school, I actively use ways to motivate students in recognition of good performance, and always keep their own dynamic, observing their adaptability and organizational skills, excellent choice, motivated, and concerned about the collective training of students as a class leader object, and entrusted them to the important task of guiding them to do their job, allow them to continue to exercise their own study and practice, and develop their collective love, concern for others, good quality. by them to manage the affairs of the class and allow them to poor students with teacher conversion.

Teacher Work Plan