401 class teacher work plan

401 teacher work plan for 2010 class
Work plan for a 401 class teacher, the guiding ideology:
The idea of ​​moral education in school and in combination with bumban personality characteristics of students, to enable students to management objectives, fully implement the education policy, the full implementation of quality education, and cultivate good behavior and study habits, and strive to improve the quality of education.
Second, the class analysis:
This class of 42 students in total, of whom 24 were boys and girls 18. Children are very smart, obedient and well-behaved girls in general, most of naughty boys a good move. Although the fourth grade, children can gang of children to that they take into account the number of their own, and largely ignored by the class as a whole, class leadership is even more strengthened in this respect, for other children, your learning and behavior is to develop good habits. Therefore, in this semester, the students good habits I have, high quality of the learning habits and building good class as the main target group.
Third, the main work and objectives:
1, always and everywhere a planned, systematic and targeted to students in regular education.
2, regardless of the development to management requirements, and strive to work with health management students to ideas, cultivate a group of right-hand man as soon as possible to help make class management class.
3, continue to strengthen multi-party contact between the parents. Focuses on the organization of activities to do at home to assist the work of the Commission.
4, attention to the management of special students, try a different approach, the attitude of students to special students, habits can be maintained at a normal range. Constantly concerned about their achievements, focus on their growth, their hearts, warm and caring, more praise to encourage, enable them to progress.
5, and earnestly fulfill the tasks assigned schools, improve school guidance offices, the Young Pioneers Corps, teaching and research sector organizations such as the theme of education and the competition.
Four specific measures:
A, General Education:
(A multi-faceted open positions as regular education teacher to do soon, for the class management lack the necessary knowledge and management tools. For the class of work still unfamiliar with the lack of specific student groups change their tactics, more ideas and practices need to specific practice to verify further. Of course, I'll do my best to do class work, and slowly change the class status quo, to achieve the ambitious goal of student self-management. the specific work to start from the following:
1, to play the role of parents. Home-school contact book and the School Paper is the main platform for communication with parents, the educational needs of students in real time, so if there are problems, or the performance of all aspects of the school are timely feedback to parents, to launch parents targeted with the teacher education.
2 teams will make full use of class time and the morning will continue to learn <<day routine >>,<< primary code> "and" <class health conditions "and other norms of the specific implementation, from small children in school at the start of life , to let children develop good habits. However, for the fourth-grade children in particular, the simple preaching and indoctrination effect is not ideal, more speaking guide, and more demonstrations, more encouragement, so that children can be a defense of simple common sense, their behavior can be bound to the class in mind the concept of extended family, and strive to enable students to develop good study and living habits.
3, the rational use of the ceremony, major festivals and strengthen moral education of students. This semester, Thanksgiving Day and other major advantage of some significant event will be the subject of class team, so that students understand the truth in life.
4, schools and parents to play the role of PTA, an active organization and launched a series of themed events.
(B content of a conventional education, classroom discipline a class, in order to have a good class atmosphere, must have good discipline Caixing. Therefore, I start from the following:
a, classroom discipline: first class leadership grasp their learning attitude and study habits, let the class leadership and the correction of bad behavior of others. establish the classroom is the concept of a quiet place of learning, so that children understand that in the classroom, you can only quietly learning, not loud noise, the other children's learning (this is the semester to re-grasp the initiative.
b, recess discipline: students during recess time to rest easy, good discipline and will to the entire campus between classes to bring active and relaxed atmosphere. more attention to pay attention to the behavior of students, for students to recess behavior becomes controlled and standardized.
3, assembly Discipline: Fast, homogeneous, static line students, meeting the basic requirements, efforts to achieve self-management of students. To achieve a collective out of classes the students, chairs, desk sets may not be placed outside the table in addition to other items, the desktop must be kept clean .
4, concerned about the individual: there are many in our class bookworm, will be holding a free book, so when the recess, we should always pay attention to this part of the children, so they can play together.

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