The second semester of the 2007-2008 school year work plan for teacher

I. Analysis of students:

67 years a group of students, 29 girls and 38 boys. Every child is adorable, has a strong ambition and collective sense of honor. Their pure and kind, curious, curious. But because of age small, self-control is poor, often can not control yourself, love casually talking in class or do little tricks. Many need further training habits.

Second, my class this semester's basic objectives are:

The establishment of a aggressive, strong ability of cadres of classes, all students can build up a clear learning objective, to form a good learning atmosphere, students good behavior, promote righteousness, and gradually form a disciplined, aggressive, hard-working class atmosphere.

Third, the measures taken:

1, attention to develop education: to develop good study habits and living habits, growth and progress of students is necessary, good habits that benefit the development of a person's life greatly. Therefore, in class support for good moral character as education is very necessary. the actual situation of the student's thinking, and work closely with the school's moral education, this semester, from different aspects and angles of regular students in regular training. focus on implementing the <<high ​​school students daily code of conduct >>, to enable students to gradually form a good moral character, habits, study habits and positive attitude, not to a student left behind.

2 strengthen the management of less advanced students: for all students, classified teaching, strengthen backward students of counseling, from the concern, love the perspective of the students to understand the concern for students. Keep abreast of children's psychological changes on the way to master them grow development.

3, to keep abreast of learning: an accurate grasp of the students master the knowledge, abilities, work on the key and difficult to promote the smooth class performance, a solid increase.

4, the tutor with: keep or not to contact parents so that school education and family education organically combine the semester, all parents strive to visit once or several times. Underachievers to take the trouble of doing the conversion work grasping both ends, and promote the middle, so the whole class to form a game of chess, to truly become a united and progressive class group.

5, cadres training classes: Class leaders meeting held in time for their problems at work, teach them methods of work, so that they clear their duties, pointing out their strengths and weaknesses and future direction of hard work. Meanwhile, also called their attention to the cooperation among the members of class cadres, work together, pull together, trying to establish their credibility among students and create opportunities for exercise and develop their skills.

6, attention to care for education: to be concerned about student life, timely and parents to contact, and considerate of their well-being, to understand their psychology, to establish equal and harmonious relationship between teachers and students, a student's close friends, to make the teacher do a better job.

7, attention to style of work: education students courses Shanghao all schools to actively participate in physical exercise and actively participate in recreational activities organized by the school, emphasis on the active participation of the competitions, students sense of participation.

Fourth, class theme Activities:

1-2 weeks

1. Summary winter work, proposed the new term requirements, work out a new term plan.
2. All grades organizational learning "Code" "standard" "Instrument" "request", "Penalties" and "Nine in the day routine" to grasp the regular students, early access to the normal order.
3. The habits of education, to form good habits.
4. Continue to focus on general education, class atmosphere and the health and safety education to rectify.
3-4 weeks 1. Emblem design classes to participate in school competitions.
2. To strengthen the concept of labor education, and improve individual and collective health.
3. Published "carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng" topic blackboard.
4 new members named

5-6 weeks

1. Do ideological work of students misbehaved 2. Instrument Check
3. To strengthen the cultivation of good study habits

7-10 weeks

1. Continue to focus on discipline and learning the purpose of education.
2. To participate in the campus culture and arts festival.
3 safety precautions and organize students to watch the film self-care education.
Class 4 appearance inspection to meet the class atmosphere

The first 11-14 weeks

1. The purpose of education to the students to learn, do a good job reviewing education.
2 parents, school lectures, held classes for parents will be 3 in the disciplinary case discussion and analysis of four class meetings to observe the activities of 5 to participate in the "five good little citizens" reading essay, speech contests 6 published "Welcome the Olympics, and fostering new" theme blackboard newspaper

15-18 weeks

1. Again learning objectives of education.
2. Continue to focus on general education classroom.
3 to participate in "Welcome the Olympics, and fostering new" special series of activities

19-20 weeks

1. To develop a review plan, to encourage students to study hard.
2. Strengthen safety education.

Teacher Work Plan