How to write a work plan for the class teacher

The class teacher to work to improve the scientific nature of practice, the key is to strengthen the class teacher's work, and to improve the management level class teacher's work to raise awareness of class organization and leadership, and scientific management. To guide the class teacher to develop a good work plan is to strengthen leadership and improve the level of scientific management, the basic essential. After years of work experience in their view, how to write a class teacher's work plan? Class teacher to develop the work plan should be in the following five aspects.

        1, recognizing the need to develop the work plan the class teacher. Class teacher work involves all aspects of the school is a complex system work, and only making a good thorough work plan in order to systematically implement the school's educational programs to the class, make the school training objectives specific, stage-oriented, in order to ensure that students The healthy growth. The work plan to develop the class teacher of the class teacher is conducive to the work of inspection and supervision. Regular class teacher work supervision and inspection is an effective way to improve the quality of work as one. Planned and will be able to properly examine their work at the same time, schools, students can also be based on plans to check and supervise the work of class teacher.

        Second, grasp the basis of the work plan to develop the class teacher. Typically includes the following three aspects: 1  directives of superiors, including the party and the state's education policy, policies, regulations and instructions and requirements of educational administrative departments. 2  Schools have asked for. School work plan for the whole school management provides a clear mandate, objectives and current situation of education made a clear exposition, which is the work plan to develop a direct basis for the class teacher. 3  classes in the actual situation. The composition of classes including students', 'learning', 'thinking of the situation', 'physical condition', 'the backbone of the situation', 'class characteristics' and so on. Class situation is the basis of the work plan, only the starting position according to class, can work plan for the class teacher with a scientific and practical nature.

        Third, uphold the principle of the work plan to develop the class teacher. The class teacher to do the work plan comply with the following principles: 1  the purpose of principle. The class teacher to develop the work plan must first determine the objectives, work plan for the overall goal of the class teacher to train as the main successors of socialism, with the overall goal of this plan will have a socialist orientation, various programs can do a purpose, there is level. 2  holistic principles. The class teacher program in schools throughout the work plan is an important component, it must be subordinated to enable students to moral, intellectual, physical, the United States, the labor aspects of the full development of this educational purposes. 3  base from the principle. Class teacher work plan related to the class teachers and students plan envisages setting goals, designing measures must follow the mass line, the entire planning process should consult widely with the school leadership, Teacher, parents of students of the ideas and views, group policy Qun-li. 4  stability and the principle of flexibility. Class work should be organized, class group to stabilize the unity, stability and continuity plan is the basic guarantee. However, the objective situation of the variability in turn require that we plan with the flexibility to enable the scheme to adapt to new conditions. 5  combines ahead and realistic. With the development plan must be predictable, outlined the development prospects of the ideal of a beautiful, which is in advance. The ideal must be based on reality based on the actual conditions in the plan, and this is reality. Ahead and the reality of flexible, so that a long period of practical schemes to ensure the implementation feasibility.

        4, on the class teacher the basic structure of the work plan. The class teacher the basic structure of the work plan should include the following aspects: 1  classes in the basic situation analysis, the level of development and characteristics of the class, class and characteristics of students in the basic situation, favorable and unfavorable factors, there are major problems. 2  objectives. The overall goals, milestones, specific goals at all levels. 3  measures are being taken. Main educational activities, organizing power and division of labor, time step arrangement. 4  inspection methods and summarized.

        5, on the class teacher work plan type. There are three types of work plan for the class teacher, one semester scheme and the work plan for months or weeks and the third is the implementation of specific activities the program. Term plan is developed by semester plan is the work of the whole term of the master class teacher. Such a plan consists of three parts: ① the basic situation of class analysis, including classes of natural conditions, realistic and historical analysis of the situation, class of natural conditions such as: the total number of the number of boys and girls, age, members, players, class cadres, Miyoshi students and the proportion of poor students. Analysis of classes such as: the ideological and moral situation of students in classes, learning situation, student characteristics, class cadre of ability and quality, class of students in the interpersonal relationships. Classes in the history of the wind conditions, including traditional classes, the wind causes the formation of classes, class advantages and disadvantages and so on. The basic situation analysis of the class is to establish the fundamental basis for educational task. ② set educational tasks. This is part of the analysis of the basic conditions in the classes based on the aims of education to determine the educational tasks, clearly defined this term educational goals to be reached. Determine the educational tasks should seize the key, highlight the central task; the same time to determine the educational tasks should also pay attention focused, not too general. ③ work arrangements. This section includes tasks for the completion of which intend to adopt methods and timing. There are two common ways: First, in chronological order the main line, the vertical arrangement of the contents of a variety of specific activities, time and location. Another from the moral, intellectual, physical, the United States, the labor aspects horizontal list of arrangements for all aspects of work. It should be noted that, regardless of the method adopted, job placement, should consider the plan of operation.

        Studies on the work plan or work week plan is based on semester programs and a certain stage of the task, in the month or week of development, this kind of plans to set a specific time, content, location, methods, measures and implementation of personnel . Specific activities to carry out the implementation of the program is defined as some kind of educational activities to develop specific plans. Such as: a Zhutibanhui Organization to carry out a cultural and sports activities, such plans to be very specific, all the preparatory work should be detailed and specific statement of work will do so with confidence, methodical.

        Also note that a plan to seek the views of subject teachers and fellow students. Is scheduled after a good cross-school leaders must seriously implement after approval, if the objective situation has changed should make appropriate revisions and adjustments. In addition, the inspection plan should be to keep the implementation of the implementation of the plan finished, they also had to sum up.

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