Work plan for 2010 schools arrangement

2010, × × × × city schools in meeting educational standards, self-reflection, co-ordinate arrangements to adhere to high standards in running the 2010 program focused on school work to do the work in the following areas:

A sound mechanism to ensure that curriculum and orderly progress.

1, open, pragmatic random class, improve the efficiency of teaching the most effective way is to understand the problems of classroom teaching experience and worth promoting this end, our school there are teachers in every Monday at random one week on the computer of lectures arranged.

2, a serious review of teaching my school bi-weekly Executive Council, the main content is to study the problems of classroom teaching, each middle-level cadres to their respective class to listen to each comment, summarize the pros and cons, ask questions and finally by the UNESCO Room summarized worthy of reflection and study.

3, rigorous course management. My school from the "allow students to live a moral life on campus," starting to require every teacher Shanghao school curriculum within each class, each and every subject, allow any person under any pretext, transfer courses are free for any reason, from the perspective of life and growth, the development of services for the student's life, which is more than a new bright spot in the East Central Primary School.

4, the standard collective classes. The majority of young teachers in my school, the teachers in terms of overall quality, as is a second-rate team, we do not have "star", only by the overall strength of the implementation of peer support, Xu Weiguo The President made the beginning of the "stronger teaching and research, the quality of scientific management," the slogan of the action, and put into the implementation. require every single teaching and research content of each lesson preparation, lesson plans focus on the implementation of discipline integration, implementation of collective classes three aspects: first, individual preparation, the formation of the case; then group classes, the formation of plans; and practice of reflection, so that through the collective classes, share their experience with each other, learn from each other, help each other to form a joint force.

Second, school-based research to improve the professionalism of teachers.

Our school curriculum around the new context of classroom teaching problems, to carry out the following work.

(1) read the classics of education, teachers lead the growth of new ideas. In order to improve the education of young teachers in my school theoretical knowledge, our school in 2004, requires that every time a young teacher education in the classics, to pay a monthly reading notes, This consistently leads the professional development of teachers in this school year I still continue to carry out.

(2) studies, a new management point of view our school I school principal's office, Dean's Office, Jiao Keshi asked every teacher in the classroom problems into research subjects, to carry out the professionalism of teachers, but also to promote the development of the school.

(3) research to guide professional growth of teachers of the growing point. Beginning of the semester, our school focus on school and municipal issues, set up a research group, research organizations, teachers collectively. The principal's office to join the group of people to encourage teachers to education and scientific research, requiring teachers to learning, practice, integrating the three research The school carried out the main issues surrounding the school to declare the work of small research and many young teachers to establish educational blog.

(4) innovation and research system, leading the teachers continue to grow. The beginning of school, our school through institutional innovation, and promote the professional development of teachers. Ideal for teacher professional development should become a professional teacher of daily life permeate every aspect of professional conduct, and with with teachers, career planning success. To this end, our school has developed a <<teacher to go out, study tours >>,<< mentoring system, the system >>,<< classroom honing system>> professional development for teachers provide an institutional guarantee.

Third, the pragmatic. Insist Aoyama do not relax.

My school adhere to the "pursuit of excellence, advocating class, Arts and harmony, focus on characteristics of" teaching values. Quality management both aspirational, but also down to earth.

(1) to carry out a scholarly class activities, we established in the last academic year on the basis of scholarly campus, to promote the deepening of class to carry out scholarly work every moment of the afternoon warm up the teacher, the students read the famous classics that everyone sitting in a classroom. And writer Huang Beijia invited to make a report to my school. in order to promote scholarly activities on campus.

(2) to carry out educational activities poetic this semester, my school in the last school year, based on further enrich the students to carry out the activities of national cultural heritage, asked me to school every language teacher to the students to recommend some ancient poems students to recite, appreciation, cultivate sentiments of students, students' spiritual world.

(3) to carry out hierarchical teaching activities school requires each teacher to do this work a solid, well-designed exercises, to the Dean's Office to pay a monthly exercises. And the establishment of the school's teaching database.

(4) to carry out the quality of the classroom activities the school requires every teacher well-designed, well-school, carefully marking, careful counseling, stronger, with practical actions to implement the City Board of Education Work Conference.

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School Work Plan