2010 work plan for school safety

In 2010, the city's school safety plan to Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents" as guidance, in-depth study and implement the spirit of the Seventeenth Party Congress, closely around the city to promote sound and rapid development of education of the "five thousand six hundred seventy-eight "working ideas, adhere to the" safety first, prevention first, "the basic principle, in accordance with the requirements of building peace and harmony on campus, the school safety plan with the city's real, and levels of target responsibilities to improve safety management and sense of responsibility efforts to ensure "a target" (ie, resolutely put an end of major accidents, to avoid accidents and reduce general, striving not an accident), highlighting the strengthening of rural poor school work and students left the safety of the daily management of the "two key" to continue to strengthen schools, families and society "tripartite responsibility," focus their efforts on "four areas" to improve the city's school safety management, the city's education system to ensure security and stability, continue to run the people satisfied with the educational, economic and social good and for the Zigong quick to make new contributions to this year to focus their efforts on the four tasks are as follows:

First, focus their efforts on institution building, establishing a secure long-term mechanism

1 earnestly implement the general system security. Schools to improve, based on the strict implementation of school safety, "A Pair of responsibility" system, regular inspection system security risk, security incident reporting system, school canteens and health management system, school bus safety management system, organizational system of collective activity, the students daily management system, management system, student dormitories, a large group activities such as examination and approval system work system.

(2) careful preparation of practical security plan. Schools should integrate their own reality, to seriously implement the <<Zigong City public education system, emergency plans>> requirements, one by one perfect school safety emergency plan, and through practical exercises, enhance the scientific plan, targeted and operable.

3. Actively improve the school safety evaluation system. City Board of Education will further improve the <<Zigong annual county goal of Education safety assessment rules>> and <<Zigong immediate objective assessment of the annual school safety rules>> by examination assessment rules seriously and resolutely implement the "vote veto system." The county educational administrative departments and schools should improve the safety evaluation system, and gradually establish a long-term safety management system.

Second, focus their efforts on education and training, improve student safety and prevention capability

4. Earnestly safety education into the classroom, schools must set up the required safety education classes, and actively carry out the "safety knowledge into the campus", "looking around security risk" and other theme events, and effectively improve students' safety awareness and prevention. One by one develop contingency plans for school safety, self-help organizations, teachers and students to carry out safety drills. really good job in the national primary and secondary safety education, the National Safety Month, "119" on such topics as fire prevention publicity and education activities outside class with practical, positive organizations to improve primary and secondary self-protection, self-help, prevention, escape ability as the main content of the educational activities.

5 active students in legal education programs, the school should strengthen public security, judiciary, contact the campus to implement the rule of law and legal counselor, vice principal, active fire protection, transportation, drug control, prevention of juvenile delinquency such as education, improve their response to social accidents and illegal abuse prevention awareness and ability.

6 special attention to the prevention of drowning and other educational content, according to the city in recent years, the occurrence of accidents of young students, the schools should pay special attention to strengthening privately under Hetang swimming, road traffic, up and down the corridor, student dormitories, off-campus group activities, etc. safety education, and good daily habits of students education to take advantage of the school opening ceremony, the flag assembly, class morning meeting, class meetings, ceremonies and other casual study time for students to focus on education, the use of parents, home visits, parent notices, etc. would enhance communication and contact with parents.

7 continue to strengthen the security management team training the county Bureau of Education and school safety training to include principals, teachers, annual training plan, to continue into teacher education programs this year, City Board of Education will be held beginning in the second principal campus safety special training, district County Board of Education under the jurisdiction of primary school principals to complete the (kindergarten) campus safety special training schools to organize teachers, security staff and logistics services to seriously study <<Sichuan school safety management practices>> and other laws and regulations and school safety security plans, security practitioners to carry out the appropriate knowledge and skills training.

Third, focus their efforts on the implementation of measures to strengthen the routine management of campus security

8. Prominence to strengthen the security of the rural poor school work to enhance school safety in remote rural poor as a priority this year's work. Efforts to increase civil air defense, anti-matter, anti-technology investment to address the campus closed, guard staffing, hardware standard canteen, toilets reasonable construction and other issues; policies and regulations to strengthen safety education, officials and teachers in rural schools to improve safety awareness; implement the education department's regulatory responsibilities, to open the school, holidays and major holidays, check the urge to go deep into every small village and private kindergarten , to highlight the weak school supervision rectification.

9 outstanding students left the daily management to strengthen, according to security incidents in recent years, statistical analysis of the city's students, rural students are the worst-hit people left behind. The county, the school should continue with "stay the students' love to carry out actions to strengthen ties with their guardians, signed students left custody of the book. students left the school should strengthen mental health education, engage in more targeted safety feature educational activities, and effectively improve the "stay the students' ability to self-awareness and prevention while increasing and town (township), Village, group cooperation to enhance "stay the students' safety education and management.

10. Strengthen the management of campus security guard Press <<School Kindergarten Security Measures>> and <<Sichuan school safety management approach>> requirements, schools are in session, to close the campus, visitors insist on visiting inquiry conducted registration to prevent foreign personnel to enter the campus for no reason, prevent opportunistic criminals to harm the school staff and students. without the guard room of the school to quickly set up to implement the staff on duty, the township schools to the security guard of the rapid implementation of the work carry out "against the tool into the campus' special events active investigation and resolve campus security risks.

11. Strengthen students living on campus security management plan, and sound management system, student dormitories, dormitory administrators to enhance security awareness education and management responsibility for training to improve student dormitory management services, adhere to Chaye and accompany sleep system, good management of student dormitories records, pay attention to student dormitories clean and infectious disease prevention and control, strengthen student dormitory electricity, fire, equipment and facilities and other aspects of investigation and remediation of security risks.

12. Strengthen the school corridor safety management. In strict accordance with the provincial education department <<school corridor Security Measures>> requirements, the school corridor and improve safety management system, effective implementation of relevant personnel responsibilities, attach great importance to recess, study, focus on school large-scale group activities time and emergency evacuation corridor safety, to arrange for someone to step up patrols, and the organization repeated the exercise for there is no solid fence installation, a high degree of non-compliance, the slope and stair stepping height, width does not meet specifications, stair step not shown on the center line of identity, no "right-hand slow" logo on the study corridor is no emergency lighting and other risks, to immediate rectification to ensure that no hidden corridor facilities.

13. Strengthen the food safety program management. Strict school canteen and staff qualification review, strict canteen supply channel, adhere to try and stay kind of system test, and resolutely prevent students from food poisoning incidents, increase supervision, actively to carry out activities in the school cafeteria standards, strengthen rural schools, health and safety infrastructure, improving rural schools, canteens, toilets and other sanitary conditions.

14. Strengthen campus fire safety management. To continue the education system fire hazard survey management work, and continuously improve the early fire fighting units and guide the evacuation capability, improve facilities and safety of automatic fire evacuation facilities, complete with common fire-fighting equipment, improve Fire safety partition layout, and never allowed inside the school and students Luanla Luanche wire candle in the quarters, cooking and firmly curb the school Qunsiqunshang of major fires, especially fires.

15. Strengthen the management of primary and secondary nursery school bus accordance with Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Provincial Department of Education requirements to be completed by March this year, the province's primary and secondary nursery dedicated school bus and spraying the appearance of identity issued by non-specific signs of working. The county Education to cooperate with public security departments do a good job within the jurisdiction of the school bus centralized diagnostic investigation, detailed grasp the basic conditions within the jurisdiction of the school bus, school bus drivers strict qualification examination, do a good job of spraying and signs of identification issued work resolutely stopped school bus overcrowding or other traffic violations, to crack down on rural areas, as assembled cars, scrap cars, lorries, tractors and illegal operation of buses shuttle students to and from school behavior, education, and students discovered the traffic police department to report to public security.

16. Strengthen the Police School education work in schools should conscientiously implement the Ministry of Public Security, "eight steps" and the Ministry of Education, "six steps", press "Police School education" work requirements, and actively enhance cooperation with police to improve traffic sign set the school of Education Office of the Police Academy building to 100%, improve network security defense construction, good governance around the campus in front of the security environment.

Fourth, focus their efforts on risk regulation, strengthen supervision and inspection evaluation efforts

17. The strengthening of key risks of the investigation and remediation of this year to continue to strengthen the school gates security safety, safety corridor, dormitory safety, health and safety of school canteens, school teaching and other aspects of workplace safety hazards for investigation and remediation. Schools should strengthen security checking and correcting themselves, adhere to good security risks on the system and check records for the existence of problems and timely treatment, remediation will be hidden in the bud.

18. Strengthen the focus on seasonal inspection and supervision work of the county Bureau of Education and schools to strengthen the school to open in spring and autumn, the Ching Ming Festival, May Day, 61, National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, New Year's Day, Chinese New Year holiday before the end of school safety and work of self-examination, City Board of Education will conduct a special inspection the same time, continue to adhere "to the school must check security" working principles, to strengthen the usual school safety inspection.

19. Increase the security responsibility for the accident of accountability efforts. School because of poor management there are serious security risks do not change the long delay, and the occurrence of safety accidents, the City Board of Education will be responsible Treatment of efforts to increase staff, the responsible unit of the year objective assessment of strict implementation of "vote veto system." The county Bureau of Education to strengthen the area of ​​school safety supervision, guidance to schools to improve the management level, improve the management system, improvement security risks, to prevent major accidents, to minimize the general accident, for no accidents.

20. To make concerted efforts to create a whole society, mutual supervision of school safety work pattern. School Safety management is a community project, relations to social harmony and the happiness of thousands of families, especially the students off-campus safety, but also the whole society and parents together. education administration department according to <<Sichuan school safety management approach>> requirements, and actively report on school safety to the local government work, and strive to be incorporated into the government target assessment, implementation of the relevant departments of the responsibility. Schools announced the school to Safety monitoring telephone to students and parents signed letters of responsibility for security management, and actively with the community (village) and the relevant departments to contact in the safety of students to clarify their respective responsibilities in the management, mutual supervision, and join forces together to create a society Qizhua condominium, mutual supervision of a new pattern of school safety.

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