Work plan for the new school year Pham Van

According to 2009 summary of the work, continuous improvement in the quality of work carried out based on a work plan for the new year .2010, is the security to enter the final sprint of the year of change, but also the security challenges facing the development of the year. This We must earnestly sum up work in 2009 based on a profound understand the current situation, identify the pulse of the market, weaknesses, focus on "enhancing the management level, to speed up security and development" as the center, concerted efforts to achieve the business healthy, the rapid development of the new school year work plan is as follows:

The new school year, we focus on "deepening the new curriculum reform, strengthen education and scientific research, to further strengthen the campus, campus culture to create a good, practical good moral work to further improve the level of school education, the highest class of students, teachers, first-class elite "to carry out.

Continue to do regular school work with honest government, comprehensive management, security, creation, family planning for the assessment of quality.

Do practical work plan for moral education, according to this year's meeting of the city's moral spirit, further improving the school moral education work plan. Updating moral concepts, implementation < >, With the actual school work out my real life education in the school system and the content of active system, strengthen ideological and moral lesson of this school moral education work the main channel. The moral teaching of integrating the various disciplines, throughout all aspects of education. further enhance the campus culture of moral taste. foster Virtue, by moral people, the concept of moral self-cultivation, and further improve the code of conduct for pupils day to day, the revised organizational learning <<routine code of conduct for students>> to form a correct opinion build a good moral environment of the campus. to establish and improve school, family, community three-pronged moral mechanism, the formation of moral force. to build non-utilitarian moral evaluation mechanisms.

Grasp the main classroom curriculum reform, teacher-student interaction and further research, activities in the form and substance, the use of curriculum and materials processing, further research and development-based issues. Study the theme of "teaching is the key to break the subconscious among teachers leadership role in the language of instruction, instructional design and education, devote great efforts on wit, so any time really 'learning theory to teach', attention to classroom students are not in tune, to give them more 'love', ' trust 'and a smile ", through curriculum reform to further promote the professional growth of teachers. good results to the other grades curriculum penetration of radiation to other brothers and schools. for one to open in 2010, the city's second large-scale discussion of curriculum reform will The school curriculum will be introduced incentive reward system to promote the curriculum for the deepening of the system while doing data collection and collation curriculum work.

Strengthen education and scientific research, do four of fifteen years following the teacher everyone has issues, issues for a second prize and was awarded a city more than all the teachers and further research to establish a strong research school legislation and school awareness continue to focus on education and scientific research staff training, role play Jiao Keshi, train a number of key teachers to teach scientific Try-year group co-operation preparation, electronic lesson preparation.

Promote the professional growth of teachers. Our goal is to be professional teachers in the disciplines: the subject knowledge experts, have a solid academic foundation, a broad academic perspective, and constantly updated knowledge, cutting-edge sense of the academic pursuit in professional education do: grasp the true meaning of education, the development of students to understand the laws of science hold modern educational technology, students with love, care for students, serious and responsible for the quality of students in short, the school will promote the professional growth of teachers working for the new year focus, so that our teachers become subject knowledge and pedagogical experts, which is to develop first-class students and first-class foundation of the school.

Enhance the campus infrastructure, canteen restaurant in the first half of next year and two playground projects, solve the difficult problem of food, while the higher authorities to which the school teacher living quarters for the door and the janitor's room in this project is planned to 2005 basically completed the school's campus. back to the higher authorities for additional school facilities, equipment, hardware costs, further improve the working conditions change, try the paperless office.

Strengthen the campus culture, schools, every place, each building, flowers should be educating people everywhere in the school corridor and channel placement on the student's art work. The second half, to declare four of Education school campus and green star.

New year full of challenges and opportunities the new year's work as "first-class school" as the center, and work hard to strengthen reform, further promote quality education.

School Work Plan