2010 work plan for high school winter break Pham Van

During the winter of 2010 work plan for secondary schools is a job site by the students collected more fresh, it is a work program on the school winter vacation in the work plan for the article, for reference only.

And other relevant departments under the County Board of Education to inform the work on the spirit of winter and the actual situation of our school for all students to achieve and counties propose to spend a "safe, healthy, happy, useful," the winter life goals, the school party a careful discussion and deployment, to determine a work plan for this year's winter vacation, the specific plan are:

1, the unity of thinking, awareness-raising. School to all staff Chuanda county departments working paper on the spirit of good winter vacation this year, thereby improving everyone's understanding of work to do this winter, and strive to schools in open places of the quantity and quality there are new breakthroughs, teachers work in the community, home visits breakthroughs guide students in self-management, self-education system there are new breakthroughs.

2 school ceremony in the bulk concrete activities required of students with special emphasis on safety and health. To enable the community to care about their children learn and live in the winter, the school sent to parents of each student <<To the parents of the open letter>> to inform the school in the winter in the event arrangements and specific requirements for students to call attention all parents care about their children learn and live in the winter.

3, Township Board of Education took the initiative to report to the school the school winter vacation plans. Winter weeks the first week of home visits for teachers, requiring students per teacher home visits during the holidays, especially the head teacher ratio of not less than 30% of home visits, the proportion of newborn home visits, not less 50%. admonishing the object of focus, in addition to class teachers help and education, but also by the school branch, administrative leadership, party members and teachers, help and education were clear responsibility to the people, often to understand the flow of assistance and education activities of the object. admonishing, adhere to the affection firmly under the great efforts of the painstaking efforts to prevent crimes from happening students. for special family children, orphans, disabled students, particularly students from poor families and students with mental disabilities be given special care, assistance and guidance to enrich their winter vacation and take the initiative to contact the village cadres, the concrete implementation of key measures to help and educate the object of helpers.

4, the importance of parents in the winter the guiding role of the child, parents will be held good, and guide parents to a healthy mind and character to create a good family atmosphere, urge their children to complete the layout of the winter school work and reading programs.

5, in the winter break in the school insisted on opening up libraries, reading rooms, laboratories and computer rooms and other features classrooms, teachers and students a rich and vibrant cultural life of winter, in the process strengthen management.

6, the continuing interest in the Sichuan earthquake healthy growth of minors.

Schools to carry out conscientiously do a good job "and hit students spend Lunar New Year" in communications activities, requiring each student to Dujiangyan before the Chinese New Year Green Lake nine-month school teachers and students personally write a letter of sympathy or encouragement, and made a write Zeng Yan's Chinese New Year greeting cards. learning to overcome the disaster affected children, study hard, indomitable courage, to encourage them to continue to maintain a positive, optimistic spirit. all the condolence letters, greeting cards sent to Dujiangyan, a unified Department of Education, in the return address marked "Dujiangyan Bureau of Education transferred the ninth grade on Lake Villa School", Dujiangyan Education Code is 611830, the New Year by way of letters sent to Dujiangyan, the hands of students and teachers partner together to spend a warm winter. after winter vacation , class and data summary of the situation at the political and religious.

7, to carry out "good teenagers of Honor" series of practical experience activities, cultivating morality, and establish a good boy image Chongming Hai Island, winter vacation this year's theme is: The peer traffic civilization. Through the organization of students "view of the scene, investigation itself, row hidden, "the civilized travel experience that the church is the safety of students walking, cycling safety, security, travel, through thematic activities, to both improve their moral standards, but also improve the ability of students to self-protection purposes. schools to carry out one of the five activities, open a class meeting, the elders wrote a letter to parents, engage in an experience activities and to be a traffic safety advocacy volunteers to participate in a essay competition, after school class to make two essay Politics Department, school selection, and elected Excellent essay selection to participate in the county.

8, promote the "honor their parents, respect elders" and the fine traditional Chinese virtues.

From the "honor their parents, respect elders," starting to require each student to their parents, elders and the elderly in the community do a good deed in return for his family, the elders in the process of return increased awareness and social responsibility thanks to experience a harmonious home warm. requires each student to carry out "and Grandpa to share the sun, and my grandmother laugh in unison" theme activities in the winter around the Spring Festival, the home of parents, elders and the elderly to send a blessing to share their grandchildren. should be warm into the community, in particular, nursing homes and other social service agencies, to enable students to enter nursing home, approached the "Grandpa and Grandma," public service activities with the rich, elderly people infected with the youth and vitality, love and blessings sent to them.

9, launching the "product of taste, look of custom, show image" of the national traditional festivals and education. Spring is our students to experience Chinese culture and national spirit of the golden opportunity, we must seize this opportunity to carry out a variety of practical experience activities. schools require preparation, first, the second reading of a good student, "Reading Chinese traditional festivals to help parents with the preparation stocking, sweeping festival to participate in family activities, learn to do a Chinese New Year dinner, with their parents writing couplets couplets, accompany their parents to join stay up and listen to the sound of firecrackers New Year's Eve, New Year's parents feel the Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year note from the diary in the form of knowledge and feelings, writing on the changes in family holiday meals, understanding of the reform and opening up to change the school engage in writing competitions, after school at cross-Politics , class two. each class students can produce their own lanterns to the campus after school to participate in assessment activities. use of the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival and other traditional

10, plans to increase the safety education programs and legal education efforts. Focus on the state to make students aware of the specific provisions of fireworks, know the safe use of gas, electrical and fire, theft, deception and other life-threatening when the self-protection awareness and coping skills. to consciously obey the traffic rules, walking and cycling to regulate behavior. education students do not play with fire, do not play firecrackers, to prevent accidents, to carry out legal education, to guide students to abide by social morality and daily code of conduct, education students are not entering the business of Internet cafes and entertainment venues.

11, carried out "with the Expo peers, to dream come true" as the theme essay competition requirements: use your eyes to observe, discover things around and highlight words 800 words.

The counselor also asked to write Eagles squadron of essay, limited genre, word count limitation. These two essay, pay the school after school Youth League.

12, the teacher asked each student carefully arranged the job done, learning tasks for the new semester for effective review and preview.

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