During the winter of 2010 work plan for primary Pham Van

To enable students to spend a "safe, healthy, happy, good" winter, especially following the 2010 proposed work plan during the school winter vacation:

First, start the holiday working mechanism

1, the working mechanism of the school holidays start, to set up a president as head of various functional departments of the school and class teacher as a member of the joint working group of the primary school winter vacation, seriously implement the <<Shanghai, a number of young students, working holiday requirements>>. winter to a "safe, healthy, happy and useful" as the theme, solid and effective work, enable students to spend a fun and rewarding winter.

2, focusing on the behavior of deviant students assistance and education.

In the calendar year, winter and summer of regular home visits, based on on-line regulations deviant students were home visits. According to Department of Education requirements for the work, this winter the first week (January 17 ~ ~ January 23 as the home visits weekly. Therefore, the class teacher This class should be more than 80% of students in telephone interviews, and Yue Fang and visit, and make a record. home visits weeks in particular, rules on the class assembly line of deviant students were Yuefang and visits to the parents (guardians, introducing the students in the school regulations deviant the performance of the deviant students with the average child of different where you are, go to the parents make clear the consequences of child development, and parents work together to find the reasons for the child to deviant to explore ways to help solve the correction for the benefit of the winter break in the parents (guardians the help of educational supervision, and gradually into the normal life of the track. classroom teachers to the discipline students with learning difficulties in the parents (guardians Yuefang or visits to, and parents (guardians of the child to work together to find the reasons for learning difficulties, to discuss good way to solve the child with learning difficulties.

3, the importance of parents in the winter in guiding their children's education

1, do not educate their children leave school in the holidays, serious efforts to complete the winter operations, and carry out reading a good book, write a reading experience activities, through "reading, thinking, meeting, training" to improve the child's cultural heritage.

2, the education of the primary school children continue to practice together students, "Today, the Plan of Action", and fostering the child's "ten" good practice ethical behavior, practice the national spirit, growing and improving all aspects of children's literacy, to grow up to meet the social, based society, contributing to society lay a good foundation.

3, parents should take a healthy thinking, behavior and create a healthy family atmosphere, children in a healthy family atmosphere to develop healthy lifestyle habits, know how to cherish, respect, gratitude and self-confidence, learning whatever home cooking can for parents and relatives by a hard, add a nice, send a family.

4, we must increase the intensity of safety education programs, knowing the safe use of gas, electrical and fire, theft and other life-threatening self-protection awareness and application skills, do not play fireworks, firecrackers and other hazardous materials and other knives, swords, guns and other toys Equipment: visiting friends and relatives and go out to observe traffic safety rules, do not enter the thinking of health and endanger the health of Internet cafes and other commercial places of entertainment.

5, guide their children to carry out "I'm building a new countryside" and other series of educational activities, through a walk, listen, look, think, write a new socialist countryside to experience the achievements, set today, I honest man, hard to study, grow lofty aspirations to serve the motherland.

4, open places of work to strengthen school management. The school open to students in the winter inside the library, reading rooms, laboratories, computer rooms and other features classrooms, teachers and students a rich and vibrant cultural life of winter. Called on students to leave, through the forms, active exercise, strengthen health and improve their physique. school places in a timely manner during the open day to strengthen management, handle the relationship between security and open space. To ensure the safety of students, in principle, the activities of our school sites only open to students.

Attachment: Hop Hing primary venue opening hours on duty.

Note the opening hours duty manager

Winter guard every day from 9:30 am to 11:00 am, on administrative duty who dedicated room teacher


1, place back in school activities should properly before opening the safety inspection facilities and equipment to develop an open process of security measures.

2, the duty manager on duty managed to put in place to prevent accidental injury, such as major incidents must be reported as required in a timely manner.

Second, the implementation of education programs Thanksgiving

1, will continue to Sichuan earthquake healthy growth of minors.

Good conduct "and hit students spend Lunar New Year" in communications activities, and actively organize every student with the help of the parents before and after the Chinese New Year to Dujiangyan Green Lake nine-year teachers and students on hand to write a condolence letter or made a were encouraged to write and Chinese New Year Zengyan New Year cards. learning to overcome the disaster affected children, study hard, indomitable courage, to encourage them to continue to maintain a positive, optimistic, and uplifting spirit. all the condolence letters, greeting cards, send a unified education in Dujiangyan, Sichuan Bureau, Postal Code 611830 in the return address marked "Department of Education transferred Tsui Dujiangyan nine schools on the lake," the blessings of the New Year by way of letters sent to Dujiangyan, the hands of students and teachers partner together to spend a warm winter. communication schools in the school after winter vacation, based on the report the county will leave office.

2, the building of a caring atmosphere, with special family minor children, in pairs, to the children of migrant workers, children of single parent families, poor families, children or other minors, mentally retarded children sent to New Year's sincere concern and good wishes. School teachers, Murai Committee cadres to carry out related activities for minors to provide information to help connect and guide young people help each other to carry out exchange activities, festive in a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere of love and gratitude to convey, and create a whole society to care about minors healthy growth, good atmosphere.

3, the school should be concerned about during the Spring Festival to help our young people with disabilities, children of poor families, divorced families, to do something practical for them to solve some problems, let them feel the warmth of social collective.

Fourth, to carry out special education

1, carry out the "good teenagers of Honor" series of practical experience activities, cultivating morality, and establish a good boy image Chongming Hai Island, 2009's theme is: Action World Expo six hundred days, small hands holding a large hand, with the civilized people do. Five specific good one: a good start a class meeting, the elders sent a letter to parents, an experience to carry out activities and to be a transportation advocacy volunteers to participate in a road safety quiz. This year's theme is winter: Civilization and transport counterparts. through the organization of students "view of the scene, checking its own and exclusive risk" of civilized travel experience that the church is the safety of students walking, cycling safety, security, travel, activities by subject, to not only improve their moral standards, and improve student self- The purpose of retaining capacity. winter, you can in the "<to parents a letter>> in the proposals, the proposed participation of parents and children, parents set an example for the children, led by the good hands of civilized people to do traffic. on the basis of the activities Third - fifth grade essay carried out, after school class outstanding articles selected 3-5 in the Feb. 10 essay submitted at the school moral education, by screening evacuation County holidays to do, to participate in county-level selection.

2, promote the "honor their parents, respect elders" and the fine traditional Chinese virtues

From the "honor their parents, respect elders," starting to encourage children to parents and elders in the community for the elderly and then to do something good in return for his family, the elders in the process of return increased awareness and social responsibility thanks to experience the warmth of a harmonious home. each class to guide students to "share the sunshine and grandfather, and grandmother chorus of laughter" theme, in the winter around the Spring Festival, the home of parents, elders and the elderly to send a blessing to share their grandchildren. but also to the warm into the community, especially the nursing home and other public service organizations, students into the nursing home, approached the "Grandpa and Grandma," public service activities with the rich, elderly people infected with the youth and vitality, love and blessings sent to them.

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