Primary teaching and research in the 2010 Plan

2010 work plan is a primary teaching and research work on the school plan, work of party building advice, teaching and research, the working units of the views of articles edited by the graduating students collected job site for reference purposes only.

First, the guiding ideology

Implementation of national, provincial and Suzhou municipal working conference of basic education to students of innovation and practical ability to focus, to classroom teaching as the center, pay close attention to ideological education, updates, exploration of teaching and research, closely around the school work plan " fifth, "the three research topic, a solid work.

Second, the main work

1, a serious theoretical study of teacher organizations.

2, earnestly carry out the new curriculum teaching and research activities.

3, the positive declaration to participate in municipal teaching and research activities.

4, increase UNESCO work process management.

5, to carry out further research.

6, the small village of concrete to guide the research.

7, refining, teachers recommended articles published.

8, edited the school magazine

Third, specific measures

(A complete network of organizations, strengthen the building

We always know that only a modern education with a view to master modern educational technology, higher education level and the level of teaching and research faculty, the school can develop. Therefore, the establishment of UNESCO to continue the work of the school leadership group, as set by the President in charge of long, grasping system integration discipline research. to further improve the Jiao Keshi, with part-time member of UNESCO. further improve the "fifth" Task Force, the establishment of the research team of teachers involved in the roster, a staff, so that each participant clarify their objectives and tasks. responsibility to the people, the task to the people. school every teacher should have a "everyone engaged in scientific research," the concept, and strive to grow into a "research" Teachers, teaching and research work for the school advice.

(B establish rules and regulations, standardize management of UNESCO

1, improve the learning system theory

Schools continue to set up the study of theory in each grade group, according to "Five of" required activities.

(1 set content: every teacher taught according to their self-study courses to the new curriculum standards for all subjects, and further changes in teaching concepts, to improve teaching methods. At the same time selectively read some of the reform frontier of theoretical articles, updated ideas, learn from successful experiences, to help teaching.

(2 given time: In addition to the theory of the unified arrangement of the school study time, each teacher 2 hours a week for his theory of learning time.

(3 statutory requirements: often write essays Zatan, case studies, lessons learned, case order, requiring young people under the age of 40 teachers have completed 12,000 word article excerpt class experience, with at least two thousand words of quality articles, places of worship Rookie, teaching writing at least three experts of quality articles, over 40 teachers in an appropriate reduction to complete the 8,000 word article excerpt experience, quality of paper, at least one. once every two weeks.

(4 fixed exchange: Each study group meet once per semester to study exchange program, the term the school will continue to organize the new curriculum standards on the topic of theoretical study sessions.

(5 fixed assessment: final strength by the UNESCO organized a comprehensive inspection at the theory of learning, the educational theory test questions, UNESCO assessment results.

Learning system in improving the theory, we will regularly post to the theoretical study of recommendation, exchange activities organized by theoretical study, and invited experts to the school guidance teacher, the organization of thematic report, the majority of teachers to provide learning and exchange opportunities.

2, the establishment of regular discussion system

This semester we will discuss the subject further establish the system. Beginning of the semester to develop the research plan, establish term objectives, arrangements for the Seminar on Wednesday biweekly time, noon to discuss the specified time, concentrate on doing records, to assemble the first first-hand information.

(C, deepening UNESCO study, research and process optimization

1, through the study of classroom teaching, to organically combine teaching and research.

Each teacher in their own teaching practice, should focus on relevant topics to explore, summarize, in their teaching to be research, reflected. Seminar topics and courses to combine teaching and research activities so that teachers can not only some achievements in the research, but also emerge in the teaching activities.

2, involved in similar research collaborative group activities

The subject of our school are "creative education" category, the city Department of collaborative group activities organized my school's teaching and research to provide the information, providing staff, the backbone of teachers we will actively participate in such activities to promote our school's research work level.

(D do a good job activities to promote development activities

1, the positive declaration of UNESCO to participate in municipal activities

This semester I declare to participate in municipal school teaching and research activities, research activities carried out research group hope that through this event to further promote our school's research process, but also provide teachers with a study and research opportunities.

2, organize the textbooks that teachers at all levels and types of essay competition.

This semester, we will continue to organize teachers in various competitions and to allow teachers to the usual essay Essay, lessons learned and refined in time be recognized. Continue to organize the township papers tournament, hoping to stand out in the competition the quality of some articles .

(Five good SOCIAL results, strengthening the position of Construction

1 run magazines, to further improve the <<to pursue>> quality.

2, to enhance teachers study concluded, on the thesis writing.

3, gradually increase the quality of publications published articles.

4, using a good position to publicize the school's research results, school results.

Third, the work


1, the work plan to develop Jiao Keshi

2, do the research phase

3, the development of theoretical study plan

1, organizational teacher learning <"New Curriculum Reading>>

2, tissue grade math teacher to write a test version of the instructional design, teaching cases


1, a new teaching grade language seminars

2, the theoretical study exchange


1, the language of Papers Competition

2, on-site essay contest

3, case appraisal of natural subjects


1, Art Festival

2, the sports festival

3, Social, English Paper Competition


1, learning organization theory exam

School Work Plan