How to write a work plan for 2009 schools

How to write a work plan for 2009 schools? In 2009, our school will be Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of Three Represents, a pointer, further promote the 'All for children, for our children of all, for all kids' school of thought, will' be a man, will live, will learn, will be Fitness, will be in practice, will innovation 'goal of educating people break down and implement every aspect of school work, to continue moving towards a' people's satisfaction with the education to do 'in this school goal, and strive to create this year,' county-level model schools' success . To accomplish the above tasks, the school will work on the following eight areas:
        1, aspiration and the building
        1, to the moral code of conduct for teachers, teachers are not allowed to conduct six teachers and other related information for their aspiration and construction materials, on a regular basis to carry out learning activities.
        2, perfect 'teacher aspiration and assessment program', 'teachers, their aspiration and construction management approach', regular inspection, funny hard-assessment, the implementation of reward and punishment.
        3, to carry out the tree 'aspiration and' pacesetter activities in the selected group of teachers in the building of their aspiration and achieved remarkable results in teachers, as teachers, role models, to drive a typical round.
        4, enhanced sense of ownership and training, so that 'school-hing, I-wing, school bad I shame' the concept of in-depth teachers in mind, to become teachers, work, study and living source of motivation.
        Second, teacher's professional skill improve
        A good job in organizing 'Please come in and go out' events. Are invited to the effectiveness of educational reform, teaching remarkable achievements of the well-known teachers to school-sponsored seminars. Send out a positive school teachers to participate in various training and teaching demonstration and other activities.
        2, make full use of online resources for school teacher's professional skill training.
        3, active in school-based training, a good 'pass, to help with' activities. For substitute teachers in my school there are a lot of novice situation, in teaching and research at the meeting, the school re-elect all grades paragraphs difficult as a breakthrough, so that as soon as possible into the role of novice and master the appropriate teaching methods.

        3, the students work plan for moral education
        1, to continue to implement a 'commentary on the activities of', 'Red Scarf Gang activity monitor', and refining activities, rules, and to strengthen efforts to implement the inspection in order to regulate student behavior.
        2, to carry out the theme squadron activities. Necessary moral character of students in a thematic decomposition of refined squadron activities to develop, such as 'tolerance is a virtue', 'striving to be trustworthy little citizen,' and other activities.
        3, continue to improve the 'Young Pioneers radio stations' construction. Open up for students to taste, be able to show the students talent sections, such as: essay shows, stories, salon, school newsletter, recognition station.
        4, every Monday flag-raising ceremony was held. Focus on国旗下讲话 this part, combined with the theme week squadron to enhance the students education.
        5, improve the campus culture, to posters, blackboard and other forms of moral education for the students to create a good environment, and to open up such as 'graffiti wall', etc. for students to demonstrate their talent in small world.
        6, strengthen ties with parents, social communication, to build a school for students, families, social trinity of moral education field.

        4, teaching work plan
        1, do a good job of teaching 'six serious' implementation. Periodic inspection and random sampling combined. Evaluation and examination results and teachers combined.
        2, improve the teacher's teaching performance appraisal program, tease hard to implement rewards and punishments.
        3, to carry out teaching and research in the teaching program of work. To teaching and research led teaching a comprehensive manner.
        4, holding students to pen writing contest.
        5, pay close attention to moral education in the sixth grade program, so that Zhuazao do a good job.
        6, and actively organize teachers and students to participate in the activities of the parent organization of various competitions, and encourage teachers to play out the results.

        5, security work plan
        1, to enhance safety knowledge of education.
        2, the establishment of safe working leading group to develop contingency plan, signed letters of responsibility for security.
        3, to conduct regular safety inspections risks. And remove any security risks.
        4, the completion of construction of multi-purpose buildings.

        6, sports, health work plan
        1, adhere to 'two gymnastics' activities, enhance the physical fitness of students.
        2 held games, gymnastics competitions.
        3, strengthening canteens, canteen monitor the implementation of individual responsibility.

        7, the team, trade union work
        1, to play a team, trade union functions, decision-making for schools to provide advice and recommendations.
        2, full use of the team, trade union cohesion, so that teachers and students拧成一股绳 to promote the progress of various tasks.
        3, active in school work in public.

        8, school logistics work plan
        A strictly implement a fee system for fees.
        2, the school will be a significant expenditure of discussion by the Chief Executive.
        3, frugal and eliminate wasteful spending, such as car rental, free to eat and drink and so on.
        4, first ensure the normal operation of school work, after repayment of previous debts.

        At school faculty work together to practical work, I am convinced that the above eight areas of work will be implemented one by one, the school will be drawn one by one to achieve organizational goals. Zhu Primary brilliant future in our hands will be born.

School Work Plan