How to develop sales plan

How to develop sales plan?
        Before the sale of such a work plan for how to formulate Comments:
        In fact, such problems as the main effect in the absence of help under the brand sales plan to develop the problem.
        First, do a good job market analysis.
        Marketing plan developed based on market conditions over the past year is that the status quo and market analysis.
        Second, finishing marketing ideas.
        Marketing idea is based on market analysis and marketing plan to make the guidance of the 'Spirit' program is the direction of marketing and 'soul', is also a need for frequent sales and implement marketing operations instil ideas.
        Third, establish sales goals.
        Sales target of all marketing, the starting point and goal, therefore, scientific and reasonable sales target setting annual sales plan is the most important and most crucial part.
        Fourth, develop marketing strategies.
        Marketing strategy is marketing strategy and tactics decomposition, is the smooth realization of a strong guarantee for the sales objectives
        Fifth, strengthen the team management.
        1, according to sales personnel need to plan that, according to the annual work plan, reasonable staffing, development of personnel recruitment and training plan.
        2, team management, clearly put forward the slogan of building the team. To build a truly cohesive, centripetal force, fighting, power, a strong deterrent 'Jagged team'.
        Sixth, do a good job cost budget.

Sales Work Plan