2010 sales plan template

Time blink of an eye It took another year, and we have set for ourselves the work of a work plan, but also some distress, plan what to write then? The following will help you solve cases out of a work plan for 2010, sales templates, hope that we can master the work plan to write personal sales skills.
        Sales plan, summarized the lessons of last year, made some mistakes, according to our industry conditions, carefully divided into groups of response to customers looking for more of the corresponding customer list, thereby enhancing work efficiency.
        2010 sales plan is as follows:
        1: For old customers, and fixed customers, we must always keep in touch, in the case of a conditional time, send some small gifts or dinner customers, good stability, and customer relationships.
        2: In the old customers have been from a variety of media, while also more customer information.
        3: You must be a good performance must enhance business learning, broaden their horizons and enrich knowledge, to take diverse forms, the study of the combination of business and communication skills.
        4: this year they have the following requirements
        1: more than a week to increase the X new customers, but also there is a potential X to X clients.
        2: a summary of the week, every month a large knot to work to see what mistakes not to repeat next promptly corrected.
        3: See customer prior to a better understanding of customer's status and needs, and then prepare for the work may not only lose this client.
        4: The customer can not have concealment and deception, so that there will not be loyal customers. On some issues you and your customers have to.
        5: To continue to strengthen the business of learning, more reading, Internet access to relevant information, to exchange with their peers, to learn better ways and means.
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Sales Work Plan