2010 sales plan how to write the book

Li Rui, a noodle company sales manager, since he served in that capacity three years, each year's annual marketing plan has become his 'compulsory', and his style of writing the annual marketing plan book is not only vividly describes the concrete, but also tend to integrate theory with practice, strategy and combat simultaneously, digital and forms pronged, well guided his marketing team, so that an orderly manner in accordance with the annual work plan to carry out marketing efforts have achieved good results, then, Johnny Lam 2010 sales plan how to write it? it, and which aspects of the content?
        The annual sales plans to introduce is based on a market situation over the past year and market analysis of the status quo, while the tools used by Manager Li is now frequently used by business SWOT analysis, that is, the advantages and disadvantages of business analysis and competitive threats and the presence of the opportunity, through the SWOT analysis, Manager Li can understand the pattern and trend of market competition, combined with the shortcomings and opportunities for business, integrate and optimize the allocation of resources to maximize utilization. For example, through market analysis, Manager Li to know clearly the instant noodle market realities and future trends: products (grades) go up, channel down to the (intensive farming and depth of distribution channels), oligopolistic competition in its infancy, the marketing mix strategy will be the next round of competition, and so hot.
        Marketing ideas
        Marketing idea is based on market analysis and marketing plan to make full-year guidance of the 'Spirit' program is the direction of marketing and 'soul', is also the sales department need to educate and implement regular marketing operations concept. On this point, Manager Li developed a specific marketing ideas, which covers the following several aspects:
        1. Establish the full marketing concept, truly reflect the 'marketing, daily life, life marketing-oriented'.
        2. The implementation of the depth distribution, to establish a decisive battle in the end the idea of a planned and focused to guide the operation of the end of the market directly to dealers.
        3. Comprehensive utilization of product, price, access, promotion, communication, and service marketing mix strategy, to create a strong marketing force.
        4. In the market at the operational level, reflects the 'two high a difference', that is, to adhere to 'the operation of differentiation, high prices and high sales' principle, and avoid weaknesses, reflect the unique operating characteristics, and so on. Marketing ideas identification, Manager Li fully integrate the enterprise's real, not only informative, it can be operational, but also with the times, embodies the spirit of innovation and marketing, therefore, in previous annual sales plan, have played a a good guide effect.
        Sales target
        Sales target of all marketing, the starting point and goal, therefore, scientific and reasonable sales target setting annual sales plan is the most important and most crucial part. So, Manager Li is how to develop marketing objectives?
        1. According to the previous year's sales figures, according to a certain increase in the proportion of, for example 20% or 30%, determine the current year's sales.
        2. Sales goal is not only embodied in the specific degree of each month, but also responsibility to each person, to quantify the human, and to specific market segments.
        3. Trade-off sales of the relationship between objectives and profit targets, doing a business-based sales personnel, the specific manifestation is a reasonable product structure, product sales goals down to all levels of specific products. For example, the Manager Li noodle products according to company ABC classification, the proportion of the product structure, positioned in the A (high-priced image-margin products): B (parity, marginal profit on the amount of product): C (low-cost, strategic and cannon fodder products) = 2:3 : 1, in order to better control product sales volume and profit relationships. Confirmation of sales targets, so that the object Manager Li have sprint, but also to have a basis for tracking sales targets, thus contributing to the smooth sales targets to achieve.
        Marketing Strategy
        Marketing strategy is marketing strategy and tactics decomposition, is the smooth realization of business sales goals strong guarantee. Manager Li according to the situation in the operation of the instant noodle industry, combined with his many years of market experience, has developed the following marketing strategy:
        1. Product strategy, adhere to differentiated, take the characteristics and development path, the products enter the market, we should fully reflect the clustering features, to play the core competitiveness of products, forming a strong product portfolio carriers to avoid fighting single-handedly.
        2. Pricing strategy, high-quality, high price, product price to the industry pacesetter in line at the same time, emphasis on product transport radius to 600 km limit, the adoption of 'a set price system, the two rebate model', that is the same price, but the return Li Standards vary according to distance and a different pricing strategy.
        3. Channel strategy, innovative products to make sub-item, sub-channels are operating ideas, in addition to intensive and do the traditional channels, the concentration of material, financial, human resources, capacity and other enterprise resources and large efforts to develop school, community, Internet cafes, Group buy and some other special access, the implementation of comprehensive, three-dimensional breakthrough.
        4. Promotional strategy, in the 'high-priced, high-promotions', based on the pioneering put forward a 'comic promotion' marketing idea, it has the following characteristics: 1, promotion reflects the 'linkage', wide-ranging implications of moving body, which aims to efforts to contain the largest distributor, make full use of their capital, network and all available resources, effectively squeezing out rivals. Second, a chain of at least two or more of sales promotion, such as the accumulation of awards and sales awards also appear inside the box in order to fully attract distributors and end-consumer's eye. 3, promotional products selection principle novelty and singularity, seeks unconventional, that is different with the competing products, through attractive promotional materials, to achieve market 'moving sales', as well as the promotion activation pathway, pathway activated promotional purposes.
        5. Service strategy, the details determine success or failure, in the 'others do not have, people have my excellent, excellent people my new people a new I switch to' train of thought, under the service itself to make greater efforts in the details. Put forward the '5 S 'warmth service commitments, and establish a' close-type ',' nanny-style 'and the concept of service, in the pre-sale, after-sales service to ensure that warm, sincere, one-stop and so on. Through the marketing strategy formulation, Manager Li with confidence, but also the smooth realization of its objectives has made a good start.
        Cost estimates
        Manager Li made the last of the marketing plan is the cost of sales budget. Namely, after the achievement of sales targets, the cost of business inputs-output ratio. For example, the Manager Li where the noodle business, sales target 5 million, of which salary costs: 500 million; travel costs: 300 million; management costs: 100 million; training, hospitality, and other miscellaneous expenses such as 1 million, totaling 10 million yuan . Cost accounting for 2%. Through cost-budget, Manager Li can reasonably be carried out cost control and deployment of resources so that enterprises 'using the best steel blade on the' in order to maximize the utilization of funds of enterprises, so as not to deviate from the market development track.
        Manager Li was doing the annual sales plan, but also made full use of the tool table, for example, the decomposition of sales targets, staff planning, training outline, cost estimates, etc., are all reflected by the form of tables, not only clear but also a comparative reference to nature, so the above is much more intuitive and easy to understand.

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