Back-office work plan for 2010 sales of the book

In May 2009 I entered the company is now selling back-office work to do. During his tenure, I am very grateful to the leadership and support the work of colleagues and spiritual encouragement. With everyone's help, I deeply feel the warmth of a family, I am the shortest possible time into this group, in the work patterns and working methods have been major breakthroughs and changes. Work, I set strict demands on themselves, to do their own jobs. Now I will sum up the past, sales of back-office work and the subsequent sales of back-office work plan for 2010 is as follows:
        First, sales of annual work plans of the office routine work:
        Xx company's sales as a back-office, I know posts Heavy Industries, which also can enhance my own communicative competence. Sales back office is a nexus of communication inside and outside the co-ordination around, contact Octagon's important hub phone users to grasp the latest market information collection, for the sales operations staff do a good job security. Consolidation of documents in a number of phases, the signing of contract of sale, bank mortgage signing of the contract and the necessary information, the user's back to the progress section, the user overdue amount owed, sell cars, and so are some useful decision-making documents, the face of These cumbersome daily affairs, there must be a tail head, self-awareness to enhance coordination, the past six months have basically succeeded in every case.
        Two phases, contract of sale, bank mortgage signing of the contract situation:
        Installment sales contracts at the signing stage, when, for me it can be said to its capability. However, the data and content in completing the same time, be very careful, we all know that the contract legally binding, once the data and content errors, it will cause tremendous losses to the company, in the collection of user data is relatively simple (including: Account book, marriage certificate, identity card and other documents). ? Bank mortgage contract signing, and now is still relatively unfamiliar, as has just been opened bank mortgage, bank mortgages and installment sales contracts Similarly, in the completed data and content at the same time, be very careful, the mortgage contract is more legally binding. However, in the course of a bank mortgage, purchase mortgage loans, the user is an integral part of Heavy Industry, notaries notary, bank loans, Futian the company archive, the company filed the information. These procedures are very important, if not notarized? Banks do not give loans. These areas are closely linked, is an essential part of it. I have retained a residence in the file, we take notaries, banks, Fukuda tripartite essence, we have mortgage loans for banks, there are still some loopholes, I believe that with the gradual deepening of bank mortgage lending, I will do more well, better! (I suggested to organize a training on bank mortgage lending, this is my personal thoughts.)
        Third, keep abreast of the user back to the amount and the amount of overdue arrears situation:
        Xx company's sales as a back-office, I was responsible for the user's back to the amount and the amount of overdue arrears of work, the main contents of overdue arrears for the users, the repayment schedule is timely and related to the company's cash flow and the company's cost-effectiveness, we have To keep abreast of the progress of purchase of users, thereby increasing the reminder efforts to avoid unnecessary losses to the company, in the submit 'Customer due accounts receivable schedule' is to be timely, accurate, so that company leader based on this table for different customers and make corresponding countermeasures, so as to control risk.

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