How to Write a work plan for 2010 sales

Marketing plan, each based on the work of a salesperson, salesperson of large companies plan to write sales is imperative to do. Of course, there are many small companies, the sales staff does not plan to, no training, no guidance, only the pursuit of sales. One can imagine that most of the sales staff find it difficult to complete sales tasks, the company established the sales tasks become a pipe dream, there is only a decoration or a piece of paper. Then, as a salesperson how to deal with marketing scheme? I think that to become a good salesperson, whether you are what kind of company, no matter what kind of boss you face, carefully plan the development of marketing is that you do the basic sales tasks. So how do you write sales plans?

        Salesperson, or just arrived to do a new company, you have to do is to first understand the product, and then understand the sales channels, and then to understand the market. Is not busy writing the first sales of the work plan, and so do you think of the market conditions, product cases, there is a certain degree of understanding, we must write the first marketing plan. The plan should reflect the thinking of your sales do not need to write a specific task, just need to write your own sales channels, how to cultivate customers and your sales knowledge. In short, is a sales channel and marketing methods are summarized below. When you have to have further understanding of the market, then their plans to do to adjust and supplement.

        General writing marketing plans include the following aspects:

        1. Market Analysis. That is, based on information market conditions, product selling point, consumer groups, sales and other positioning.

        2. Sold. Is to find the suitable for their own sales models and approaches.

        3. Customer management. Is the development of a customer how to carry out service and how to encourage them to raise the sale or purchase; to potential customers how to follow-up. I think this point is very important and should be in the plan accounts for the main space.

        4. Sales tasks. Is set a reasonable sales tasks and marketing the main purpose of the task is to increase sales. Only by striving to use various methods to perform a given task, is the planned role of the host. Completed, to sum up a good method and models able to fulfill, but also sum up, there's problems and difficulties.

        5. Assessment time. Marketing plan can be divided into annual sales plan, quarterly sales plan, monthly sales plan of work. Assessment of the time is not the same.

        6. Summary. Is that the previous time period to judge the marketing plan. The above six areas is planned to be available. Of course, the plan is not static, it is necessary to adjust according to market conditions.

        Write a marketing plan is to make our sales efforts targeted, with guidance and normative, but also examine their own sales of a ruler, persistent to do so, you will find that your sales skills in improving your sales mission in improving more important is your ability to improve sales management. From the salesperson or the sales manager to do the boss's position, 95% are people who have marketing plans, but also people who will develop a marketing plan.

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