How to write sales plans

Each team or individual to do marketing for the marketing plan will be how to write and be struggling, as written in this plan is to complete the sale mandate. The following work plan on how to write for the sale of this topic to provide you with a Fan for reference.
        200x, the company sales plan template

        According to the company annual Shenzhen 200x Total Sales 1 billion in total sales of 50000 sets the overall objectives and the company's channel strategy for the year 200x to make the following work plan:
        A, market analysis

        Air conditioner market for several years and gradually started a price war. Two, three low-end market demand, and with the urban construction and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, and product upgrading the arrival of the period led to a sustained market growth rate, thus boosting the overall market capacity expansion. 200x total annual domestic sales reached 19.5 million units, compared with 200x annual growth of 11.4 *. 200x year is expected to reach 25 million -3000 million. According to industry data show that the global market capacity of 55 million sets of -6.0 thousand million. China's market capacity is about 38 million units, according to the regional market share of the capacity of the division of the capacity of air conditioner market in Shenzhen is about 40 million sets of about 5 million units sales target market share of about 13 *.

        ** Currently the market share of air-conditioning in Shenzhen is about 2.8 * or so, but according to industry data show that in recent years has been in a 'shuffle' stage, the brand market share will form a high degree of centralization. According to the company's strength and 200x year's product line, the company targets annual sales 200x is entirely possible to achieve .200 x years, about 400 air conditioner brands in China, to the 200x was down to 140 or so, an average annual rate of 32 out of the 200x years *. In the Gree, Midea, Haier and other first-line brand of 'encirclement', the Chinese air conditioner market under the brand active in 50, out rate is 60 *. 200x annual LG accused of dumping by the United States; Kelon encounter financial problems, a sharp decline in market share. The new section, Changhong, Oakes has also been corporate, brand and so the adverse effects of market share also fell. Japanese brands such as Panasonic, Mitsubishi and other brands in the year 200x by the Chinese people's strong emotional impact of arrival day, the next draw a larger market share. The ** air conditioning in the Guangdong market is showing rapid growth trend. But the Shenzhen market-based rather weak, the team is still relatively young, brand influence is also a need to consolidate and expand. Based on the above to do the following work plan.

        Second, work planning

        Based on the above work plan for annual sales in the 200x concentrating on six tasks:

        1, sales

        According to the company's annual sales assigned tasks, monthly sales tasks. Break down according to market circumstances. Decomposed into monthly, weekly, daily. Monthly, weekly, daily sales target decomposition to the various systems and various stores, each time to complete the sale of the task. And, on the basis of tasks to improve sales. Primary means are: to improve the quality of the team to strengthen the team management, and carry out various promotional activities, development of reward and punishment system and incentive schemes (based on market conditions and the time of the actual situation), regardless of this work from time to time concentrating on low and peak seasons. In the sales season for the Gome and Suning Appliance system implementation and other professional efforts to the larger sales promotion activities to promote a strong large-scale terminal.

        2, K / A, agent management and relationship maintenance

        Against the existing K / A customer, agent or will expand the K / A and the agent, the relationship between effective management and maintenance of individual K / A customers and dealers to build customer profiles to understand the strength of pre-sales and to carry out the company's corporate culture, communication and corporate 200x annual spread of new products. The work completed at the end of 8. After the end of the season and the season before the arrival of an irregular spread. See how the K / A and the agent responsible for the basic situation of regular visits, to communicate effectively.

        3, brand and product promotion

        Branding and product promotion in the 200x to 200x-year annual support and implementation of the company's regular brand promotion and product promotion activities, and planning a number of input costs, lower public relations campaign to enhance brand image. Such as '** air conditioning health, environmental protection, love my family' and other public welfare activities. Possible scenarios with different K / A system, a joint promotion, not only can expand its influence, but also to establish a good relationship between the passenger and the situation. Product promotion mainly for a number of 'roadshows' or outdoor static display some product promotion and regular sales promotion.

        4, terminal layout (with a channel to expand business lines)

        0x according to the company's annual sales targets, the channel network will be a lot of increase in popularity, according to this situation at any time, anywhere actively cooperate with the business sector, and actively cooperate with shop shop, garden park, shop counters the image of the building, ( According to the company's booth layout requirements of the atmosphere of 6). Actively promote the arrangements for induction and on the kind of tracking and product display and so on. This work is based on the company's business units need to carry out. The standard layout in strict accordance with the company's unified standard. (Special circumstances more timely adjustment)

        5, promotional activities, planning and implementation of

        The planning and implementation of promotional activities mainly in the 0x-year in April

Sales Work Plan