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First, the guiding ideology of Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents" as guidance, closely around the school and Church and State Department work plan and goals to open

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First, the guiding ideology

Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents" as guidance, closely around the school and Church and State Department work plan and goals to work with the times, blaze new trails, do solid work to make school safety, discipline, health , publicity and other work to a new level, as a good school spirit, study of the formation to create the necessary conditions for the majority of teachers and students live, work, study and create a good environment and provide quality service.

Second, Analysis

My current school has 1,500 students, a total of 27 classes, each class, each student and uneven development. This issue should be targeted for different groups to carry out educational activities, to concentrate on key improvement classes, focusing on individuals.

1, security and discipline. Meal, nap, night sleep time students live, meetings, classes and other regular discipline is better, but to some extent the leaders, head teachers, teachers, students and cadres of the supervision and management to maintain, more fragile, the consciousness of students, self-discipline is not strong enough.

Currently there is discipline and safety issues can not be ignored.

(1) in the afternoon study hall teacher, students with disabilities at the Department of noisy end value in the future have occurred, some students a serious impact on other students and teachers of the rest.

(2) fighting, stealing, skipping the Internet, smoking, cliques and other major disciplinary incidents still occur.

(3) due to various reasons some students in class and subject teachers to turn a blind eye to security and discipline problems.

2, the health one day a big sweep, three small sweep adhere too well, every time cleaning is relatively clean, but there are also some of the more prominent problems: ① health corner, and each grade, the class boundaries between the health district clean and sometimes not complete, even buck-passing. ② poor health awareness of students, throw, throw, fly-tips of the phenomenon can be seen everywhere, especially in residential buildings, school buildings and meeting places issues outstanding.

3, propaganda. Flag-raising, cultural showcase, blackboard, etc. do better, teachers and students satisfied, but the radio station set up working part is not reasonable, the quality of manuscripts is not high enough quality to be improved announcer.

* Student council work plan for student promotion plan of work students semester students recruit new plan work plan

* Students will learn a plan of work students work plan for the second half of the work program student student girls sports department a plan of work

4, students team building. Students cadres generally speaking is good, has some ability to work, working more responsible, objective, impartial, but there are some low quality of cadres, students, small and medium-duty work collective ideology, "double standard "in a certain range and extent of the existence of the Communist Youth League cadres of students of management, there are still loopholes.

Three objectives.

1, the security system was further improved, focusing their efforts on the implementation of, and strive to achieve zero accident safety record.

2, orderly routine discipline, fighting, stealing, truancy and other major disciplinary incidents decreased, the incidents of indiscipline rapid, appropriate treatment, do not stay hidden.

3, a major health continue to adhere to one day sweep, clear health corner, throw litter Dumping noticeably reduced.

4, publicity clarity of purpose, what to do, what to write, broadcast what the optimal part set to improve the manuscript quality, and properly carry out and guide students, education students, teachers and service responsibilities.

5, students set up a more rational organization, to further improve the quality of cadres, the ability to work to further enhance the work was more significant.

Fourth, the methods and measures

1, to further improve and perfect the class quantization. Quantization full play the guiding role of class and guide the work of the class teacher to seize the key, difficult and critical to carry out their class work.

2, with "a requirement, there is inspection, inspection, there quantify, quantify, there are rewards and punishments," the principle of work, so that each provision of each of the systems have been implemented.

3, strengthen the ranks of students

(1) "Some people always control everything" principle, adjust the student body and personnel arrangements.

(2) strict student cadre selection and off, to select a group of disciplined compliance, responsible for the work, ability of students to enter student work, conduct and discipline for students with significant one-vote veto.

(3) to strengthen the proctor's ideas and business training, to strengthen the management of the proctor, proctor established evaluation system, to better mobilize the proctor's enthusiasm for work.

(4) Students should not serve or can not do the work of students and cadres should be decisively dismissed.

4, security and discipline to the "fire-fighting," which becomes both the fire and fire fighting to prevent the main ideas of the new work up, by taking several new initiatives: ① proctor Shao team to establish and strengthen key position, focus sessions, focusing on personnel monitoring, and strive to discover, promptly report, in time to stop, to eliminate all unsafe and incidents of indiscipline in the bud. ② establish disciplinary file, the discipline of students filing for future reference, from which to determine the discipline of heavy and difficult. ③ establish discipline early warning system for grading, student discipline and points up to 10 points, led by the Communist Youth League to find their interviews, disciplinary points 15 minutes into the Youth League to learn, discipline up to 20 points, sent to the Church and State Department to seriously deal with .

5, health in order to focus on remediation throw throw fly-tips, for an additional correction in the Ministry of Health investigation team to find, stop, throw litter behavior and punishment of students, reversing the heavy cleaning light to maintain health, weight Check, check correct light and heavy positive education, the passive situation of light necessary punishment of Health inspection system to the acceptance by the duty system, get rid of the last cleaning failed - buckle (three dollars phenomenon.

6, advocacy to radio stations as the focus of reform: ① radio stations to establish a sense of service, overall service for the school, Church and State Department work for the service, work service for the Youth League, for the majority of students and teachers, for the formation of good - good school spirit, study style service. ② According to Church and State Department and the Youth League's overall work a month or several weeks - the theme advocacy work around the theme. ③ improve the quality of manuscripts, publicity committee should meet regularly to each class meeting, the manuscript content, quality, etc. a clear requirement. ④ enhance rapid response capacity building and training a small number of key reporters, if necessary, change from passive to active and so asked him to draft, timely reports on campus news.

Fourth, the events


1, the opening ceremony.

2, polite education.

3, the legal education.


1, Lei Feng month youth volunteer community service activities (members donations for the special students

2, International Women's Day celebrations: "To the mother's smile" class meeting (March 8

3, to participate in Education "organized by Harmony Road, Olympic feeling" speech contest.


1, adolescent education and counseling seminars.

2, excellent "stay the students' assessment and report stories.

3, safety knowledge contest.

4, ahead of training new members.


1, satisfied new members.

2, "54" campus songs Kara OK game.

3, ten members voted, League Cadres comment.

4, up amateur Youth League.


1, the ideal future of graduate education.

2, moral papers, case selection.

3, summing up the work of departments and branches, scattered school ceremony.
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