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The formation of new students will have finished, dry Liaison Na Na new job has been completed. Cadres of the newly formed all freshman sophomore students. (List attached Liaison and communication work is the main pull get sponsored to address the funding of student work for a group, the funds are the basis of activities ministries, in this perspective, good or bad Liaison work done on the student's work will have a significant impact outside the Contact the Department and other ministries, is under the coordination of department students, which determines the Liaison work is inseparable from the various departments and the Bureau's cooperation and support at the same time, only the Liaison Bureau actively cooperate with other departments and work in order to make the students work properly up and running in the new Liaison Group on the occasion, the first phase of the development about a new work plan:

1, the Liaison Department of the work should be long-term, continuous in the usual close attention to some of the students associated with the vendor, identify potential sponsors, local play Hangzhou Liaison staff within the geographical advantage. Insight into the potential Sponsors of intent to collect timely information to carry out the survey the students to understand the interests of students and collective needs, and to the point of integration between the two as the starting point with the students and sponsors a two-way communication.

2, and rock, through universal joint and other computer companies regularly organize lectures on the computer, the computer explain solutions to common problems and common-sense maintenance and computer maintenance and other aspects of knowledge held in the "multi-win" - on-site computer and consumer surveys intermediary. Joint business, advocacy groups to buy advantage, look for individuals interested in purchasing a computer, combined unified consulting, configuration and transaction, record the potential of computer products to consumers about their willingness to buy and individuals tend to buy, develop potential customers. And a computer with Zhejiang University amateur associations, regular computer show, through this form for publicity for the computer business, develop its sales area in order to win the sponsorship and support of computers to reach a mutually beneficial partnership and its long-term close contact.

3, and creative studio, network cooperation with the Ministry to play an active role in coordination, to achieve 1 +1 = 3 effect. Law School with its own characteristics, for the cooperation of manufacturers are interested in the case of enterprises planning to make full use of computer network resources, through the student's own web page, launch creative studio planning programs, will require the cooperation of all information obtained and make the virtual network combination of a unique creative excellence to attract sponsors.

4, Liaison Department could take the lead to carry out some activities, such as the organization contact to visit some well-known manufacturers, contact celebrities, lawyers, government department heads to do some interactive features in line with law school lectures, talk to your company successful experience in organizing students stage of the exhibition of achievements, etc., and other departments to actively participate in driving collaboration and support for manufacturers and sponsors.

5, and cultural cooperation with the Ministry, and some brand clothing contact, holding a large square in the show Zijingang Campus, inserted between the get-together, interactive games and other forms of publicity.

6, number of courses offered by the Liaison contact, such as spoken English, bartender training courses, to undertake some language training, such as Yan Yuan Zijingang Campus commenced in the liberal arts, etc., and collect site fees.

7, the Student Day and the French Cultural Month. Contact some of the books, sporting goods, electronic goods such as these Wenquxing other consumer goods meet the student operators, through the rental space, hanging banners, and other forms of propaganda to fight charge site fees, publicity . and so on.

Above some of the work envisaged for the Liaison Department, in particular the implementation process, due to various factors, there may be some changes and adjustments. I believe this sector student officers and departments must be given to support various aspects of Liaison, together to do outreach work. All let the facts speak.



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