Fall 2009 work plan for the Ministry of University Students of life

June brought me a prima donna is a cruel blow, a long time I can not out of the shadows, holding a paper when I notice, I know I have to face a new life, I have a limitless vision of the university, when I walked into the campus in front of all so I was shocked, I saw the sister school seniors and flowery smile, at that moment I am glad I had the choice. is harvested in that moment I touched.

Military training is hard work has been heard and boring, with a kind sense of fear, I entered the training field, but I entered the training ground for the moment, everything changed, in just a few days, I bid farewell to have a life of ease , in the hot sun, I gain a strong and patient. Is the military training has given me the courage to overcome difficulties, so I know the strength to unite and tell me to persevere, but also made me gain valuable friendship.

For me, the biggest gain I entered the student union, and yet I also a great challenge, I do not have that experience, I do not know can not do it well, I hesitate also like to back off, but my ears always have such a word, having chosen must adhere to. no one has not experienced the future, but we can not let the time do not experience this to stop, courage, rushed forward, where I gain a conviction and firm .

As a member of the Ministry of life, I am pleased and honored, it gives me a platform to exercise their own, although I do not know can not do a good job but I'll try. The following is the work plan:

A: For the upcoming cultural festival dormitory design competition, I will work with all ministers, positive propaganda, put forward their own ideas, so that the success of the bedroom culture festival organized so that students learn in this family a happy life.

Second: Do not give up because of the difficulties, actively learn to overcome their own weaknesses, actively involved in work

In the most meager forces with their own students to win an honor to make more people appreciate the elegance of our Student Union.

C: earnest to complete the work arrangements, meticulous in their work, careful responsible, and constantly improve their equip themselves to develop their own innovative spirit of independence.

Four: For students in various activities organized, I will actively participate, through the activities to deepen the friendship between the students, and thus the family of our students to prosper.

Maybe my idea is far below standard, but I will work in the future to study hard and hope sister school seniors to help me, give me some advice, I'm not sure I do the best but I am back to seek their own to do so will be satisfied, I will assume that responsibility.

Ordinary me, but I have a immoderation heart, having chosen the no turning back here, in an effort to adhere to, while adhering to the efforts of the way forward no matter how much mud, I will persist in the end will be tomorrow, in the Dream's Enjoy the journey of sweat, I believe that tomorrow will be better! Department of Foreign Languages ​​students of tomorrow will be even more brilliant.

This season is my most precious things in life harvest season, also was the most memorable season of my life, a feeling that this is a moving and belief, I would be more resolute efforts.

Personal Work Plan