Work plan for the new semester the Department of girls

In September, Wuhan, it is not clear and crisp, but still very hot, With the easy entrance and after a few minutes looking, I came to this school. I believe I will come to the school city of destiny, is a hard-earned fate. After almost two weeks of military training, although it tanned my skin, but also let me know more. Let me know what is mature and what is strong and, more importantly, What is teamwork, what is the unity and cooperation. After military training, I am very lucky to students through the Foreign Language Department's written test, interview, become a member of one glorious.

As a student of the hospital, albeit a small one officer, but I know that my work is not very easy, fun, as well as the students know that I should take up the responsibility of an officer, do yourself the done to fulfill their duties to complete each task, should unite and cooperate so that we students can really do for students, reflecting the needs of students in the most appropriate to help students do some practical, but also can help teachers manage student to learn , let students better and better.

Although I joined the Ministry of female students in only a small sector, but its work and a lot of its work is not light. Girls are mainly responsible for the Department of Health and the annual female check the bedroom section of the need to create activities and programs and so on. It is to help girls overcome their difficulties, out of the mental errors, to maintain the interests of girls, reflecting the most pressing needs of the majority of female students, and students are not independent of each department, staff in other departments need help, we Girls Department should do everything we can to help other departments for the students to do work. as a Foreign Language Department of the Ministry of a female student, now I have to report the work plan is as follows:

First, carefully check every week to do the work of Health bedroom. Check the bedroom of Health should be fearless tired, carry forward the style and spirit of hard work, serious and responsible, meticulous check number of health conditions of each bedroom, in good health to be commended for the bedroom with poor health criticism , and specifically point out the deficiencies, require them to be corrected next time. for each bedroom should be an honest assessment of the health situation, no favoritism, no favoritism, no intention of covering up, not intentionally demeaning. Untouchables to complete the inspection of the bedroom and health tasks.

Second, the active female founder of the annual festival, come up with some creative, interesting, fascinating little program to play the spirit of innovation, attract more students to participate in our activities. Foreign Language Department of the girls we saving colorful, vivid and dramatic continue. Founder of the event process, and actively work with the Minister, Minister of well done every task given to me. Let the girls section of the activities not only smooth , complete, and orderly conduct, but also in the female section of the hospital's excellent, the color, do to perfection, not the best, only better.

Third, to go deep into the female population, reflecting the most pressing needs of the majority of girls. I will play a pleasant personality, good communication of the advantages of communication between girls do a good job working to solve some errors on the female mind, to help more number of girls, girls maintain their interest. We girls Department of Foreign Languages ​​in the majority, to maintain the interests of girls, it is extremely important.

Fourth, students of various departments are not entirely independent, in other sectors in need of help, the need for manpower, I would listen to the disposal of various departments and actively cooperate with them to complete their tasks as soon as possible.

The above is my work plan for the year may be the plan there are many inadequacies, I will according to the actual situation to adjust their work, quality and quantity of the completion of each work for our language Student Union emerged in a very low power.

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