Painting and Calligraphy Association of College Work Plan 2011

Autumn is cool, ushered in the golden September in a new semester. Looking back over the past year, right in the school under the command of the Communist Youth League, in the joint efforts of all members of the Association, I need to move the association has made great achievements. The beginning of the new semester, Painting and Calligraphy Association is still "carry forward the Chinese traditional culture" for the purpose of further improving the level of my members of the Association of painting and calligraphy, and strive to enhance the Association's own building, in order to create a harmonious, vibrant and make the greatest contribution to campus culture.
First, the association aims to Painting and Calligraphy by Yang, enhancing the appreciation of painting and calligraphy lovers painting ability, improve their level as the fundamental purpose of the words.
Second, work ideas
(I strengthen the Association's own building, and increase system construction
1, good leadership characteristics to create the Association, so focus on strengthening their management and supervision, the implementation of the trial system, strictly enforce the new recruit, appraised and other systems.'s Move in mid-October the new activities should be carefully investigated, strict control . Meanwhile, at the program's performance showed that all aspects of mining personnel, activities of the Association to ensure high quality and high efficiency.
2 held in plenary session, the governing training will increase exchanges and understanding among members, clear procedures for all departments to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the person in charge and a high sense of responsibility.
(B brand activities to enrich the campus culture
1, this semester I Association will hold three large-scale paintings to delivery activities.
2, regular activities start painting exposition, the first "Wanjiang Mexican Dance" Calligraphy Competition has kicked off in November.
3, the positive response from schools to carry out the "second class" call Member Yiwuzhijiao, field collecting folk songs and other activities.
(C painting class in full swing
"Calligraphy class" the spirit of the principle once a week, for the majority of members to provide a platform for practicing calligraphy. The main goal of this semester, more solid member base, the focus on soft brush exercises; relatively weak students in the basic focus hard brush in practice and from the base (the structure to learn the basic strokes. In the study of mutual exchange, to close and improve their skills.
Focused primarily on painting painting exercises designed to improve membership and enhance the overall quality of the degree of love of painting, carry forward the Chinese traditional culture.
Third, the related issues
1, personal safety issues. Organization go out to visit, folk songs, the safety of the members work on the first person to have, and make sure patients in the fuel.
2, and listening to attract members of the rational and reasonable proposal, the implementation of democratic appraisal.
3, in carrying out a variety of large-scale activities, before and after the preparation and processing to fully and properly.
4, the Association firmly within the core members of the Association to comply with my rules and regulations, create a good backbone of the image.
Painting and Calligraphy Association of the various departments should take the responsibility, to fully play its role in the Association at the same time improve their own quality. Believe that the concerted efforts of the general membership, we will be continuing success, further!

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