Work plan for the second half of the Communist Youth League

2007 is the full implementation of the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" an important year, the entire school staff in the school under the leadership of party and government, hold high the great banner of Deng Xiaoping Theory and implement the "Three Represents" and the party's sixth Third Plenum of the spirit, comprehensively implement the scientific concept of development, in-depth study and implementation of the Ninth Party Congress and District Youth League first-third plenary session, to work closely around the central region and the needs of young growth and success to further promote education reform and actively explore educational innovation, in strengthening the teaching staff, effectively improve the moral education, improve teaching quality at the same time, optimize the educational system, strengthen scientific management, and adhere to sustainable development, to create moral advanced school work hard to continuously improve the multi-level Youth ideological and political work system, diversification of activities of the youth brand of system, the multi-channel system of youth participation in various forms of organized construction system and strive to "ideological education of new initiatives, the brand new development activities, youth services, the new Breakthrough, the organization building the new improved ", uniting and leading the region's Communist Youth League full force role in building a more prosperous, civilized and harmonious new peace and make new and greater contributions.

School Youth League committees and parent at the school under the leadership of the Communist Youth League, will work closely around the central party school, the spirit of unity with the National Congress Party members thought to serve the school, "three of Civilization" for the purpose, mission organizations do a good job and improve service level of young people and carry out youth-friendly activities, youth work to do the research and innovation, closely cooperate with relevant departments, organizations, corporations play a central role in uniting and educating young people.

First, the Communist Youth League team to further strengthen self-construction, improve the combat effectiveness of team work.

1, strengthening the group, team building cadres: the ability to work through the selection will be strong, responsible, creative, outstanding members thought a good quality of the players selected to the team of cadres in the past, the competition mechanism, elimination mechanism into the team of cadres the selection up, selection and related to the good. cadres of the selected team and work to strengthen ideological education business training so that they truly thought excellent, dare to be responsible, have excellent team working abilities of cadres and improve team work level, efficiency, team work and create new results.

2, continue to strengthen the Youth Party, Youth League's guidance, so that different levels of students of different ages have goals in terms of ideology, there to pursue, to keep making progress, enabling them to become the school building the backbone of spiritual civilization, through the they are a good example, to expand the role of ideological and political education schools, so as to continuously enhance the school's ethos, style of study. this year, will complete the Youth Party, Youth League school, to outstanding students recommended by Party organizations 2 - 3, for to enable them to join the Party organizations; development of a number of members for the continued delivery of fresh blood group organized to improve vitality and fighting league organizations.

3, to strengthen the guidance of student work. Student Union by the ideological quality of all cadres to learn best, work ability, composed of members strong sense of responsibility, they are indispensable to the work of the school an outstanding team, the school's School Spirit , and other aspects of activities carried out can not do without their hard work, they are the students own organization, by strengthening their management and guidance to keep abreast of student thinking, learning, working, living, they do a good job through the work of other students to help other students with the progress. Such a team must make them a sense of belonging, a sense of warmth, as the Communist Youth League should continue to strengthen ties and communication with them to strengthen their management and guidance to their work objectives, performance can be fully sure, work, study and life was a timely reminder of the deficiencies and help, let students work together with the Communist Youth League cadres working in the school an important and indispensable part of the organization, to stabilize the student teams unite students, campus environment optimized to play their due role.

Second, activity as a carrier, enriching after-school life of students, improve their comprehensive ability.

In a planned manner, regulate a variety of students to organize activities, both active student life, letting all the students through participation in various activities to enhance understanding, learn to cooperate, learn to care for others, respect others, to improve their organizational capacity and the activities activities involved in capacity, improve the overall quality of students. year in various activities, according to the sequence of time, the theme for each month, each carrying out an activity for everyone to have a harvest, increase the effectiveness of activities.

Third, strengthen the guidance of faculty work group branch, branch of the faculty group should fully play its role.

Into our young teachers working in schools, in politics, business, all have ambitious goals, ideals and pursuits, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of their work, they will play a huge role, is the school an integral part of the construction and development. Staff will actively supervise the school Youth League branch in the young teachers in the group play its due role: the pursuit of political - unite all the young teachers, the constant pursuit of political progress, to participate in the party's knowledge, learning and talks to the party close of business on beyond - the pursuit of excellence in business, continue to strengthen theoretical study and the study of the material, and more open-minded to the old teacher learning, to achieve "a year to adapt to, qualified for three years, five backbone" of the target, their workplace who have made outstanding contributions.

September 1. Commemoration of 60th Anniversary of War series of activities

2. Interest group registration and group classes (once a week

3. Teacher's Day celebration

4. Freshmen military training

5. National series events

6. Volunteer

7. Relations between the students transferred, and the establishment of new branches and Zhiwei Group

8. To complete the graduation ceremony and the Communist Youth League School teaching

October 1. Students League School

2. "Communist Party members around me," Essay Competition

3. English tabloid Chukan

4. Volunteer

5. Chukan Voices of Youth

6. Commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Long March Speech Contest

November 1. Fun Games

2. Youth League Union members added to the election

3. Chukan Voices of Youth

4. Volunteer Activities

5. Table Tennis Team

December 1. December Ninth adult education activities

2. New Year's Day Arts Festival

3. New Year warmth volunteer activities

4. English tabloid Chukan

5. Text entry games

7. English Culture Festival

Summary of the branch in January

Notes: 1. Volunteer service at least twice a month or more

2. One plus one group organizing activities at least twice each semester.

Personal Work Plan