How to write on the work plan

Many workplace insiders know that the work plan at work writing the book is common. So, how to write on the work plans?

        One, why write the work plan

        1, the plan is an effective means of improving the efficiency of the work of two forms: Material Control

        (1) a negative-type work (a stop-work: a disaster and error has occurred quickly after treatment)

        (2) Positive work (fire style of work: predictable disasters and errors, plan ahead to eliminate errors) to write the work plan actually work on an inventory of our own. Do yourself clearly, plainly. Plan is the starting point towards a positive style.

        2, planning capability is the management level of cadres at all levels reflect the personal development talk about the long-term career planning, for a constant growth and expansion, a growing staff of enterprises and organizations, the scheme will become more necessary. When a small business, you can not write programs. Because the problem is not many companies, communication and coordination with them is relatively simple and requires only a small number of leaders put the discovery to resolve problems. But the big companies, staff more, many departments, and also many problems, and communication more difficult, leading energy also appears limited time. The importance of planning was reflected out.

        3, through the work plan and other things to do instead of passively into spontaneous style of doing things (personal driver

Personal Work Plan