Fan moral education program in 2010

So that every student become a useful person for the motherland, in the moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, labor-round development is our primary school moral education work program content. Worth of German-led, in order to improve the ideological and moral standards of students, students of good moral standards and behavior, especially moral education plan developed in 2010 as follows:

A guiding ideology around the moral framework of "people-oriented education, moral education first" philosophy of education as a guide, the 60th anniversary of founding of New China to seize the educational opportunity, the majority of teachers and students to carry out in-depth education in patriotism and love of publicity to the teacher post dedicated spirit. grasp of moral ranks, especially young teacher training issues, efforts to improve the moral level of management. tap new era of moral resources, expand moral means to moral characteristics of the spirit of innovation and striving to improve the moral and pragmatic spirit effectiveness of the work.

Two ideas with the 60th anniversary of work to develop education as a breakthrough, grasping the real issues, real work, pay attention to the actual results, actively explore new methods of moral education in schools, and comprehensively promote moral education in schools. To intensify its efforts, the details to start with, to strengthen the student's evaluation, teacher evaluation, and leadership assessment. to develop education students as a breakthrough, do a good job safety education programs, civic education, credit education, point to an area. down to my school moral education work to do.

Three major tasks must be based on consolidating in order to provide strong protection of moral education, moral education to sustainable development, must strengthen the moral force, curriculum, culture, institutions and other aspects of infrastructure.

1, strengthening moral education in order to further improve the building principal's office, Moral Education Department, year group, the main line of moral education teacher network, and establish everyone is moral education, educating people everywhere are thinking of everything, further enhance all teachers, especially teacher's sense of responsibility.

(1 to establish a responsibility: moral faculty, staff there is a major event, but also the work of educating people a top priority in each person should participate fully reflect a sense of responsibility and mission of educators.

(2 to establish a concept: to establish that moral education is to provide services for all students to the concept of student life, learning, physical, psychological growth provides a full range of services to tap the potential of self-education students, help students to learn how to of confusion, to help students resolve differences and conflicts, to help students self-awareness, self-growth.

(3 to form a force: to establish moral education is no small matter, everyone involved, and make concerted efforts to form a joint force of education, so that every school educational activities can reflect the effectiveness of moral education in educating people.

(4 grasp the main line (teacher team:
The healthy growth of students in classes without the class teacher's hard work. Teacher quality improvement is fundamental to the success of moral education, therefore, the appointment of the school through teacher training, assessment, appraised and other ways to improve the overall quality of the school teacher, to form a quality, capable effectiveness, pioneering teacher team. combined with ethics training, the implementation class teacher commitment to the system: the children smile ─ ─ no child will not be left out and discriminated against, talk with the children ─ ─ every child and teacher equal dialogue, to help children sensible ─ ─ so that every child in the experience to identify Sound of Music, teaching children to seek knowledge ─ ─ can be patient and answer every question raised by the child, the child self-respecting child will ─ ─, assertive child's personality, to the children ─ ─ opportunity to every child's strengths can be fully demonstrated, for the sake of the children have special difficulties ─ ─ Help for students to complete six years of school, the parents share care for the child ─ ─ happy campus life, parents need not worry.

A, meets once a month regular class teacher, to listen to feedback, placement and exchange, and organizational learning theory of moral education, the Young Pioneers and the excellent teacher working theory deeds, etc., the ability to work and to continuously improve the level of the class teacher.

B, the implementation of the system of mentoring the new teacher of the old worship experienced teacher as a teacher, requiring frequent interaction between teacher and student will listen to afternoon classes, the class team classes, the work of communication problems in a timely manner. Moral Education Department to strengthen this a work of inspection, supervision, guidance, prepare records, the teacher-months evaluation, final evaluation, the mentoring pairs as an important indicator, and named its good teacher, a good apprentice.

C, standard class teacher evaluation to continuously improve teacher motivation. In order to encourage the advanced, so that the class teacher work constantly reflects their own values, and further arouse their ambition, the school head of the Organization of the line, grade team leader and other members of the class teacher quantitative assessment of the work, the general management of each class, active participation in the above field grade, awards, class teacher of the students, parents, etc. as a satisfaction rate assessment based on examination results directly linked with the release of teacher costs, with the assessment First, appraised hook.

2, to enhance moral education curriculum development to implement the new curriculum in the teaching plan and <<curriculum standards>>, especially at the local curriculum and school-based curriculum development, focus on strengthening the moral education curriculum construction. Strengthen the character and life, moral and social course of the discussion, to improve the effectiveness of education.

Strengthen the social practice, give full play to the role of moral practice base, organizing patriotic education base for students to visit, tour historical sites and other factories and to investigate and understand the achievements of reform and opening up a long history and culture of the motherland, to guide students in a variety of social practice , the self-study, self-education, active development and actively work for the benefit the healthy growth of young students of science and technology, arts and cultural activities, sports and other campus and community activities.

3, enhance the campus environment is the campus culture and spiritual civilization construction of the school window, but it is also the carrier of moral education in the school day. Beautiful atmosphere, elegant campus culture, to give people the power to make progress. We must strive to purify and beautify the campus environment guide to healthy cultural atmosphere on campus, elegant direction.

(A well-arranged campus environment full use of available space, designed to highlight the human theme, so that each one flowers, each side wall, every place, and the influence of education can play a function to create a "constant education, always infected, "the moral environment for students in the monasteries in the development of knowledge, broaden their horizons, inspired wisdom, and character cultivation.

(2 beautifying the campus environment at the same time, pay more attention to the campus environment clean, and always maintain a clean environment and good order, no scraps of paper debris and cigarette butts on the ground Tanji, footprints printed without the ball, no graffiti carved Luantie disorder, be influenced by the beautiful campus environment for each student's mind.

(3 good job classes and cultural environment: each class room stickers established uniform standards, but also full individuality, the formation of personality, distinctive class culture education environment, run the class blackboard, English horn, knowledge of angle positions in the class environment to reflect the participation of students in full consciousness.

4, strengthen the moral construction of the system of moral education in schools continue to improve rules and regulations. First, a sound moral education management system. Outstanding management mandatory to develop "a few are not allowed." The second is a sound moral education research, evaluation system, strengthen the moral special research work to promote moral education in school education in the primacy of the implementation. Third, improve the moral education of the incentive system. the establishment of good teacher, moral advanced personal, outstanding class group such as appraisal recognition system, to mobilize teachers to participate in moral education initiative .

5, emphasis on moral education research

(A depth of moral education curriculum and research, to play the main channel. Teachers should change their ideas, led by a profound understanding of moral, seriously Shanghao Crispin lesson REVIEW lesson. Strengthen the "school-based education" day class lesson study team activities. explore the law, sum up experience, and actively writing educational articles.

(2 full use and integration of a variety of moral resources mining language, mathematics, art, music and other subjects of moral resources and social practice, carry forward and cultivate the national spirit into the whole process of primary education.

6 to enhance the daily conduct of education to <<Specification>> on the wall, and set up some more rich educational content, the students readily accepted the propaganda posters, and create a good educational environment for each teacher should use the "class team activities in class." so there are plans to carry out the characteristics of students of all ages for the education, adhere to the details to proceed, step by step, consistently, to enhance the training, students learn a civilized and healthy lifestyle, be sure to tell health, labor, thrift, caring for public property, do to the instrument clean, civilized behavior, maintain order, discipline, to develop good conduct, etc. to develop ten good habits: early hours ground training, easy to greet every day, finishing dressed hygiene, clean and greet every day, active call polite, treat people smile each day's return to the original place of packing up, caring for others every day, eat snacks, love food, practice every day, news summaries ground understanding, attention to current events each day, the school reported interesting parents, parent-child communication Every day, the British story often practice self-appreciation every day, and actively work to help others happy, friendly neighborhood every day, not leaving a good thing to do, happy happy every day.

7, to strengthen the national spirit of "people-oriented education, moral education first" philosophy of education as a guide, the 60th anniversary of founding of New China to seize the educational opportunity to use the major holidays, anniversaries, traditional festivals, the use of healthy cultural environment on campus through the visual image, the subject of practical experience-based education, patriotism, responsibility, integrity, dedication, respect and cooperation as key elements to guide students to enhance the sense of patriotism, to cultivate good faith, vigorously carry forward the spirit of the times, the national spirit. organize students watch patriotic movies and television, to strengthen patriotic education and the revolutionary tradition, should continue to play the role of patriotism education base, timely organization of teachers and students visited the learning, the revolutionary tradition. take advantage of an important festival, embodies the traditional Chinese virtues of conduct and the revolutionary tradition of the theme class (team) will hold essay writing, lectures, quizzes and other educational activities to enable students to understand the traditional virtues of the content. to class competitions and various activities as a carrier of the students to the core values ​​of collectivism education to enable students to establish a collective ideology, carry forward the spirit of selfless dedication.

8, Mental Health Education (1 extensive knowledge of developing mental health promotion activities. The organization of teachers learn about the mental health knowledge, popular knowledge of mental health in schools so that teachers understand the point of all mental health knowledge, teachers all clear the students the importance of mental health education, mental health education to master the ways in which mental health education into full participation in the "chorus."

(2 to enhance mental health education combined with health education, character and life disciplines, such as teaching, combined with the student's daily learning, living, working, multi-channel to understand and master the psychological problems of students, regularly through the blackboard, seminars, consulting , questionnaires and other forms of mental health education, psychological bias corrected in time to help students address the psychological barriers.

(3 to establish "intimate sister-mail," open "sunshine dialogue" with psychological problems of students in a timely manner and persuasion, while doing security work. Hold special psycho-educational seminars, hire experts for theoretical guidance to do the work of special students into to mental health education and "special students" transformation combination, improve the conversion rate.

9, to broaden the channels of moral education, play a "three-pronged" education advantage.

Strengthen schools, families, social ties, a common grasp of moral force, for students with poor self-control, habits of poor students to regular contact, a really good job of conversion of these special students.

Hold good parents, schools, strengthen communication between schools and parents, the school's educational philosophy and timely information to help parents improve family education that the students at home, in school learning routine requirements, so that children under the guidance of parents, to speed up the cultivation of conventional .

Conscientiously carry out activities outside the moral base, broaden students 'horizons and enrich students' abilities in this semester, we will be the museum, the traffic police force, and other moral base visit, the students science, technology, legal, environmental protection, respect for the old, disabled and other aspects of education .

10, to further strengthen the develop education (1 perfect duty (week system, students do regular checks, so there are records, there is feedback.

(2 to ensure that school-based educational time, adhere to the weekly flag-raising ceremony, to organize "国旗下讲话."

(3 full advantage of the school publicity blackboard, red scarf radio station (every afternoon and promotional positions, and vigorously promote and carry forward the national spirit.

(4 to carry out extensive social practice, to play the role of post supervision red scarf, and enhance self-management awareness.

Months of work schedules:

1, by the 60th-year celebration of the patriotic education of students in the study and the establishment of new China made outstanding contributions to the heroes and models. "
2, the opening ceremony 3, Teacher's Day offer for teachers to carry out I really wish (make a video 4, class work plan for the development of moral, fill out the class teacher manual.
5, beginning students in conventional education.
6, to form a new red scarf supervision posts, and started in the second week of the regular checks.
7, learning <<>>,<< primary pupils daily code of conduct>>

1, to continue learning for the new China made outstanding contributions to the establishment of heroes and models.
2, the "red scarf to report to the Motherland" as the theme, to carry out nation-building "60" anniversary of the Young Pioneers to build team "60" anniversary celebration.
3, invite psychologists to the school for lectures.
4, the regular class teacher.
5, a good blackboard.

1, to carry out "physical fitness" fun sports activities.
2, the squadron held a series of thematic teams will (have a program of activities,
3, to accept the revolutionary tradition,
4, "resource conservation" theme educational activities,

1, work to strengthen legal education programs and safety education programs.
2 strengthen the code of conduct to develop education.
3, named in recognition of good students, outstanding student leaders, advanced collective civilization model, outstanding young pioneers.
4, teacher training (teacher work of art, mental health education.

1, class party tissue Qingyuan Dan 2, Young Pioneers, summing up the work,
3, good moral conclusion "code of conduct demonstration classes," "Civilization class team" assessment activities.
4, safety education, legal education.
5, winter activities, the Young Pioneers (of the team make their own arrangements.
6, the class teacher work experience exchanges.


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