Moral teaching and research work plan for 2010 the book

For the full implementation of the County Board of Education, College of Technology work arrangements, and further work planned by Lide Shuren, special moral teaching and research to develop work plan for 2010.
        First, the guiding ideology
        The theory on socialism with Chinese characteristics as a guide, comprehensively implement the party's 17 great spirit to the scientific development concept as a guide, in accordance with the requirements of the socialist core value system, closely around the county Bureau of Education and the College of Technology's Center to moral practice, mental health education as the focus, to build life-oriented moral education system and promote the harmonious development of moral education in schools and improve ideological and moral quality of primary and secondary students as the goal to strengthen the class teacher professional development to ensure that people-oriented education, moral education as the first-round promotion of quality education for the county to contribute to the development of education.
        2, the principal tasks
        1 to continue with the class teacher professionalization of school-based training. According to 'Bin the class teacher in primary and secondary specialized school-based training programs' process, this year into the summary of inspection and evaluation stage. Thus, in the first half focused on improving school-based training class teacher professional comprehensive summary, acceptance evaluation, wrap-up meeting commendation.
        The first stage: the convening of meetings, deployment of school self-test of the self-issued assessment criteria.
        Phase II: inspection and acceptance, according to the results of primary school self-evaluation submitted to carry out inspection and acceptance and decided the advanced units and advanced individuals.
        Phase III: the convening of commendation, set up exhibition hall, displaying the advanced units and advanced individuals in recognition of outstanding achievements and to reward them.
        Time: March.
        2, parental school work plan. In order to thoroughly implement the 'CPC Central Committee and State Council on further strengthening and improving ideological and moral construction of a number of views of' the spirit, comprehensively implement the scientific concept of development, do a good job 'Eleventh Five-Year' during the primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, parents of school work to implement the 'Bin County schools, kindergartens, parents of school work to implement the program 'spirit, all schools should actively carry out the work of a good school for parents.
        First of all, the organization class teacher learning 'programs' content, raising awareness, understand the spirit, clear objectives.
        Second, set up a leading organization, in-depth investigation to find out the parents situation, and adopt the work plan established a school for parents.
        Finally, a comprehensive school for parents to carry out the work. Moral Education Department will then meet on the school to conduct research and guidance, the end of the convening of a special forum to exchange work experiences over the past year, selection of advanced units and advanced individuals.
        3, to carry out practical activities in the seventh moral lesson competition. To further enhance the student's mental health education and life education, combined with the founding of 61 years to determine the theme: 'Life and Health'. The purpose is to help students understand the importance of life education to enhance the safety of the individual, self-protection and physical and mental health, and education so that students can respect life, respect life, cherish life, to life, give us a positive attitude. 4

Education Work Plan