2010 work plan for Moral Education in Schools Fan

To enable every student to become a useful person for the motherland, in the moral, intellectual, physical, the United States, labor, etc.-round development of our school work plan for the main elements of moral education. Worth of Germany led by students in order to improve the ideological and moral standards, to develop students good moral standards and behavior habits, specially formulated work plan for 2010, Moral Education in Schools is as follows:
        1, the basic situation of
        Our school is a nine-year schools, schools from kindergarten to junior high school third year a total of 25 classes, students span the age of big, moral difficulty of this task is also a corresponding large, coupled with our school in the urban fringe Wu'an Department, the social environment is relatively complex and, therefore, in the school moral education work, our school has always attached great importance to moral education in schools first, moral positions in the school building, our school has invested enormous human and material resources, have built two large bases. In light of the continual emergence of the phenomenon of students committing criminal offenses, I have school in strengthening the rule of law student attitudes and outlook on life, values education, have made some efforts. Achieved good results.
        2, tasks and requirements
        First. To 'five love' education so that students all-round development of the motherland at an early date to become a useful person.
        Secondly, by using good manners education, strict accordance with the 'Code of Practice for pupils' and 'secondary codes of practice' to ask students, in accordance with a code of conduct primary and secondary students to enhance their daily habit of students to educate.
        Third, to conduct 'five heart' education so that students have a commitment to serve the motherland and the people to contribute to the conviction and courage dedication.
        Fourth, to conduct 'legal education', so that students develop the habit of law-abiding, and resolutely put an end to 'do not make big mistakes, small mistakes continue to' ideas, learn some rules of the road. Students aware of the social order to bring the convenience of our daily lives.
        Fifth, learn from Lei Feng spirit, the courage to society's unhealthy tendencies in war, be a good student at school, at home to do a good boy in the community to be a good citizen.
        Sixth, the understanding of doing a good job learning, loving group, love the Communist Party, love of our great socialist motherland.
        3, the main measures
        1, conscientiously implement the 'Three Represents' important thought, moral education work to ensure a success. All for the sake of the students.
        2, learning 'code of conduct for primary and secondary day', etc. regulations.
        3, through the ideological and moral lessons and political classes, to strengthen ideological education.
        4, the moral education throughout the classroom into, so that both teaching and educating people again
        5, do a good job 'society, schools, families' three-pronged network, the establishment of the class of moral education institutions in a planned and systematic activity.
        6, the revolutionary traditions of education, access to the glorious homes, study the glorious deeds of the revolutionary predecessors.

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