Moral Education in Primary One Fan work plan for

Access to primary school life for just one grade students who are thinking first of the importance of education is far greater than knowledge education. Because of moral education at the primary level an important component of quality education for the children's physical and mental health development and the school's overall work plays a guiding role. Schools do a good job for this work can be complete, special moral education in primary schools to a year work plan is divided into the following sections:
        A primary and secondary schools a year work plan, the guiding ideology of moral education:
        Thoroughly implement the CPC Central Committee and State Council 'on further strengthening and improving ideological and moral construction of a number of observations' and' Shanghai spirit to guide students in the national framework ',' life education in primary and secondary schools in Shanghai guide outline ',' Shanghai school clean Education Action Guide 'and other moral spirit of the document to the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of China and the Shanghai World Expo as an opportunity to deepen the' Outlines' education; forward to create a warm classroom. From the big and small in hand, 'cultural education, harmonious development', effectively promote the education of children of the socialist core values and strive to improve the moral standards of students.
        2, primary moral education work plan (one year), the focus of work:
        (A), line regulation areas:
        A full use of the morning it will, of course the time will be focused on the 'on the 1st of conventional', 'Code of Practice for pupils' and 'code of conduct for pupils day to day', and in their daily life so that students know what behavior is right and what is wrong, so that students to develop good study and living habits. We will be in the classroom set up a 'duty squad leader', responsible for supervision and inspection of the daily behavior of students. The class teacher before the school day daily summary of the performance of not a good student, Enlightenment from a timely manner, guidance, strengthening education.
        2, to play a leading role in class cadres to require each class cadres and exercise self-discipline, take the initiative to do an exemplary role, supervision of students in classes consciously abide by codes of conduct of upward mobility.

        3, to 'Moral Bank' construction as the starting point, students talk about health, weight etiquette, discipline, love of good behavior public property, to implement each to cultivate a habit, and strive to accumulate 'ethical funds'.
        4, through the classes will be classes, teaching students to correct their attitude towards learning, understand how to learn there is no short cut, we must take the initiative to learn, to overcome learning difficulties, and consciously develop good study habits
        5, the rational use of flag-raising ceremony, major festivals, to enhance the students moral education. This semester the use of 'learning from Lei Feng', 'Women's Day' and other major theme of the event some meaningful class teams will enable students to understand the truth in life, cultivate patriotic feelings. At the same time to enable students to work in a variety of activities and learn to cooperate, learn to live.
        6, to continue to prepare the Model Code of Conduct a member of guild regulations in the Star, the Model Code of Conduct to declare classes, combined with the Young Pioneers of outstanding players and competitions, to conduct 'Stars shine' appraisal activities to the tree appraisal model, and promote development and improvement.
        7, to strengthen home-school links, keep abreast of student life and learning at home, so that timely detection of problems, solve problems, and parents to educate their children so that they can-round development.
        (B), family education, guidance on:
        1, the convening of the second semester of the academic year 2010, three house committee meetings, to encourage parents to actively participate in school management, school development brainstorming.
        2, make full use of school-based Society for the guidance of family education materials, given time, will be content, for parents of first year students to engage in collective nature of seminars, to teach basic knowledge of family education to help parents teach children the scientific method. To help parents enhance their understanding, establish a correct concept of tutoring, understanding school education, nurturing our children and teachers together to further enhance the effect of parental education in schools.
        3, please request based on the outline of language teachers, to parents and students to recommend must-read children's titles and 'learning families' book selection methods and to guide their children read good books methodological guidance. To guide their children learn to read, learn to read good books, to develop good study habits

        4, to a grade parents organize 'open day of teaching' activities to parents of students into the classroom lectures, and participate in classroom teaching and research to improve the level of the parents to teach children to learn and ability.
        5, grasping both ends, and promote the middle. Home visits to carry out the work rate of 100% home visits, home visits rate was 20%. For some special family focus of the students to do home visits, guidance on the key-site guidance to achieve a learning family.
        6, give full play to good parents, demonstrations, radiation, and actively foster parents advanced models.
        Monthly Family Activities:
        February: the parents together to develop new semester study plan.
        March: Big hands holding little hands, along with species of a small tree.
        April: small eyes look larger world, painting a beautiful painting with his parents home.
        May: Family Games.
        June: Parent-child story will be.
        (C), to further deepen the 'Outlines' education
        1, full implementation of the 'Outlines' education, emphasis on interdisciplinary education, infiltration 'Outlines' education, all teachers identify their 'Outlines' education in the important position and main responsibilities, which require each dig a teacher teaching content of various subjects The content of the 'Outlines' education into their daily education and teaching being. Teachers in lesson preparation, teaching, when done '5 a': To interested, orderly, organic, there are degrees and effective.
        2, seriously Shanghao character and society, morning meeting, school class team classes, so that special classes dedicated to 'Outlines' education implement.
        3 to 60 anniversary of the founding of New China and the Shanghai World Expo as an opportunity to organize 'wonderful World Expo, civilization first' focus on educational activities
        (D) to promote to create a warm classroom and campus culture.

        1, combined with the Young Pioneers happy squadron building, strengthening the classroom physical environment to create, and strive to highlight the characteristics of classes.
        2, all-grade teachers firmly establish the 'emphasis on the development of students' ideas, and strive to create a hard-working, Duxue; active and relaxed classroom environment; equality, and justice; good faith, mutual interpersonal environment of the class and self-confidence, self-esteem; calm, up to the concept of self-psychological environment, and strive to build 'equality, democracy, harmony, cooperation' teacher-student relationship, we must fully understand the dominant position of students, the students as a 'person' - real people, developing people, there are differences of people, there is potential for people to look at education of students is necessary to give full play to the enthusiasm, initiative, driving force, adhere to positive incentives and education, characteristics of the progressive realization of teachers, students have strong points of the educational goals.
        3, give full play to the ceremony, a red scarf broadcasting, blackboard, home-school tabloid newspaper team and promotional fronts, create a harmonious norms and positive atmosphere for educating people.
        4, using China's major festivals, national traditional festivals, major events and important figures of the Day, to carry out special education programs. Through 'learning from Lei Feng Day', 'International Women's Day', 'Arbor Day', 'Ching Ming', 'Labor Day', 'Dragon', '61 Children's Day' and other activities, will be the Chinese nation traditional festivals, the anniversary of culture as an important carrier, to enable students to feel the kinship and friendship, feelings of national and cultural identity, national identity, strengthen the cohesion of the national spirit.
        5, to a monthly theme educational activities as the starting point, depth 'wonderful World Expo, civilization first' national spirit a series of activities', 'safety first, health first' life, educational activities, 'I participated in the Expo exciting' School Arts Festival 'I am learning I call the shots' learning festival, creating a vibrant campus life, so that the campus will truly become the healthy growth of children's spiritual home.
        6, according to the age characteristics of the students, teachers play the wisdom, striving to grade group, class characteristics, culture, and actively carry out cultural activities in class, and use the Internet platform to learn from each other.

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