Fall 2009 work plan for primary moral Fan

The arrival of the new semester, the school will continue to be 'to Virtue school' concept of moral education work will be carried out properly. Moral Education in the development of work plans based on the actual situation of school students and their parents need a comprehensive way. Fall 2009 is now formulated the following school moral education work plan:
        1. Guiding
        The party's 17 guided by the spirit in order to comprehensively improve the ideological and moral quality of primary and secondary school literacy and civilization as the goal, further implement the scientific concept of development, adhere to people-centered education, moral education first, the Li-Shu people as the fundamental task of education, to the construction of campus culture as the carrier, to quality education as an opportunity to patriotic education as the main line and strengthening routine management, and strengthen the class teacher ranks, increase inspection. Give full play to the students of the subject consciousness, focusing on organization and implementation of moral education activities. Activity series, in various forms, process re-experience, content targeted the building as the goal to strengthen its activities. Further integration of moral education resources, the framework of the school moral education system, the ideal of education, the national spirit, behavior develop education, legal education, mental health education, education, honesty and integrity to a new height, and strive to build the campus into a civilized and harmonious campus.
        Second, work ideas
        (A) to strengthen school spirit, study, optimize the education environment
        1, the building of professional ethics for teachers
        (1) a good grasp of morality and professional ethics of teachers in the building, the use of political study time to organize the teachers learn about the articles and papers, writing reading notes, and discussion, reflection. The students, parents and the community involvement of teachers, school Morality in time to deliberate, and to collate the views of timely feedback and thus establish a good image of morality and promoting the development of education and teaching in schools.
        (2) to further strengthen the ranks of the class teacher training, management and evaluation to improve the level of the class teacher education team. Advocate 'love of Health as one's children' educational philosophy, with broad communication between teachers and students of selfless love erecting a bridge for convincing people with reason and move them with affection, guided by line, in the Dong Zhenqing out which are real, seek practical results from top to bottom Kung Fu Hustle. By persuasion and education, positive focus on education, with righteousness, is the wind occupation and educational fronts. Combination of morality training, commitment to the implementation of the work of class teacher system: the child smile and talk to their children's children to teach their children to seek knowledge and rational as the children the opportunity to own their children for the sake of the parents share care for their children.
        2, and earnestly strengthen the building of moral education organization
        (1) improve the school building of the Young Pioneers organization. Brigade committee, the squadron cadres of democratic elections and the regular rotation system. Make large, team-building into a 'happy, independence, friendship, upward' collective.
        (2) specification class management, and to promote civilized habits of education implement. According to 'face reality, strict management, Guizaijianchi, focusing on penetration' principle, indeed strengthen class management. From the routine to start a good grasp of the class 'five a' training. That is to rectify 'a line', do a good job flag-raising ceremony, Kejian Cao queue shaping the mental outlook of the students; the establishment of 'an order', namely, classroom discipline, assembly, order, order, and between classes of civilized and orderly; develop 'a kinds of habits', so that language civilization, and speak Mandarin, treat all people with courtesy and generous, and the formation of habits; uphold the 'one system', indoor and outdoor areas of responsibility sanitation cleaning system to ensure that the school environment clean and beautiful; establish 'a concept', that is, compliance with Ji law-abiding, care for the young, solidarity and friendship. Bring into full play the main role of students to enable students to self-organizational activities, management evaluation, and gradually so that students from the 'want me to do so' into 'I should do', so that good habits into conscious actions within.
        (B) to strengthen the construction of campus culture, purify education environment.
        Schools will continue to 'focus on the development of students' as the theme, to create a 'scholarly campus' atmosphere with 'pragmatic, innovative, collaborative and efficient' school guided by the spirit, and comprehensively promote the construction of campus culture, and strive to create a beautiful environment for students, elegant chic 'campus', a vibrant, studious 'paradise', a solidarity, harmony and harmonious 'home'.
        1. Meticulously decorated propaganda position. Strengthen the blackboard, bulletin boards and other cultural positions to guide management in a good job of public opinion, we must also strive to highlight the theme, illustrated, give full play to promote educational function.
        2. Regulate class room layout. Layout of the classroom each class room should reflect the characteristics of classes, and create a lively, clean and simple and elegant, healthy and civilized, inspiring a good atmosphere for educating people.
        (C) to widen the channels of moral play 'three-pronged' educational benefits.
        1. To strengthen schools, families, social ties, a common good grasp of moral education work force. For students with poor self-control, behavioral habits less regular contact with students, a really good job of transforming these special students.
        2. Hold the parents, schools, to improve communication between schools and parents, the school's educational philosophy and timely information to help parents improve family education that the students at home, in school to learn conventional requirements, so that a child under the guidance of parents, to speed up routine develop.
        3. Earnestly carry out the activities of school moral base, broaden student horizons, enrich student ability.
        Four . Specific work content.
        1, the opening ceremony.
        2, love school education, etiquette education, safety education.
        3 to develop a good moral education program, the Young Pioneers work plans, class work plans.
        4, allow the school to rectify the school appearance, class and cultural.
        5, environmental essay 'green Enshi. My home'
        6, Health Education Section: with 'Influenza A H1N1 influenza prevention and control' as its theme.
        7, check the first special issue on campus. With 'Combat Influenza H1N1 influenza''love for the motherland.''Promotion of Putonghua praise of the motherland' as its theme.
        8, with Teacher's Day on the students 'respect for teachers' education.
        9, check the class culture. Each grade component four themes: celebrate the occasion to promote Putonghua, safety and health, and civilized manners.
        10. September quantify the publicity classes
        1, the training of Flag, students and cadres. With the instructor improve the Young Pioneers Brigade Committee, the training drum band. Young Pioneers brigade committee cadres training, team history education activities.
        2, organizational learning 'new Code of Practice for pupils' and 'code of conduct for pupils day to day' revised draft. Of the students love the school of education, safety education, civilized manners and habits of education.
        3, safety education classes. Organize the students, the downstairs Road safety drills.
        4, organizing students to engage in social practice.
        5, beautifying the campus, replacement windows. .
        6, organized Winter Games.
        7, October quantify the publicity classes
        1, employing the rule of law on the vice president of legal education classes.
        2, to conduct 'advocate science, oppose cults' propaganda and education activities.
        3, listen to regular classes, check class student classroom behavior.
        4, organizing students and teachers to create and cities to carry out peaceful campaigns.
        5, the second class special issue.
        6, November classes to quantify publicity.
        1, cold, fire, theft, anti-poisoning education.
        2, 'Qingyuan Dan' special issue on campus.
        4, the activities of the Preparatory Qingyuan Dan.
        5, the activities of the organization to send soldiers.
        6, listening to 3 (1) Ban the use of remote resources Zhutibanhui Seminars.
        7, to meet the security, comprehensive management checks.
        8, publicity国旗下讲话 results of the competition.
        9, December classes to quantify publicity.
        January 2010:
        1, and organized activities to celebrate New Year's Day.
        2, vacation discipline, safety, and health education.
        3, moral education, team, class summing up the work.
        4, concepts will be appraised:
        (1) selection 'outstanding student cadres', 'good announcer', 'outstanding standard-bearer'.
        (2) named 'outstanding class teacher' and 'excellent teacher'.
        (3) named 'civilized classes', harmony grade group.
        5, a letter addressed to the parents.

Education Work Plan