Sixth-grade class work plan Pham Van

Bumban A total of 20 students, male 24 and female 26. For students nearby villages, the quality of different, basic uneven. Most of the students her strong personality and full of love, with kindness, compassion for others, love the collective, respect the elderly, caring for parents, and so the quality of a good idea. According to classmates of different situations, special developed in the following sixth-grade class work plan Pham Van.
        State of mind of students: students actively sought to better themselves, activate their thinking, concerned with national affairs and social hot issues and willing to engage in social practice, demonstrating independent thinking and a more active participation. But the uneven level of class thinking, as well as individual students the attitude of indifference to the collective activities, ideas realm needs to be raised and some may even have shown some self-interest, forming diplomatic relations were to disrupt the normal classes to learn life and order.
        Student learning status: classes and overall academic performance in general, there has been polarization trend. Eugenics to active learning, but it is not flexible enough, and poor health is not a solid basis for the emergence of the phenomenon of the knowledge gap. Overall speaking, the whole class learning attitude is still relatively correct, because at the end of primary school stage, facing further studies, some active and enterprising, and some have lost confidence.
        Physiological and psychological aspects: physical development of students in the basic balance, height, weight, chest and other basic rational, Jin Shishuai low, most students better physical fitness, school Games and win gold medals.
        First, the guiding ideology
        Fully implement the Education Committee's 'on the new forms to adapt to further strengthen and improve primary and secondary school moral education work plan', fully implement the education policy, strengthen management, according to law education, advancing with the times, the people of the modern quality standards for content in order to raise into education as the foundation for a comprehensive evaluation-oriented, education and scientific research as a driving force, truly respect the laws of physical and mental development of children, culture and daily activities will stimulate a positive and uplifting combination of emotional education, and actively explore the characteristics of the new era of moral education, approaches , laws, build the new era of moral education management models, and strive to improve the moral education initiative, innovation, relevance and effectiveness.

        Further implement the new education under the new circumstances the spirit of the work plan to implement school education and teaching, this semester my class will be to promote quality education, improve the overall quality of the students to help students from primary school into secondary school doors as the core, further carry out various activities, and comprehensively improve the quality of education and teaching for the last one to send a qualified primary school graduates.

        Second, specific targets
        To further strengthen a man, growth of education, curricular lay a foundation to teach the students more knowledge; extra-curricular activities and development, in accordance with the direction of development of quality education, strive to cultivate students with a variety of ability, and cultivate student man, learn how to learn, learning exercise, Institute of hardship, and learn to act. Adhere to the moral education top priority in the implementation of 'code of conduct for pupils day to day' to guide the students do well in school, at home to be a good boy, in the community to be a good child.

        Third, the focus of work:
        In order to be able to build a bumban

Class Work Plan