2010 work plan for the class teacher Fan

From school work and students thinking of reality, the actual situation with my class, special class teachers to develop the 2010 work plan.
        1, class note
        A total of 51 students in my class, including boys and 28 girls, 23, students lively, poor control, there is no quality and to develop good study habits. My classes this semester basic objectives are: to establish an ambitious capacity-strong contingent of cadres classes, all the students to be able to set clear learning objectives, create a good learning environment; students for good behavior, promote healthy practices, and gradually form a disciplined, aggressive, hard-working class atmosphere.
        Second, strengthen the building of class atmosphere
        1 to arrange class activities
        Moral Education in Schools program of work according to the arrangements, and guide students to carry out various practical activities.
        Such as the weekly class meeting, we should seize the opportunity to educate students in due course, the theme of a specific class by me and Ban Wei depending on the specific circumstances.
        2, to create an atmosphere upward
        Characteristics of the student's age, and strive to create equality, Wai knot, harmonious and progressive class atmosphere.
        (1) The firm implementation of existing classes conventions, class rules.
        (2) The layout of the classroom environment. If set up a 'book corner', 'health corner' and so on.
        (3) allows students to participate in classroom management tasks to foster student's organizational ability and sense of responsibility, so that every student has the chance of success and accomplishment. The participation of students awareness, to provide the opportunity to display student talent in depicting the gradual formation of self-care capacity for self-reflect the dominant position of students and explore innovative spirit.
        3, class cadre training work plan.
        First, to help establish the credibility of Banwei cadres;
        Secondly, to encourage cadres to boldly Banwei work, pointing their methods of work;
        Third, the strict demands Banwei cadre of knowledge, ability to achieve greater progress in the discipline by example, has sought ways to play an exemplary role in the class, which is 'to point to area';
        Fourth, the training of cadres in the spirit of solidarity and cooperation, we should be able to this small group of cadres to establish a correct, sound public opinion, bring the whole class group to carry out criticism and self-criticism, form a collective organization, discipline and motivation, which means' to face with a face '.
        Third, strengthening the style of study, and create a good learning atmosphere.
        1, strengthening the teacher to communicate with Koren, timely understanding of learning dynamics.
        2, on a regular basis to study convened from time to time members and Section representatives to understand the students on completion of work on the drag, the less work to educate students in a timely manner.
        3, the use of classes will be conducted at irregular Xuefajiaoliu class to facilitate students together.
        4, in the class to establish 'mutual aid group learning' mode to carry out a variety of learning activities, competitions, forming a starting a competitive atmosphere.
        5, to enhance learning difficulties to help students and less advanced students, led by Ban Weihui and Branch representatives to take the form of hand in hand, to implement a bunch of one.
        4, for special students, to carry out special education
        1, beginning exhaust the list of Poor Students in the establishment of a special student files.
        2, through a variety of ways and adopt a variety of methods, for special education students.
        The class teacher through observation, and student talk, to listen to opinions from all sides and build a wealth of information network to keep up-regulation of special students with mental health status and trends in thinking and behavior. To strive for and Koren teachers and parents of students have a consistent demand and attitudes, and often exchange views with them. In particular, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the parents to obtain a consensus with the school children properly.
        3, for the poor behavior, poor self-control students, homeroom teacher of special students, ethics, learning attitude, daily guild regulations in areas such as education and training.
        5, and parents to maintain a normal, regular communication, and strive to meet the parents, co-management good student.
        Home-School-pass network platform used in close contact with parents, to parents of students at school to report the situation, but also to parents about student extracurricular activities, so that parents and teachers to participate in the education of students to enable students to better grow up healthily.

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Class Work Plan