Work plan for 2010 high school class teacher Fan

A New High School this semester, I took over (1) class class management. The course is a newly formed liberal arts classes, a total of 55 students to students, girls 49, boys 6. From the original observation of the class teacher understanding and view of the vast majority of student discipline and the concept of strong, serious learning attitude, self-motivated, dynamic, energetic, is a great plasticity of the collective. Specially developed the following work plan for 2010 high school class teacher.

        At present the special circumstances are: a huge disparity between the proportion of male and female students; middle Health and more, top student rarely; the lack of student self-management leader. In order to bumban students develop good study habits and thinking and behavior habits, learn self-management, establish a clear goal in life, and strive to more quickly develop their own, laid the foundation stone for the third year sprint, I prepared a work plan for the class teacher are as follows:

        1, with a complete code of conduct regulations restraining influence on students thinking, and strive to promote awareness of the students as soon as possible standard, and gradually reach a perfect student self-management.

        Second, to conduct multi-style class student activities, and foster a proactive and dare to fight the good style of study, and urges all students has long decided, early efforts, as the success.

        Third, with the Church and State Department and the grade school to carry out moral education work plan in steps and stages to carry out the work to shape a beautiful soul.

        Concrete ideas are as follows:

        First, the ideological code of conduct for management:
        1, selecting a good class cadres, student representatives convened to discuss develop bumban class management system.
        2, require all students to seriously study 'code of conduct for students everyday' and 'Code of Practice for middle school students' class management system to seriously understand the bumban connotations.
        3, using the early term of classes will be course to establish a special emphasis on 'collective consciousness', 'team spirit'.
        4, dry system for strict implementation of duty classes. Regular class work plan for the training of cadres, teaching work plan.

        Second, establish a good class atmosphere areas.
        1, using an example class will conduct education classes.
        Assumptions: bumban outstanding students learning exchanges;
        2, establish three ideas healthy and good students in the class model.

        Third, with the school, Church and State Department, the work of moral education.
        On first learning: for students habits of months, the main activities are:
        (1) around the 'elimination of moral courage, to overcome inertia, exercise self-discipline, conscientiously study' as the theme of education for students and stable students in emotional
        (2) to enhance the education of students daily code of conduct, strict management system and student attendance daily code of conduct
        (3) To strengthen the Student Health health education and disease prevention.

        The second school month: The month and Kaofengkaoji security activities on educational activities, the main activities are:
        (1) to 'safe' as the theme out of a class Journal;
        (2) The class will take full advantage of lessons conducted Kaofengkaoji education;
        (3) hold a 'love life' as the theme of traffic safety education classes will be course.
        On the third study: cultural and sports activities for the month month and sanitation activities, and actively organize students to participate in various cultural and sports activities organized by the school.

        On the fourth study: In order to collectivism, patriotism activity months, activity is a good holiday special issue blackboard newspaper.

        On the fifth study: In order to credit education and safety education, road safety activities are carried out education, legal education, and make a holiday social practice guidance.

        Fourth, we persist in using the 'face in on the high band is low, and comprehensively improve' the concept to guide the work of teaching management classes and concentrate our efforts in the main student performance.
        1, persist in doing a good job 'talk' to work to encourage the timely recognition of the students.
        2, the establishment of learning excellence and learning progress, and reward system.
        3, on a regular basis do a good job learning phase effectiveness analysis.

Class Work Plan