Class work plan Pham Van

The new semester began, and that it takes too quickly, blink of an eye, we have made a junior. In the past three years, we have classes of students to work together to achieve good results, class feeling among students is also continues to deepen. As a squad leader of the new term, special classes established work plans, I am determined to do my best services for the students.

        In a class, if the class is拧成一股绳 , fresh to the one to make, then nothing can not be done. At the same time, in such an atmosphere, it will be easier to mobilize the people to the learning motivation, and enthusiasm to actively participate in social activities.

        In view of this, I think, class work should start in the collective cohesion. This issue is resolved, other problems will be resolved.

        So, I have this semester's work targets the following 3 points:
        1, strengthen the collective sense of honor students, strengthen the collective cohesion.
        2, students study-oriented, and strive to the overall result of a higher level classes; the same time, a rich after-school cultural life.
        3, in the last Banwei based on the work, establish a class image, and striving for hospital grade, field-grade art class

        Specific work plan:
        1, active cultural and sports activities. In this semester to carry out one or two cultural and sports activities, such as badminton competitions, mixed basketball competitions, as well as, in the period to organize a group trip, in order to enhance the feelings of other students and the purpose of physical exercise.

        2, to play a class collective warmth to each member of a class in need of assistance out of the most selfless helping hand. Program and youth volunteer team, participate in a large-scale public welfare activities, such as condolences to homes for the aged.
3, the implementation of classes of openness. The establishment of a public class Service Day (once a month), is a class matters more open, and transparent, so that classroom, all students can participate in collective affairs come. Meanwhile, the broad adoption of the students views on matters of class, brainstorming, strive to make a higher level class work.

        4, the establishment of mutual learning pairs. Let the more backward students in grades receive timely assistance, but also to cultivate the spirit of mutual help students to enhance the friendship between the students. The establishment of the principle of voluntary mutual pairs to form a mutual pair will notify class and, based on both the end of the semester results in its comprehensive appraisal of their performance to make the appropriate extra points.

        5, in the group has been established on the basis of class, create a class alumni, or home page on the network to show the class presence. Alumni classes, or home page can also serve as the exchange of students Xin Yuxin unlimited space, so that everyone better integrated into the body of the family class. Classes can also be built into the image of advocacy positions to enhance the influence of class to facilitate the exchange of the future organization and activities to inform and facilitate the assessment of the advanced classes. Also necessary to establish personal files, personal profiles, to show visitors the political classes of water for each student's unique charm. If possible, will also be in the future employer know bumban classmates window.

        6, at work, the squad leader, group secretary and deputy squad leader, deputy group secretary should not only clear division of labor but also complement each other, adhere to a weekly open-Ban Weihui for classes and new problems arising in the development of new countermeasures. Ban Weihui by the squad leader or the secretary chaired a group should be actively preparing to ensure the efficiency of the meeting. In addition, the class will be responsible for the record to do well in order to work.

        The above is what I term as a new squad leader in the new semester program of work. In short, in this semester, I want a good work, and strive for the students services to enable students to be more unity, friendship and make our classes more outstanding.

Class Work Plan