Community work plan for 2011

Later this year, winning the Department of Community Party Branch serving the people adhere to the basic starting point of community work as the party's central leadership and policies, efficiency, and implement community development in various fields, enhance the affinity of the party organization, to continue improve community services through multiple channels, so that cells of community organizations, management of democratization, the service of civilians more orderly, more harmonious community. will focus on work from the following:

1, positive leadership to play a central role in party organizations, and strengthen the responsibility of party members, the establishment of community long-term management of the party. Strengthen the guidance, assign responsibilities, improve service, good vanguard party to take the lead role, will be "1 + 3" Party pledge to expand into all areas of the community to complete the Street Party Working Committee, the Office of the deployment tasks.
2, A Good conscientiously carry out activities.

3, carefully complete the national census.

4, good community organizations and community committees of the general elections.

5, do take account of health, community health and other conventional content-based community "center."

6, further deepening the implementation of the "front of the double-five packets" and "every Wednesday hygiene day" system, treatment and long-term management of blitz combination, increase regional environmental remediation efforts, through the layers of launch team leader, party members, cleaning staff, volunteers participate in the environmental remediation work, the strengthening of community environmental health inspections daily efforts to make garbage bags, Nissan Nissin, no health corner, to eliminate the "four pests", identify problems, timely treatment .
7, do a good job of community stability as the goal of "peace work" to strengthen the comprehensive management of social order.

8, Integrated Services Management Centre to strengthen the community service awareness, improve efficiency.

9, features the work of volunteers to deepen and expand services. Adhering to the "I participate, I contribute, I'm happy," the spirit of voluntary service, volunteer work so deep into the Garrison units, property management community, volunteer services in the popular sense of the whole community, for parties to support and build social organizations, enterprises and other sectors involved in the development of voluntary service, volunteer service projects to support the platform, the formation of the Communist Youth League, social organizations, business linkage mechanism, promote volunteer service new trend.

Annual Work Plan