Fan annual work plan 2010

Now I have four years in the company as a salesman's time can be said that I was one of the best of the old company clerk, is one of the company's development has contributed greatly to the now 2009 will be the end, I want the end of the year when I have to sum ​​up a year of work to do, but also for their work in advance to write the work plan for 2010 Fan so that they can be stable during the holidays to spend, let's recognize that they can in a timely manner to the current situation, hoping will not let myself down!

Blink of an eye but also into the new year 2010, the new year is full of challenges, opportunities and pressures start of the year, but also my very important year has passed four years out of work, family, life and working pressure drove me to work hard and study hard. Here, I entered into this year's work plan in order to make their new year in the greater progress and achievements.

One familiar with the company's new business regulations and the work the company continues to reform and set new requirements, especially in the litigation business arrangements to assist professional legal staff as the company an old business, and must itself be responsible for , while in full compliance with company policy to carry out operations.

1, in the first quarter to open up the main litigation. Resources for existing customers to do business development, litigation, the litigation needs of clients may have all developed again, with the intention of cooperation to arrange to meet to discuss legal affairs commissioner, during which At least two lawsuits to promote the business, agency cost of $ 8 million yuan (each 40,000 yuan. do litigation business development, we can not lose those customers assigned to various types of business with these customers to maintain regular contact, timely report the progress of clients assigned by the business.

2, in the second quarter, when it comes to trademarks, patents, business-oriented through to the professional market, participation in professional fairs, Internet, telephone, a stranger visiting a variety of business development means development customers, contact existing customers to step up the feelings of the composition business for a loop with the customer base. that agency fee of 4.8 million yuan (not less than 12,000 yuan per month fee in the efforts to open up the market, we can not lose those customers assigned the types of business, and the other clients to maintain regular contact, timely reporting of the progress of clients assigned by the business.

3, in the third quarter, "October", "Moonlight" double, business opportunities abound, bringing to six months after a good start. And, with my high-end business expertise and comprehensive capabilities of the relatively higher of large-scale enterprises in line with the <<Famous Chinese Trademark>> or <<Guangdong Province>> conditions of the customer, do a targeted development, intends to co-clients can arrange to meet to discuss business manager, for signing a <<Guangdong Province>>, the contractor cost 7.5 million yuan. well-known trademarks and famous trademark to do business development, we can not lose those customers assigned to various types of business with these customers to maintain regular contact timely reporting of the progress of the assigned business.

4, is at the end of the fourth quarter, this time assigned to fully maintain the old customer's business situation, first, to develop an understanding of potential customers in the development of client resources, to identify vulnerable areas, targeted to do the feasibility recommendations for the client company and strive to be the most comprehensive intellectual property protection, agency costs at least $ 10,000 per month or more.

Second, to develop learning plans, learning, for business people is critical, because it is directly related to the pace of the times a business person and business vitality. I will timely adjust the direction of my study to supplement new energy, professional knowledge, comprehensive ability, all I want to master the content. to know ourselves, can only know yourself, in this regard would also like to give my support business managers.

Third, enhance the sense of responsibility, enhance service awareness, and enhance team spirit. Actively work to achieve point, implement, and I will do my best ability to reduce the pressure on the leadership.

Above, is my personal work plan for 2010, may still immature, corrections leaders hope the train to run fast but also by the locomotive, I hope to get corporate leaders, department heads the right guidance and help. Looking forward to 2010, I will be more efforts to treat serious and responsible to every business, but also the opportunity to seek and strive to win more customers, win more orders, improve operational work and believe they will accomplish new tasks, to meet the new 2010 challenges.

In 2010, I have more expectations, I believe he must be able to achieve greater progress in 2010, this year he is a year came to be, do not understand anything from a now very deep Maotouxiaohuo senior salesman, I grew up full of twists and turns, but in future work, I still need to continue efforts, in 2010, believe they must go farther!

Annual Work Plan