Office of the Annual Plan

200X, the Office of the guiding ideology of the annual work plan are: fully implement the Party's 10 Sixth Fourth Plenary Session and the Central Economic Work Conference, the first year, but also building a moderately prosperous society in years, and yes NTU accelerating economic development, motivate task to a new stage of the key year. The new year, the Office will further cooperation and coordination of various departments and departments, closely around the idea of the overall work of two committees, with the center of each period of work in order to run government, improve services, the provision of services as their responsibility, the full implementation of the Office of responsibilities, efforts to improve our work style, in order to NTU economic take-off and make their due contribution.
        A work train of thought
          Closely linked to a center (economic work), do two services (administrative and logistical matters), the following three services (namely, the leadership of services for the authority service for the masses to services), to improve the quality of work 4 (clerical Materials , conference organization, learning organization, inspection supervision), promoting the five infrastructure (work style of cadres, provincial and two archives, the standard letters and visits room, garden afforestation and beautification, Planning, Finance and standardized management), promotion of the Office of the work to a new level.
        Second, work objectives
          Responsibility for full completion of departments goals, high-quality completion of two committees of the various tasks assigned by the leadership at the district office systems in the various competitions competed excellence, leadership and earnestly assured satisfaction of the masses.
        3, work initiatives
          Previous work for the existing problems and deficiencies, while continuing to consolidate their achievement and do a good job routine work, intended to further focus on the following six work hard.
        (A) further strengthening the cadre ranks. First, a clear position, to discharge its responsibilities. Of the work of the Office of the detailed, clear job responsibilities and requirements, adopt, and for other posts by people who post set up by combining a clear division of labor office workers, and strive to activate the people's enthusiasm and creativity to effectively play their respective roles to achieve their duties; second is to strengthen education and enhance the quality. Adhere to people-oriented, to strengthen solidarity, enhance collaboration, enhance education from the start, and constantly strengthen the office workers sense of service, dedication and efficiency of the concept; to strengthen the operational capacity of cadres in political theory and learning, continue to focus on computer literacy training, increasing cadre of accumulation of knowledge, experience gained, to improve the ability to work purposes. Efforts to build a love and dedication, dedicated, fine style of work, good at fighting tough contingent of cadres.
        (B) further innovation in a pragmatic focus. Persist in proceeding from reality, on the various management systems and working methods meaningful innovation and reform. Set in terms of ideology 'and do practical things, touch the truth, tell the truth, seek practical results' concept, in the practical work of implementing the 'fast, precise, detailed, strict, hard' requirement of five characters. Fast, that is, work has to be fast paced, fast, vigorous and resolute; fine, that is, work to strive for excellence, comprehensive and profound understanding of the situation, accurate formation of the appropriate materials, in-depth and thorough analysis of issues, combined with practical recommendations; fine, that is, work should be nuanced , meticulous, conscientious, non-Chu Pilou; strict, that is, impose strict restrictions of work, discipline and strict requirements, work style, serious, systemic strict procedures to ensure that the system implement; bitter, is to carry forward the work of fearing neither hardship nor do tired of the spirit, hone and test stand.
        (C) further strengthen publicity. Grasp the good news of public opinion, strengthen the publicity work of the leadership and advocacy to increase awareness of the work. Strive for a certain number of promotional expenditures, according to the strength needed to be strengthened and personnel, in the zone to establish and improve communication networks, decomposition promotion indicators, the real implementation of reward and punishment system. On the promotion of training to enhance staff capacity to enhance the feelings of contact with media companies, and clear the news channels and all-round, multi-channel approach propaganda Nanda, and create a good atmosphere for public opinion, and strive to fully complete the information task.
        (D) further focus on application of new knowledge. This year will strengthen the training in computers and other business knowledge, using instruments, records management application software, a sound basis for archival data, adhere to the software simultaneously to preserve and archive materials, instruments to build convenient, fast, efficient, standardized new model of a modern records management and strive to reach provincial 2 class file management standards. Advance office services management software with the affairs of the Office of management and improve efficiency. Try to use organs of Finance (material) management software to manage its finance office, regular feedback from the financial dynamics, statistical process of financial flows. Be prepared in advance for office modernization.
        (E) further strengthening the focus on daily management. Funding for the implementation of two committees established by the lump sum goal of the enhancement of the management with the smoke. Limited reception area, clear reception objects, to bulk purchase and personal care, registration requisitioned from the store, and resolutely put an end to send 'health smoke' phenomenon; the second is to strengthen the hospitality management. Improve the reception system, clear reception standards, limit the number of Pei Ke, strict eating program, to thrift, the principle of cost-effective and avoid eating and drinking, pomp and reception cost less than an effort to control the standard line; third is to strengthen the management of the text printed. The implementation of the text printing management system, strengthening print audit, do a good job printing text of accounting, founder of the text printed organ chamber, Tim safety equipment, setting goals, responsibility, divert the office personnel and outside agencies set up to operate outside the text printing room, which saves expenditures, but also foreign business income, while playing the role of human resources. Fourth, strengthen management of the courtyard. Do a good job the division of areas of responsibility, with periodic inspections and appraisals and do regular health, do a good job of green garden landscaping.
        (Vi) further focus on decision-making in the service leadership. This year we must focus on changing the service leader in the phenomenon of decision-making is not enough to focus on time and in-depth grass-roots level, through letters and visits received, the masses discussion, reading documents, a variety of ways superior in all aspects of a comprehensive collection of information, a comprehensive grasp of the real development zones of various circumstances, The work plan for the development of first-hand material, the focus around the work and difficult to carry out investigation and study, for the people concerned about the hot, the focus started thinking, combined with the state's major policies and principles for planning, work experience in a typical analysis, a timely manner all aspects of the work of summing up experiences and lessons in all aspects of the proposal come up with a reference value, well positioned to lead the 'external brain' and assistants, for the leadership of scientific decision-making as a good staff.

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Annual Work Plan