The latest annual financial work plans

Corporate finance work plan is necessary to do the work of the beginning of each year, because the success of the work of a good plan is the beginning of capabilities on work throughout the year more with less. The work plan for the financial year 2010 how to write, how to grasp the work plan for the five principles? Here you recommend a date for the annual financial work plan for reference only.

        Do a good job for the full year 2010 overall budget management and financial governance, we plan to focus on the following aspects:
        (A) According to the parent company issued guidance on the budget, and further improve budgetary governance. Budget, financial governance in governance as an important part, and all-round and doing the financial work is closely related to. In the next year's work which is necessary to further strengthen the departments, stations in the cost of the budget guidance and budget management, budget, do a good job analysis, decomposition and implementation, so that the comprehensive budget management truly become a full budget, governance, so that the budget truly play its its proper role.
        (B) combined with the implementation of new accounting standards, as a good leader of the staff, to ensure that the targets by higher authorities. As the company gradually got onto the track of healthy development, management quality and continuous improvement of enterprise assets has been further purified and integration. Combination of performance appraisal management, based on 'strict, deep, detailed, real' principle, a comprehensive formulation and implementation of enhanced accountability, increase in income from electricity sales, based on the research every possible savings, and strive to accomplish all the tasks of indicators. At the same time around make an inventory of assets and idle assets of existing inventory; increase the tariff recovery efforts to ensure the recovery of the real guitar monthly electricity bill to zero; reduce the occupancy rate of capital, improve corporate asset turnover rate.
        Procurement of goods under the parent company, further improve the parity of materials procurement system.
        (C) continue to carry out the training activities of accounting practitioners to further improve accounting foundation work, to improve governance. The more development and progress of business and financial management of the more prominent role. The constant development and expansion of enterprises, financial governance requirements become more sophisticated. In order to meet this requirement, we must continue to carry out the training of accounting professionals to improve China Electric Power Information Network of accounting practitioners level. In raising the level of accounting personnel, based on further strengthening inspection and supervision and guidance, improve the basis of accounting governance, for better governance in the enterprise business and lay a solid foundation.
        In short, this year the leadership of the Finance Section's work in you the support and help in various departments and grass-roots cooperation of stations, according to support the company's overall plans and arrangements, and earnestly implement the organization has achieved good results. However, the task of the coming year will be even heavier, the pressure will be greater, we are all members of the Finance Section will turn pressure into motivation and do office work plan in 2010, proactive, innovative, give full play to the financial governance in the central role of corporate governance in the for the development and growth of enterprises and make new and greater contributions!

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Annual Work Plan