2010 Fan individual annual work plans

2010 is a personal transformation of development and stable development of start of the year, is familiar to adhere to speed up operations, and actively participate in business building, conscientiously perform job functions, work experience accumulated grass-roots efforts to promote business innovation and a crucial year, in order to ensure that the objectives of carried out, in retrospect, sum up experience, analyze the situation, look to the future, reality, based on the special formulation in 2010 individual annual work plans:
        First, the guiding ideology
        In order to fully implement the scientific outlook on development as guidance, in order to achieve their personal values and corporate values harmony and unity as the highest purpose of changing concepts as the starting point for the harmonious development of enterprises and actively participate in the historical process; to enhance learning as the fundamental speed up the upgrading job skills level; to compliance focus on efforts to ensure the safety of life without the hidden danger; to work hard as the main direction of hard study to establish the professionalism; to expand the pursuit of hobbies, and constantly enhance their overall quality. With a new fighting stance, the new spiritual outlook, a new style of work to promote enterprises in the construction of the mine's strategic goal of fine work hard.
        Second, work objectives
        The blueprint mapped out, targeting the key to ensure proper implementation. In order to achieve the goal on schedule, we must earnestly carry out the following four aspects:
        1, changing concepts, clear goals.
        As the saying goes 'consciousness response to the attitude of', 'Attitude is everything' mentality will have a direct impact on a person's work attitude. Thus, in the face of new jobs, new work environment, this year special attention to two aspects of work:
        (A) enhancing awareness, changing work roles.
        The face of tough economic situation in today's world, this year's top priority must be to achieve 'a change, a clear understanding', that is, changing work roles, recognize the work of the situation. To this end, on the one hand to strengthen the understanding, awareness-raising, proceed from the overall sense of standing height of sustainable development, firmly establish the '三百六十行,行行出状元' and 'Not only to the,Noriyasu of' the concept of vigilance 'not work hard today, tomorrow, looking for work' adverse consequences; the other hand, in thinking about problems to deal with things, we must out of the previous way of thinking, straighten out its own position, establish the overall awareness of the role to transform work and actively participate in the development of enterprises of the tide.
        (B) the realistic reconstruction of career planning.
        Goal is the direction, with the way forward will have a goal. Therefore, on the one hand the spirit of seeking truth from facts, advance the principles of appropriate and re-establish a career development plan, worked out the next three years of development goals, and then three years of development goals year after year, month by month to break it down, so that my right to have a career growth clear objectives, with the goal of climbing and implementation efforts to achieve, being able to choose Kong, due to a long career, because Ji enhance and promote the continuous improvement of overall quality; the other hand, should target rooted in the brain, keeping in mind the hearts, and often read the mouth, so my goal was clear, and constantly remind ourselves, and strive to achieve a recall in March, six months a summary of a one-year summary to ensure that goals are not a mere formality, the promotion of the proceeding on target.
        Second, to enhance learning programs to enhance personal qualities
        Learning is a historic mission, is a requirement of the times to choose is to choose progress, ignore the education, the neglect of progress, dropping out of school to abandon the progress, we should learn as a lifelong task and long-term practice behavior throughout a person's work from beginning to end, it is necessary to achieve through learning 'body Strong physical health '. Therefore, to start from three aspects:
        (A) to strengthen ideological and political learning.
        The ideological and political has always been a fine tradition of our national enterprise, with the development of society, people's minds more active and more adept at observing, analyzing problems, thinking. As a new century, young people, but also to consciously strengthen ideological and political learning, so that to better serve their own businesses, serve the community. Therefore, we should actively do the following three aspects:
        First, we must strengthen the Deng Xiaoping Theory, 'Three Represents' important thought and the scientific concept of development to study and apply the Marxist stand, viewpoint and method to correct their own world view, outlook on life, values, and in studying and implementing in-depth, depth, and deepen the upper and lower martial arts, and strengthen implementation of policies TANG coal mines, documents and regulations of the consciousness and firmness.
        Second, we must actively involved in the enterprise to create intrinsically safe mine, building a modern boutique mine, vying for their own security model to the tide of employees around the corporate goal of mine to create a harmonious, positive personal qualities to conduct educational activities to further enhance professional ethics, social ethics , family values and personal qualities of education and study, an effort to strengthen their professionalism, and constantly enhance their personal accomplishment and job dedication.
        Third, we must actively resist the erosion of undesirable social trends and establish a daring and backward ideological struggle of courage, develop a healthy lifestyle and taste, and strive to maintain a healthy and active coal mines TANG, stability and harmony, harmonious living situation.
        (B) always keep in mind safety education.
        Coal industry as a high-risk industries, safety has always been my top priority for mine development, there is no security without development, in order to promote the development is first to get the safe development. Therefore, as an underground worker, we must attach great importance to ideological security in strict accordance with the requirements of the development of enterprise security, respect for Zhang disciplined, and strengthen never illegal foolhardy to declare war on three violations hidden seriously the successful completion of production tasks; to actively through the Mine's' Underground Cultural Corridor ',' safety knowledge test ', warning the former case of education, and classes will be a series of highly effective educational activities to promote education, enhance safety awareness and promote their own from the' wanted me to safety 'to' I want the security 'conscious change, vying for a good secure Tang mine workers.
        (C) strengthening job skills learning.
        The development of job skills are the lifeblood of employees. Qualified staff to do a start-need to strengthen and improve their job skills. To this end, we must first work to further clarify responsibilities, according to team leader in their class work arrangements, as soon as possible familiar with their work and responsibilities of the various classes are familiar with team rules and regulations, and clarify the work requirements; followed by the light of reality group party deep insight governance, development planning and decision-making arrangements, specify the tasks to further improve the work of the initiative and conscientiousness; third would like to 'books and learning, to master science, learning to colleagues, to Leadership', and by Tang Mine 'mutual help 'and other activities, an open mind to listen to the guidance and education, but also good at learning, diligent in thinking, in learning by doing, learning in the dry, clear work procedures for the operation and deal with problems, so that discipline, knowledge process, their content some method, learning to use knowledge and deeds so that the unity and the same time, ways and means to take over all categories of personnel at all levels to strengthen exchanges and communication, to ensure that the exchange of obstruction; fourth is necessary to fully to participate in group classes organized coal mines and the safety team knowledge and skills training, and actively participate in test assessment, complete the training tasks to ensure the quality of training; while also make full use of part-time self-charging, truly learning by doing, learning in the dry will live to old to learn, and gradually develop good habits for lifelong learning.
        3, hard work, positive return on business.
        Enhance their work skills, practical work is not only the return on company employees the most fundamental way, but also an important manifestation of sense of responsibility among employees. Tang Mine is an enterprise, but also a cause and do first person to do business with people and things are consistent, a man and do things, to be fair to society, worthy enterprise, worthy of their own conscience. Tang Mine is a developing enterprise, which has employees laid a path of growth and build a platform for talent, laid the hope of success. Therefore, only practical work, in order to create a performance, only hard work will not empty talk. Whether at any time and must adhere to hard study and hard work, we must adhere to modest, prudent and free from arrogance and rashness. No matter what at all times with full enthusiasm, abundant energy to put into production work, and really good staff assumed a down do a good job, Chang Huai grateful heart, so as to encourage enterprises and individuals to achieve a harmonious and healthy development.
        4, expanding the field to achieve their personal values.
        Self-worth and social values and combine the social nature of human beings a necessary requirement. Only individuals make more contributions to the enterprise in order to get more respect and meet the business in order to better achieve self-worth. At present, Tang mine deepening reform and strong growth for us to realize the value of life has created rare development opportunities, creating a modern boutique craze of mine for the staff to display their personal platform provides a broad development platform, we must be based on a highly responsible attitude to the job , firmly grasp the opportunities for development, to fully display their individual talents, the real state of mind a vigorous nature of the creative to do their job. Therefore, we must first pay close attention to the Tang mine development, and to keep abreast of the Tang mining information, through the network, the press, television and other media, a keen grasp of the principles and policies and activities to keep their initiative. The second is to establish a noble character, so that a wide field of vision, broad-minded, indifferent to fame and fortune, willing to sacrifice, to adhere to principles, and strive to show 'that everyone on behalf of the Tang Mine image and style everywhere reflect the Tang Mine' a good style of contemporary miners. Third, we should fully tap the personal skills, and actively participate in corporate culture and propaganda work, and in policies, regulations, law and order, within the framework of the establishment of procedures in order to enhance work efficiency and quality of work, working methods, make new active exploration, in their own jobs to work creatively, and actively participate in the historical process of coal, and constantly enrich their knowledge structure and ability, and strive to achieve their personal values and the perfect integration of enterprise value.
        The cause of ordinary bearer of hope, the magnificent goal of opening a new dream. Face of the new work, new challenges, new starting point, a new opportunity. I believe: There TANG mine the correct leadership of leaders at all levels, there are the masses of workers and help the education master and his tireless efforts, I will certainly be an outstanding Tang mine employees, TANG coal will certainly fine in the building of mine the great process of constantly create brilliant and bright beautiful tomorrow!

Annual Work Plan